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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Some Inane Stuff Coming Out of Ferguson

So reading the LA Times I perused this piece which had many items that should insult the intelligent among us.
“We cannot have looting and crimes at night,” Nixon said, referring to the latest spate of violence that left three businesses with shattered windows and looted shelves. “We can’t have people fearful.”

At that, someone in the crowd yelled: “We can’t have police officers killing people!”

Because of course the latter is informed by the former. Again, these wanna be revolutionaries don't roll up on the police station and city hall. They don't roll up on the homes of any of the police officers, they roll up on business owners who didn't do the alleged crime.

So how about if, say as a result of the knock out of an elderly white man, white folks went around and looted black businesses?

Oh wait, there aren't any black businesses in white neighborhoods. Wait. There are few black businesses in black neighborhoods. Never mind with the analogy.

But I'm a sellout for noticing that right?

And allow me to fix this paragraph for the LA Times:

Brown, who was 18, was shot and killed Aug. 9 by Darren Wilson, a six-year police veteran with no prior disciplinary issues. Police say Wilson shot Brown when the young man attacked him. Witnesses say that Wilson was the aggressor and that Brown was holding his hands in the air at the time he was shot.
It should read:
Brown, who was 18 and had just robbed a convenience store 10 to 15 minutes prior, was shot and killed Aug. 9 by Darren Wilson, a six-year police veteran with no prior disciplinary issues. Police say Wilson shot Brown when the young man attacked him, perhaps due to Brown thinking Wilson was coming to arrest him for the just committed robbery. Witnesses say that Wilson was the aggressor and that Brown was holding his hands in the air at the time he was shot. Witnesses have not mentioned whether they saw any prior struggle with Wilson as has been claimed by the Ferguson PD.
See. There we have the relevant facts in place. Yes, the robbery is relevant because it goes to state of mind of Brown. Continuing:
But that changed Friday after Jackson released a police report identifying Brown as a suspect in a strong-arm robbery that occurred minutes before Brown's encounter with Wilson. Critics lashed out at Jackson, accusing him of trying to deflect attention from what they say was the true crime: Wilson’s shooting of Brown
Because never mind the actual crime committed by Brown. The way I see it, there was one crime committed by Brown and then there is the alleged crime that is under investigation which may reveal another crime committed by brown: assault on an officer.
his is crazy,” said an older man watching the worst of the looting. “Why?” he said to two young men passing him with boxes of liquor. “Why?”
Obviously all that liquor is for a world record libation pouring for Brown. I'm certain about that. [Apparently the article was severely edited between the time I read it on Flipboard and the time of this writing. What follows is the article as it appeared on FlipBoard's News section as of 1:30PM]
"I want to be clear," French said later on Twitter, "Police not coming in at this point -even with the looting- was a good thing. It could become very violent"
I think every business owner that has had their places of business looted or otherwise vandalized ought to sue the city and state. It is the DUTY of the state to protect it's law abiding residents from those who are breaking the law (including police when they act outside of the law). This is clear failure to do so. Those who wish to commit crimes can and should expect that they may lose their lives in the process.
It's a small number of people doing the looting compared to how peaceful demonstrations were before," said local resident Steven Roach, 20 "The looting is not as big as the media is making it seem"

Then he left, saying it was no longer safe to stay

Nope things are not as bad as it is being reported but I can't stay here cause it's not safe.


Look, it's true. Those who commit crimes are always in the minority. But as colonialism has taught us, it does not take a majority to control. Only a relative few people, with a mind set on conquest and with the will to disregard decency and law, can set the tone.

113 homicides. 105 of them black people in 2013.

That is the power of the unchecked minority.

He dismissed the looters as "suburban nerds" likely to get busted. But after years of living in a town where he said African-American men are singled out for harsh treatment by the police, he shared the looters' frustration.
113 homicides in 2013. 105 of them black people, mostly black males. That's one dead black person every 3-4 days. Why, pray tell are African-American men singled out by police? How about the community turn out the minority of their members who commit the crimes that puts the African-American community into the spotlight so that the police don't have a reason to be in the community and "single out African-American men"?
He gestures to surrounding businesses, whose florescent lights were now shattered, their parking lots strewn with broken bottles.

"They support these police, give them free food. People just got tired of it," he said.

Why ever would a business owner not support the law? Did we not see the video of Brown stealing and roughing up a manager of one of those businesses? What? Should the businesses be handing out free shit to the local Bloods for protection? Oh, does this twit think that now after the looting the business owners are going to say "well shit, I better get with these gangsters instead"?
"The President needs to come here," Powell said. "He needs to make sure they fire the police chief of Ferguson, get an alternative prosecutor and put [Gov.] Jay Nixon in a corner. He's anti-black people and pro-law enforcement," Powell said. "That will be a start."
Two things here:

1) Why is it that so many African-Americans act like President Obama is their personal lord and savior? Like he's their out of state rich uncle? Obama needs to do X for us. Obama needs to Y for us. Sound like a bunch of fucking children.

2) What is wrong with being pro-law enforcement? 113 homicides in 2013. 105 were black people. Sounds like it's black folks who are anti-black and who are in need of "pro law enforcement". Here's a clue: You can be pro-law enforcement, as in believe in the rule of law and be pro-black. And if you call yourself any kind of nationalist then you better be pro-law enforcement because a nation that does not enforce it's laws is soon not a nation.