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Friday, August 29, 2014

Guardian's Stupid "I Could Have Been Mike Brown"

I didn't even bother reading the entries because the premise of the entire piece is flawed. First and foremost, Mike Brown was not "profiled". Mike Brown was blocking traffic by walking in the street and was asked to move to the sidewalk. That's not profiling and ANYONE who has had to deal with mofos walking in the middle of the street and/or taking their own sweet half time cutting diagonally across the street as if oblivious to the 2 to 3 ton vehicle coming knows how annoying that is.

The second problem with the premise is just like the premise of domestic violence. There is the fact that witnesses and Wilson's testimony line up with Brown striking officer Wilson. I don't know about YOU but I don't go around striking police officers. Do you? Even if I'm stopped for reasons I feel are suspect I don't strike police officers. Do you?

So if you don't walk willy nilly down the middle of the street blocking oncoming traffic then how could you have been Mike Brown?

If you don't go around striking police officers in the face when they stop you (for good or no good reason) then how could you have been Mike Brown?

How is it that millions of people every year have contact with police for good and no good reasons and don't get shot? By the Guardian's reckoning that shit is nigh impossible.

If you want to post a story about racial profiling, which does in fact happen, please leave out the Mike Brown angle cause most of the time (though not all the time per Oscar Grant) the ones who get shot are the runners and the fighters. If you don't do either of those you have a high probability of NOT being a Mike Brown.

Oh, and for those confused about the domestic violence angle let me explain. I hear all the time about how it's wrong when after a woman has hit a man with or without an object, a man strikes her back. That may be fair enough, but I always ask: So you strike men regularly? See the implication here is that somehow not only is it OK for women to get physical, but that women ought to be excused from the standard "keep your hands to yourself" rule as well as the consequences of acting out (like babies). I say, if you don't accept that hitting is right and don't engage in it, why the sympathy for those who so engage and catch the consequences?