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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Michael Murray: Idiot

Michael Murray of the Ottowa Citizen is yet another white liberal giving cover to the scourge of black criminals who inhabit many black neighborhoods necessitating the presence of police:
When I was Michael Brown’s age growing up in Ottawa back in the ’80s, I probably ran from the police about a half dozen times, and make no mistake, I was guilty of doing something illegal each and every time. The important take away from this is that I never, not for one second, imagined that I might get shot.
What is important is what Michael Murray did NOT say in his little story about running away from the police so lets ask Michael Murray the following relevant questions:

1) When you were running away from the police had you just assaulted that officer by punching him in the face and breaking his eye bone?

2) during your epic run from the police did you turn around and attempt to charge at the police officer you just assaulted?

3) Did your epic run from police occur after you punched the officer in the face and caused his weapon to discharge in the police vehicle while you were trying to take said firearm?

See, these are the relevant points in this story. But Michael Brown, like so many white liberals have conspired to obfuscate the facts of the case. Even up to today there are white liberal commentators all over Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere repeating statements that have been proven false:

1) He was shot while running away: Completely destroyed by the autopsy. Yet this argument is still circulating.

2) Brown did not assault the officer: Completely destroyed by the medical evidence showing Officer Wilson orbital bones broken. White Liberals have even offered that Darren broke his OWN EYE BONE by hitting himself with the door or by Brown slamming the door on Wilson (which by the way would constitute assault on a peace officer).

3) That Brown didn't rob the store: Yet Brown's friend and accomplice has confessed to the crime.

4) That the robbery is irrelevant: Anyone with a clue on how the law works knows that the robbery goes to state of mind. Just as the defense (and community) will want to know if officer Wilson has any disciplinary record or any civilian complaints because it would go to his state of mind, so to is it relevant as to the criminal intent of Brown.

5) Brown is a child. Brown is 18 years old. That is an adult. Technically a teenager, but legally an adult. The attempt to infantilize him is as racist as it is biased. The AP stylebook clearly states that persons 18 and older are to be referred to as men or women, yet the AP reporters have repeatedly attempted to portray Brown as a minor in violation of their own rules. If reporters cannot be trusted to follow the rules of their profession why should they be trusted?

6) Brown had his arms in the air: Brown's accomplice has stated to the FBI that Brown did NOT have his hands in the air but were near his sides. That is consistent with the autopsy findings and consistent with witness statements that Brown was charging the officer. Furthermore the untrustworthy accomplice stated that he did not see Brown hit Wilson. Yet the evidence shows that Brown did. So what else is the accomplice lying about?

Michael Murray is an idiot. If you think his piece is something profound then you are an idiot as well.