Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Communist Infiltration of US

I posted a link a video in my last post but I want this to stand alone.

This is because it is very clear that no one in the mainstream public is calling out the Communist in the room. This includes people at all levels of government.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

America Is Broken

[edit: 8-16: added embedded video] Back in the 1950s a group of people had the politically supported position that certain other people did not deserve the same rights of citizenship that the popular people had. These people had major (and minor) businesses and corporations behind them. Those businesses denied service and accommodations to those persons and groups deemed "outside the norm". The popular group had entrenched themselves in the government and conspired to make sure that the laws that were written to apply equally to all citizens were not applied or applied only when it served their interests.

As a result of this cooperation between the state and business, millions of citizens were deprived their rights. They could be harassed on the street. They could be fired from their jobs (if they got hired). When they tried to peacefully assemble to exercise their constitutional rights they were beaten by agents of the state. When the state didn't do the beating, they stood by idle while citizens with the "right ideas" beat on the people with the "wrong ideas". After all those people had the "wrong ideas" and "wrong identities" so who would and should care.

People who thought that this blatant disregard for the law and the dangers of such state condoned violence were called "traitors" and Communists. Many of them were cowed into silence due to the threats they received. They had to live in fear of random mobs showing up where they worked or lived. Their employers were warned that if they continued to employ the "bad people" their own businesses were in danger.

When the "bad people" had meetings, angry mobs would surround them with weapons. Often these mobs consisted of people who wore masks or other means of disguise. On the few times that the people being disenfranchised retaliated against the people beating on them, the media would use their actions to show how uncivilized and barbaric the "bad people were" which was proof that they shouldn't be allowed to have "rights".

Fortunately the American people came to understand that this arrangement was detrimental to society. Yet now in 2017 the entire lesson has been forgotten. Once again businesses and corporations are aligned with government to protect a particular narrative. They are using their power to deny service and accommodations to those who fall afoul of the particular narrative. The police have been once again used as a tool, not of upholding the law and constitutional rights, but of The Narrative. I believe that what we saw in Va. over the weekend, ends MUCH of the support that police had in right leaning communities. It was one thing to see Berkley police being Berkley police. But a southern police allowing communists to run around unmolested? I'd never thought I'd see it. Which brings me to my last point: The US Government and major corporations have been infiltrated by Communists.

I know this sounds McCarthyite but of all the "reporting" on VA from the MSM and various government and ex-government officials, no one has named the communist. Antifa is communist organization. Didn't we have a whole cold war with countries with that ideology? I seem to recall a whole "take down this wall" moment. Wasn't the entire problem with Cuba the fact that it is communist? Why hasn't the news madia pointed out the communist? The answer is because the communist is in the position to shape the news so that the communist can maintain the hidden hand.

I remember watching a video of a {ex?] Russian intelligence officer discussing how they planned on taking down America. They would infiltrate the institutions (education, etc) and once they got their ideas into students in particular, these students would then enter areas of influence where they would direct policy.

This is why Antifa can go without critique in a country that actually fought wars against communists. This is why you can find so many Americans who say that Americans have too much freedom of speech and too much privacy. Ideas that were common in communists countries are now common in the intellectual elite in America. Nazis don't have free assembly rights? Where is that in the constitution? Nowhere. All citizens have free assembly rights and the state has a legal obligation to protect those rights. Why is this even something to be discussed or argued? Free speech applies to everyone and ESPECIALLY for those who we do not like, agree with or my find personally lower than the dirt under shit.

The government response to Va, from Trump and Sessions on down has let the left know that it is open season to commit violence against those whom they disagree with. America has just become a much more dangerous place to live. If you are to the right of Antifa and they can tell you can have your financial life and "limb life" in danger. On the other side, if you're not white and you are out and about and some neo nazi or white nationalist or just some right of center person who feels threatened, realizes he has no non-violent means of being heard and having his legitimate issues addressed (which doesn't mean all his issues are legitimate) decides on venting his anger decides he's gonna take it out on the next non-white person he sees, well you're fucked.

I agree that Trump (and Sessions) commentary was not enough. Trump should have named names. All. The. Names. Neo-Nazis and Antifa. He should have named government officials who fail to enforce the law. By state and by name. How do you declare your city a sanctuary city AND deny American citizens their right to peaceably assemble and petition the government? This is straight up treason.

When government officials are traitors you have a seriously broken country.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

So I Lied

One of the most golden things to come out of the Google Manifesto (GM) thus far is to watch lefties who typically cite "science" as backing up claims about human caused climate change, often noting that 99 or so percent of climate scientists agree on the subject, now turning around and claiming that the science behind known behavioral and psychological differences between genders (and races) is suspect and fake. It reveals, to those now paying attention how the left is not interested in science as much as they are interested in any and everything that they can weaponize against everyone who is "not Left".

Aside from that we have seen a gender based version of the "rage of a privileged class" phenomenon that I wrote about recently:

This information is critical if you want to understand the "rage of a privileged class". There is a "large" population, in terms of raw numbers, of very bright black people. However because the black population is relatively small, that number is minuscule in relation to the population as a whole:...

So here's the thing. If you are one of those black people who are on the far right side of the IQ distribution you are a rare bird (statistically speaking). However, it is likely you also interact with many other rare birds. Because of this you likely think that there are more of you than is represented in the population. Because of this, the following chart burns you up inside:

The same thing applies to the reaction to the GM, there are many bright women who do high level tech as competently as their male counterparts, but statistically they are a small group (just as the men who do this work, more on that later). Furthermore, most women who are THAT bright choose to do other things with that intellect (as seen in where women gravitate to in terms of advanced degrees and career choices) that siphons them off from CS fields which further impacts their numbers. This is all known stuff. But a certain victim/siege mentality has taken hold of modern Western women where we get nonsense like the following (linking to Steve Sailer 'cause he's always worth reading):
For instance, what if we replaced the word “women” in the memo with another group? What if the memo said that biological differences amongst Black, Hispanic, or LGBTQ employees explained their underrepresentation in tech and leadership roles? Would some people still be discussing the merit of the memo’s arguments or would there be a universal call for swift action against its author? …

I thought about all of this, looked at my daughter and answered simply. “No, it’s not true.”

It's one thing to lie about some fat white man who crawls up and down chimneys (some of which simply don't exist) with a impossibly small [often] black bag for the amount of toys he allegedly has, and places these presents under a decorated tree and takes the time necessary to eat cookies and drink milk while keeping a schedule where there is about 5 hours of darkness to cover the entire globe.

It is one thing to lie to your kid about some fairy that comes to their bedroom with whatever currency is in circulation and plops one under their pillow and retrieves whatever tooth is there.

But lying to your kid about a known and verifiable scientific fact because you're too chicken shit to tell them how biology and the world actually works is diarrhea level of parenting. At some time in the near future this girl, should she be at all bright, will find out her mother is a grand level liar and may well lose a lot of respect for her. But let's address the epic level straw man argument offered here:

For instance, what if we replaced the word “women” in the memo with another group? What if the memo said that biological differences amongst Black, Hispanic, or LGBTQ employees explained their underrepresentation in tech and leadership roles? Would some people still be discussing the merit of the memo’s arguments or would there be a universal call for swift action against its author?
Firstly there is hardly "universal calls" for swift action against Damore. The only way you can think that such an environment exists is if you live in a rather opaque bubble. However to the point here, the same argument made by Damore in regards to gender diversity at Google can in fact be made about Non-Asian minorities in the technology field. I've discussed this multiple times already:
That's very few people getting top level PHD's in computer science. I'm sure that they are in high demand as well. According to that paper. CS BS degrees awarded topped out in 2003 with around 22k degrees awarded. when we look at the ethnic and racial breakdown of those awarded said degrees we find that "Black or African-Americans" get 4.6% of those degrees [Pg 7]
Whites take 64.8% and Asians 15.3%

When we look at gender we find that women take 29.5% of Masters to 70.5% for men. When we look at Master's degrees by race and ethnicity we find:

Black or African-American: 2.6%
White 31.2%
Asian 12.4%
Non-resident Alien 50.4% (Why is "Non-resident Alien" recorded with ethnicity?)

When it comes to Phd level degrees, Men hold 80.2% of the degrees to women's 19.8% Black or African-American's hold 1.4% of PhD level CS degrees
Whites, 34.3%
Asians 12.3%
Nonresident Alien 49.6% (again why is this in the ethnicity section and WHO is it hiding?)

And from another post of mine:
Look. If HARPO Studios, created by none other than Oprah Winfrey herself cannot manage to employ 60% African-Americans at her studio why the hell should anyone be mad at Google or LinkedIN? Someone ought to send the EEOC to Harpo studios and get them to explain why a black company apparently cannot find qualified black staff.

I mean how is it that Oprah Winfrey could not find a BLACK CEO to run her company?

Why all this disparity?

That little bump? That's the Black IQ distribution mapped in proportion to their population demographics. This is why Google hasn't been able to bump it's black population in it's high IQ roles from 2%. There's no more to get! Why does the Hispanic population at Google go from 2% to 5%? Because you can be white AND Hispanic, not mention you're white and boom! White Hernandez is put in the diversity column.

But let me get back to the victim mentality issue and the issue of why there is so much "outrage" going on. When women see that men are at the top of most hugely rich and successful companies they have been trained to see "men". When men see men at the same positions they don't see "men" they see successful individuals. We know that those men at the top are such a small proportion of the population of men that we KNOW that gender is NOT the determining factor and barely a factor at all in their success. After all if simply being MALE got you even half the success of the men at the top then half the male population would be uber rich. So we do not use our dicks as crutches.

We KNOW that those people at the top of the heap, be in business, sports and to an extent, politics, got there by doing things that the average person won't or can't do. Let me give an example:

I play Blackjack. Like most people, when I started out I won big (as in 10x my buy in) my first time out and thought I was The Shit. I went back with more money and lost it. Most people would have packed it in and moved back to slot machines or never touched a casino again. Casinos are NOT for the risk averse. So the fact that I did not stop playing put me in a category that most people would never get into. My gender has a statistical impact on the decision as men/males are less risk averse than women. At the Blackjack table this is also borne out as most Blackjack players are male (go look).

The next thing is that I decided that I would research the game and found out about Basic Strategy(BS). Knowing basic strategy reduces the house edge. Unlike many people who are willing to put money on the Blackjack table, I committed to learning BS and playing it no matter what. I have often advised people to learn it. Most of the people I have made the suggestion to decided against it. "Too hard", "too much".

Then I spent hours (and spend hours) practicing to know what to do as soon as the cards hit the table. I practice against whatever conditions I expect to see at the casinos I frequent because different rules require different but similar strategies. How many people are willing to spend 4 hours playing a day to just train themselves? Not many.

So again, my decision to learn BS on top of being willing to risk larger amounts of money put me in a class of people that most will never reach. And believe me, learning BS is NOT HARD. It is actually harder to control your emotions at a table than it is to learn the right plays. Which brings us to the issue of emotionalism. Again, my sex brings a statistical advantage here. Males are less emotion prone than women. When "gambling" one MUST be emotionally stable as to not chase losses or have a heart attack. Seriously. I've seen people laid out on the floor.

So to recap, I'm relatively successful playing BJ because I put in the required effort and made decisions that the vast majority of people will never make. Success at the high levels of tech are the same. Very few people have the inborn talent needed (IQ, impulse control, etc) and willing to take the time necessary to hone their skills which often requires social isolation, which is something we know women are less likely to do because generally they are more social. We KNOW this.

So Susan Wojcicki is a liar and she should be removed from her position by the board as you shouldn't have liars heading your company. But she's not the only liar. We are seeing that a whole breed of power hungry liars are ensconced in businesses and Academic institutions that have serious impacts on society. We see that they keep blacklists, we see that they are willing to use their power to censor. We see that they are willing to promote and act out violence against people who disagree with them. Everything is laid bare and they are willing to lie to their children as well as yours in order to maintain their power. Susan Wojcicki admits she is a liar. We must commit to telling the truth and stand by the facts.

Monday, August 07, 2017

The Google Manifesto: First They Came For Brandon

So over the weekend various left leaning publications were triggered by a fact based memo written by a [currently] anonymous Google employee that discussed diversity and his issues with how Google deals with it. Those right of the current left, meaning anyone from the moderate position on down were alarmed at how such a fact based note could be the source of much venom on the left. I was not one of them because I saw this coming a long time ago.

Brandon Eich, formerly of Mozilla was fired"made to resign" from his job for, wait for it, donating money to a campaign against legalizing homosexual marriage. He did not advertise his opinions on the matter. He did not discriminate, harass or otherwise make the work life of any of the employees under his charge difficult. He maintained a professional attitude at all times (that we know of) and did his honest bit to make Mozilla great. Then he was pressured to resign. I wrote about this back in 2014:

Essentially, under the law, Eich was subject to a hostile work environment by other employees at Mozilla. That is an actionable discrimination claim. The management at Mozilla (meaning HR) did nothing to make it clear to the employees of Mozilla that their actions constituted discrimination and harassment under employment law. I'm not saying that the employees with issues with Eich don't have a right to hold and discuss their positions on Eich's donation.
Since Eich had a clear religious exercise right to support the movement with his money Mozilla was clearly in the wrong. Yet Eich allowed Mozilla to get away with wrongful termination. He should never have "resigned" and should have sued Mozilla into bankruptcy court. But so called conservatives were too busy trying to play the "I'm not a homophobe" card in order to curry (or maintain) favor with the left and allowed this to go unanswered. As I've said before, the bully always tests the victim before escalating. The pimp always tests the "ho" for compliance. Once he knows she can be easily manipulated to do his bidding, she's his to do as he pleases. The moderates and the so called conservatives have been hoed by the left. Everything is now a target. The very same people who will yell at you about the "science" of undeniable man caused climate change, will howl bloody murder if you present statistics and facts about IQ distribution, genetics and other hate statistics like racial crime rates. You know you have it bad when hospitals will leave a newborn's sex blank so they can fill it in later with the "chosen" gender.

One of the reasons this kind of bullshit can happen is because there is actually a two class citizen system in the US. Due to this concept of "protected classes" certain groups of people are subject to discriminatory actions that others are not. This isn't reverse discrimination, it is discrimination. Full stop.

We are seeing this viewpoint discrimination spread like weeds on an unkept lawn. AirB&B is allegedly informing persons attending a "Unite the Right" gathering, that they are not welcome to use their services. Understand that if you object to renting to two men who are going to fuck each other in your house, AirB&B will boot you from their service and you might get sued, but if people are in town to attend a rally AirB&B disagrees with that same property is banned to you. Legally there is nothing that can be done unless a "religious blanket" is used as cover (a lot of organizations do this for this very reason). This needs to change. Either the Feds need to allow all businesses to discriminate on any basis whatsoever or they need to amend the law to prevent AirB&B, Twitter, YouTube, etc from discriminating against any public user that does not violate terms of service and those terms of service cannot include viewpoint discrimination. In other words, Twitter should allow Hebrew Israelites to talk about crackers and white devils all day long and allow Stormfront types to talk the same shit about black people. If not then neither the Hebrew Israelites OR the Stormfront types should be allowed on the platform. And if one is allowed and the other not, then the company should be liable in civil court. Either we all get service or none of us gets service.

But I've gone off the main point. The point here is that this Google event really started back when Mozilla was given a pass. Had Mozilla been sued into bankruptcy as it should have been. Had the EEOC ran in there and fined the hell out of them, Lefty organizations would have been put on notice that workplace discrimination and harassment would not be allowed and the [currently] anonymous Google Manifesto author would not currently be in fear for his job (and I assume it's a him).

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Caved To The Homosexuals and Got Trannies

So there's this article over at Takmag that I am almost in full agreement with: Resisting the Tranny State
And that, right there, is why trannies annoy the hell out of me. A tranny is someone who claims, “I was ‘assigned’ the wrong gender at birth, and I need to be the real me.” Okay, fine. Go be whatever the hell you want to be! Go be a chick with a dick, or a man with a cooter. It’s absolutely none of my business how any adult decides to express him/her/itself sexually. But the thing is, these days trannies are not content to just go be trannies; they insist that we become accomplices to their fantasy.
And this is where the author and myself (and persons like Jordan Peterson) agree. See I don't much care for trannies. But I don't spend my time wondering what they do in their personal lives. They do them, I do me and I'm good. But of late they have managed, by dint of guilt ridden white people who afraid of anyone calling them anything that ends in "ist" or "phobe", to get the state in on forcing themselves on the rest of us. We all know that trannies are sick in the head. It's called gender dysphoria. No sane medical professional would listen to someone explain how they are actually a female and then proceed to chop off whatever primary and secondary sex organs the person has and then give them a lifetime prescription for hormones so that they can live out a mental disease that will likely end in suicide anyway. No sane lawmaker would actually be like, yeah, we'll pass a law making it illegal to refer to a male as a male and actually gives armed agents of the state the ability to enforce this rule on pain of death. But that is where we are in 2017.
Straight men are now told that it’s “transphobic” to prefer their women penis-free. The tranny argument is “If I think I’m a woman, you need to see me as one, even if I have a wiener.” Straight men are no longer allowed to find penises sexually unattractive, because trans activism is about changing human nature itself. It’s nothing more than the newest iteration of the New Soviet Man, that 20th-century fallacy in which communist ideologues claimed that with enough reeducation and coercion, mankind could overcome every natural instinct the state considered counterrevolutionary.
And now we get to where I part with the writer:
With the gay marriage issue, wherever you stand on it, the fact is it really doesn’t affect non-gays. Oh sure, Christian conservatives and “traditionalists” will make the “slippery slope” argument (“If you allow gays to wed, it might not impact your life immediately, but over time it will erode the moral fabric of our nation and one day a satanist cannibal will eat your sister”), and there have indeed been individual cases of compulsion involving wedding cakes, but still, it’s just a fact: Two men in Miami tying the knot has absolutely zero bearing on my life or yours.
See this author, like many fail to understand how the tranny situation came about. See the same social rules that kept homosexuals in check, kept the other parts of the coalition in check. Once you compromised with one part of the clique you compromised with the entire clique. Furthermore; this guy fails to understand how these people operate. This concept isn't original with me but I'll repeat it here.

What these organizations do is take a step that alarms the public. The public gets alarmed and the organization stops and waits for the population to calm down. Once that happens they push again. Rinse and repeat. Each time the excuse is, well it doesn't affect you directly so what's your problem? Slowly but surely the inches add up and the public has been thoroughly infiltrated or changed and it's essentially too late to go back because going back requires quick and sharp changes that very few people have the stomach to do (see illegal immigration).

This is why the successful movements don't go full revolution, they go reform. Each reform adds up and in the end you get the same end as the revolution. So yeah, the guy getting married in Miami absolutely affects you. Because once one state has legal homosexual marriage, then the other states have to deal with it in the form of discrimination lawsuits. Then the schools get pressured to represent "all families" and so now your kid or grandkid is taught about "my two dads" and there's nothing you can do about it except spend massive amount of your net worth on private school or the home schooling. Then even though the constitution clearly states that your religious beliefs and exercise thereof cannot be abridged by the state, the state will shut down your business cause you want no parts of a homosexual wedding.

Therefore knowing that there are long term domino effects to caving to homosexuals, it is the height of short sightedness and non-consideration of one's posterity to act like just because a wedding in Miami doesn't actually affect your life, that it won't affect those that come after you.

So yeah, the current tranny situation is a direct result of caving on gay marriage. Cause and effect.


"General McMaster and I are working very well together,” Trump said in a statement emailed to the New York Times. “He is a good man and very pro-Israel. I am grateful for the work he continues to do serving our country.”

I've said this of the left and right, Why do they have to kiss up to Israel? Do we run our government for the benefit of American citizens or for the benefit of Israel?

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The Growing Lefty Censorship Movement

Having lost what little decency the left had left, when Trump won the election the [tech] powers that be decided that free speech and free expression of ideas (that don't directly incite violence) could no longer be accepted. In fact, the left made a great leap into censorship when it came to the subject of illegal immigration and the fake refugee conspiracy being used to ethnically cleanse various European nation states. And that's what it is: ethnic cleansing of Europe. Google/Youtube has just raised the ante on this behavior:
Today, YouTube clarified how it plans to handle videos that don’t violate any of its policies but still contain offensive religious and supremacist content: hide them and make sure they can’t make any money.
In essence YouTube is saying that any speech it doesn't agree with is subject to censorship. I con't care what they call it, it is censorship. I cannot see how Youtube can legally restrict a user video if it violates no terms of service. What is needed here is a law firm to take all of these companies to court and to ask for business ending awards. Yes, business ending. Remember what happened in 2008 when Lehman Brothers was allowed to go under? Yeah, We need a decision that hurts Google/YouTube so badly that it has to shut down operations.

This is what is missing today. Stone cold, law enforcement. You have mayors and governors talking about being sanctuary cities and using tax funds to help illegal aliens. All of which is against clearly written law. The US has become one great big scofflaw nation. People simply expect that "the little people" or "those people over there' have to follow the rules and the rest can observe that which they feel are "just". "Just" being whatever the overton window is open to at the moment.

YouTube also announced today that it has added to the list of NGOs it is working with to help determine what content should be hidden. These organizations include the No Hate Speech Movement, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, and the Anti-Defamation League, which recently drew the ire of far-right outlets and pundits by publishing a list of alt right and “alt lite” personas.
YouTube (and Twitter) is full of lefty organizations that not only engage in "hate speech" but many times call for outright violence against those they consider "right wing". Yet there are absolutely no consequences.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Republican Plantation Revealed

I've always known the Democratic party was a plantation. Black folks, particularly black women are used to get votes and then Democrats do nothing for them, except maybe divert taxes to them in the form of programs that among other things do nothing to drop murder rates and other rates of crime. Basically the DNC reminds black folks about King Jr., KKK and voting rights and black folks fall in line. The RNC is similarly situated.

If anything shows how the RNC is basically a plantation for white folks, it is the failure to repeal the ACA. Whether you agree with repealing the ACA or not is not important. What is important is that the RNC spent most of the Obama administration discussing and declaring how the ACA needed to be repealed and replaced with something "better" (IMO anything not single payer for a "basic level" of coverage with a free market for anything else is not "better"). They campaigned on it. They have governors sue the govt. They got a "conservative" supreme court justice to declare a penalty a tax, in clear contradiction to the actual text. But then against massive odds Trump became president.

Now the Republicans had their opportunity to do exactly what they told their voters they would do and what happened? Fail. Some say that Trump was wasting time and political capital with this ACA repeal. It may be but I think he was using this to totally expose the RNC for the two faced party we know it to be. I think this also explains why Priebus was let out to pasture. He couldn't deliver what the RNC said they would do so why keep him around? At this point the RNC should be a dead party walking.

The question now is whether white [not liberal] people will stay on the Republican plantation like blacks stay on the Democrat plantation. It's clear that these so called conservatives are not trying to conserve anything but their jobs and income streams. They consistently stay as far to the right of the left moving overton window, that they believe in the same things that were considered extremely liberal just 20 years ago. I mean really, THEY BACKED HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT!

So how do you know if you're ready to get off the plantation (be it Democrat or Republican)? If you don't care if you're called:

Then you are ready to walk off the field. If not, well enjoy the continued betrayals.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Good Video Links

Two videos that say what I say.

1) Sharia Compliance. Earlier this year I wrote that the DNC is Sharia compliant:

Under Sharia and/or simple "rules of Islam" it is forbidden to insult the prophet and criticising Islam is blasphemy. In a Christian (or other non-Islamic country) such rules wouldn't mean more than the dust on the street. If one is NOT a Muslim, such rules are non-binding since you haven't agreed to adhere to them.
See, there is a difference between respecting someone's values and being subject to them. I don't eat pork. I don't expect that any and everyone around me not indulge. Just don't feed it to me. Same with alcohol. Not my business if you carry or imbibe (as long as you're not driving) but I have no place to make you change your behavior because I dislike it. If it bothers me that much I should not be hanging around you. My beliefs and taboos are my problem not yours. Sargon of Akkad understands:

Essentially what these Muslims (and the lefties that support them) are doing is making us submit to Islam. Fuck that in it's entirety.

2) Sessions foolishness: I'm bothered by Sessions decision to double down on the entirely unconstitutional civil asset forfeiture. Citizens should never be subject to having their property (including money) seized by the state just because the state *thinks* (with whatever flimsy reasoning) you may have committed a crime. Cernovich makes this plain:

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Not Just Any Police Shooting

The shooting of Justine Ruszczyk by Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor stands out as a striking example of police criminal misconduct. I usually reserve judgement on these matters but the facts as known as of this writing are so damning that I cannot even see a jury finding reasonable doubt.

In most of the other police shootings there have been a consistent case of lack of following directions on the part of the "victim". However; such a thing doesn't even exist in this case. Officer Noor took it upon himself to shoot across his partner into a person who he had not identified. This bears repeating. Noor and his partner had driven down an alley with their lights off, claiming that they wanted to be able to get the drop on whoever may be out there. When Justine appeared after a "loud bang", Noor, raised up his weapon and fired into Justine's abdomen. He did this by shooting across his partner.

Noor had no idea who the person was. Justine is dead because she happened to be in view after a loud bang was heard. The level of incompetence that is required to shoot at an unknown target is criminal. That Noor is not current under arrest on charges of criminally negligent homicide speaks to the level of PC in that city.

In South Carolina officer Slager was tossed on his ass and quickly charged for shooting a person who not only ran away from a lawful stop but who had assaulted officer Slager when he was caught. All the politicians and media jumped on Slager and condemned him, but these same outlets and politicians have not even half the outrage for this homicide.

I have heard that Noor may have performed poorly during his training but was passed anyway. I have no idea if that claim is true. If it is though, then the city and perhaps state will be on the hook for letting an unqualified officer onto the streets.

The Business of Population Management

One of the things I've consistently pointed out is that Euorope's problem is it's declining birth rate. This decline kicked off by feminism, which itself was kicked off by mechanization and modernization removed much of the incentives to reproduce. The more people are "independent" in their younger years, the less likely they are to consider what will happen in their older years. What is worse is that the growth of the state, based on various welfare programs depends upon steady revenue streams from taxation. Declining populations means declining revenue, which means govt. officials and their dependents cannot make money. Like any other organism that wishes not to die, governments will find some way to get paid, even if that means betraying the very people they are supposed to represent and look out for. Eventually government bodies and the agents that inhabit them no longer see themselves as those entrusted to serve their citizens, but to serve some ideology or some larger agenda. Their stations in government are merely that of an occupying or colonizing government. Keep the people in their charge in line and dispose of those who are potential problems. As a Pan-Africanist, I understand this quite well as such practices were honed in Africa for a long time.

Check out the video below and see how the current migrant crises is a fake crisis and the clamp down on dissenting people will continue unabated.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Boyega and Woodson

Boyega in GQ:
It mattered that the face you saw belonged to John Boyega, son of Samson Adegboyega and Nigeria and Peckham. “There are no black people on Game of Thrones,” Boyega says. (To be fair, there are, like, three.) “You don't see one black person in Lord of the Rings.” (That is true.) And though Star Wars had featured a few black characters—Billy Dee Williams as a smuggler, Samuel L. Jackson as a peripheral Jedi—they were less represented in the galaxy than Ewoks.

“I ain't paying money to always see one type of person on-screen,” says Boyega. “Because you see different people from different backgrounds, different cultures, every day. Even if you're a racist, you have to live with that. We can ruffle up some feathers.”

Negroes always complaining about other people's fantasies. Carter G. Woodson on this [growing] phenomenon:
Considering his race as blank in achievement, then, he sets out to stimulate their imitation of others...the highly educated Negro often grows sour. He becomes too pessimistic to be a constructive force and usually develops into a chronic fault-finder or a complainant at the bar of public opinion...

They do not realize, however, that even if the Negroes do successfully imitate the whites, nothing new has thereby been accomplished. You simply have a larger number of persons doing what others have been doing.

Boyega's commentary, and he's not the first or alone, brought these words of Carter G. Woodson to mind because first and foremost Boyega acts as if Nollywood doesn't exist. He is Nigerian in origins yet he doesn't even contemplate going and working with Nigerian film makers to up their game, up their distribution, etc. No. Better to complain about what white people are doing.

I enjoyed the Rings Trilogy, Have the DVD's and watch em whenever they show on TV. I don't care that there are no black people in any of the movies. I know for a fact that among the many people of Africa there are epic fantasy stories that could be brought to the screen (DT Niani's Sundiata comes immediately to mind). Yet Negroes are so stuck on white people and what they think white people should be doing for black people, that they cannot even fathom doing their own shit on their own dime.

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Hypocrisy of Allure Magazine

Allure Magazine, no doubt infested by two faced feminists have an article in response to the "duh" study that showed that men prefer youthful (and relatively slim) women:
A study that didn't need to exist in the first place had results that will surprise no one, because that's the way things work these days. The study, published in PeerJ and titled "The relationship of female physical attractiveness to body fatness," aimed to examine exactly what the title suggests — how physically attractive women are to men (because heteronormativity) based on their "body fatness."
Because heteronormativity.

The abstract to the study itself holds some real gems about the relationship between health and aesthetic, like this funny little quote, "Aspects of the female body may be attractive because they signal evolutionary fitness. Greater body fatness might reflect greater potential to survive famines, but individuals carrying larger fat stores may have poor health and lower fertility in non-famine conditions." That sounds less like something out of a scientific paper than something someone's insensitive grandmother would tell them, if she were strangely into Darwinism.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the author has not ever read an actual scientific paper.

The participants were all shown 21 sample images of women with varying BMIs and asked to rate the attractiveness of their bodies. This is a bad and demeaning practice. BMI has been debunked as an indicator for health, and the procedure they chose to use reinforces a toxic paradigm we see so often today — rating women based on their attractiveness and nothing else, in a system where aesthetic is the only measure of worth. Though this is arguably the point of the study, normalization of things like this is also the reason we're in this mess.
It's a bad practice for men to have opinions about what they like in a female body. Really. It is. it's demeaning too because having preferences that women don't agree with is always a bad thing. As for BMI. BMI can be misunderstood. by BMI I'm overweight. But much of my overweight is muscle and not fat (some of it is). So unless the woman in question is a body builder, it's likely that if her BMI says "overweight" that she is in fact fat. Not my problem.

But here's the real kicker. Take look at a Google image search for Allure magazine:

Say, how many obese women do you see?


Monday, July 10, 2017

Videos Be Racist Yo!


So on the one hand we have the fools in BLM claiming "black crime isn't a thing." On the other hand we have BART saying that black people commit so much of the crime caught on tape that they can't release it would confirm stereotypes?

Train A leaves station B headed north to station A traveling at 30MPH. Train B leaves station A headed south to station B traveling at 40MPH. Do these trains meet? What happens when the trains meet?

Trains fall down go boom!

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Perhaps Work On Their Own Countries?

The "Pope":

Here's an idea. Fix up your own country. How do these people think Europe got to be a stable rich area? If you think it's all slavery and colonialism then why is Singapore, Korea and Japan so well off?

Yet more proof that the liberals of the left strongly believe in the inferiority of the African and believe the only way to "help" them is to take care of them.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Looks Like A bad Shoot...Might Not Be

St. Louis:
An off-duty officer who lives nearby heard the commotion, grabbed his service pistol and headed to the scene to assist his fellow officers. He arrived as the other officers were carrying out the arrest.

The other officers ordered the off-duty officer to the ground, then recognized him as a fellow policeman and told him to stand up and walk toward them.

As he approached, another officer arrived and shot the off-duty officer in the arm, “apparently not recognizing” him, police told the Associated Press...

The shooter, a 36-year-old officer who has been on the force for eight years, told investigators he had feared for his safety.

In this case, the "I was afraid for my life" doesn't look like it's going to pass muster. Whether the officer "recognized" the off duty officer or not, he had just gotten on scene. He did not know the current situation and therefore took it upon himself to fire at a man. Had he said something along the lines of "I feared for the lives of my fellow officers because it seemed like someone was approaching them with a gun", it would have made more sense. But to, as the report says, pull up, get out and start shooting, the whole "I was afraid for my life" story becomes verysuspect.

That there is no claim of the officer trying to find out who the "strange man" was or to instruct said man to stop, put hands up, or anything that would have informed him of the situation suggests negligence.

The Reasonable Doubt Argument:

I predict that should there be a criminal proceeding, the defense will say that the officer arrived and saw a person who fit the general description of the suspects at large get up from the ground. He would say that when he saw this "suspect" get up he thought that the person was attempting to effect an escape and/or harm the officers. So fearing that the suspect was armed and would shoot any or all of them, he fired his weapon.

It is highly unlikely that any charge requiring criminal intent will be charged and if they are, they will be unable to prove criminal intent. I'd not even waste time on such a charge.

If there is a civil case filed, the argument will be the same BUT since the burden of proof is "more likely than not" (51%) it will probably be the same argument. The key will be when the officer arrived and what he did and did not know at the time.

Never Suck Up To The Left

Even though Trump did this:

He still gets this:

Lesson: Do not suck up to the left. They hate you. Period.

Republicans Ought To Be Very Worried About GA district 6...And Elsewhere

While there has been a lot of victory lap running and DNC taunting a long term view of GA 6 should have Republicans very worried. The linked page and this linked page shows why: In 2000 Republicans carried the district 75% to 25%

In 2002 it was 79% to 20%

In 2004 there was no organized opposition

In 2006 Republicans won 72% to 27%

In 2008 It was 68% to 31%. Possibly the first inkling of trouble.

Skip 2010 where Democrats gave no organized opposition and we see 2012 where Republicans got 64% to 35%.

by 2016 the Republicans were at 61% with Democrats polling near 40%.

This special election saw Republicans drop to an all time low of 51%. With an outsider Democrat pulling near 50% of the vote. Republicans ought to be shitting in their pants. When your rival has gone from a low of "no contest" to nearly 50% of the votes. You have a near terminal case of cancer. While the DNC may be feigning being upset about the "massive loss", the fact is that policies they favor have a long term consequence of making areas that are historically hostile to them competitive. Remember, Democrats win by changing the demographics of a location. Once they have done so, generally speaking, they don't give it up. California is a stellar example of this. Democrats even have a legal way of keeping themselves in power: They have the two top vote getters, regardless of party affiliation, head to the general election. Since Democrats essentially run the state, it gives them a situation where Republicans are essentially shut out of certain offices. I'm sure the rule sounded good on paper.

So yeah, Democrats have lost a bunch of special elections. The way I see it, it was an expensive exercise in finding out how much scale tipping remains to be done in target areas. 'Cause clearly Democrats are not going to change their policies.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Mass Denialism of Black America: The Castile Example

Steve Sailor wrote a piece on Slate's latest puke on police and black people. Steve's point on his piece was the "whitening" of Yanez. But I think Slates' piece is worth further dissection. I will say though that for many black people, including myself a lot of people that Anglos don't consider white, WE consider white. White being a relative term. But that's another topic altogether.

So let's dissect Mr Bouie's MANY mistakes.

Police officers like the killer of Philando Castile have an unbeatable defense when their victims are black: They were scared.
No. Not really. As I discovered long ago during the Sean Bell trial the actual key here is mens rea. Criminal intent. Officers are assumed and presumed to not have mens rea. After all, if you are taking on the job of enforcing and upholding the law you are unlikely to have a criminal mindset. Not that there aren't persons of criminal minds who see police work as a means to skirt the law, but generally speaking, the average cop on the beat is not an undercover crook. Hence it is near impossible to stick any charge that requires criminal intent as a requirement. Hence why police are rarely charged much less convicted of things like murder.

So mens rea is the first high hurdle. The "scared" argument comes after that and as we shall see, it is highly relevant and not just for black people.

If an officer believes someone could imminently cause serious injury or death—or if he fears for own his life—he can shoot. And when the victim is black, that fear is often all it takes to avoid official sanction.
Actually every person in America has the right to shoot, stab, maim or inflict any other harm they deem necessary to prevent imminent serious injury or death or fears for his own life. What is actually "new" in America, historically speaking, is that civilians have been disarmed often leaving police as the only persons with ready access to a weapon. As mentioned before, the difference between a civilian and a police officer is the presumption of lack of mens rea.
Fear, for example, is why Officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted in the killing of Philando Castile. The day after the shooting, he attested to it in an interview with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, a state investigative agency. “I thought, I was gonna die,” said Yanez, recounting the seconds after Castile had alerted him to the presence of a weapon in the vehicle.

For the jury that heard Yanez’s testimony, the officer was right to be afraid, even as his dashcam footage depicts a polite and compliant passenger. After the trial, a spokesman for the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association affirmed Yanez’s fear. “We can’t see inside the vehicle and, most importantly, we can’t feel officer Yanez’s fear,” Andy Skoogman told the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Well yes and no. As we saw from the dashcam, Yanez asked Castile to stop reaching three times before the shooting began. How many times do YOU need to be told to not reach for something? This isn't compliance. Compliance is stop reaching for whatever the fuck you're reaching for when told to stop reaching.

But going futher, we are to think that Yanez's fear was unreasonable. It is because the driver is black rather than the reaching. Yet how many police have been shot by people who "reached for a weapon"? Bouie seems to think these things don't happen.

This same credulous acceptance of the narrative of fear is why Officer Betty Jo Shelby was acquitted in the killing of Terence Crutcher (she was “fearing for her life”); why a grand jury declined to charge Officer Timothy Loehmann in the killing of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old (he “had a reason to fear for his life”); and why a jury deadlocked in the case of Michael Slager, a South Carolina police officer who shot and killed Walter Scott during a traffic stop (he felt “total fear”).
Credulous. I'm certain that Bouie has years of police experience to tell police what is and is not "credible". But lets run this down:

Terence Crutcher, high on PCP was not following directions when he was shot.

Michael Slager was assaulted by Walter Scott as Scott was fleeing after having been apprehended. Scott also did not follow directions to stay in his vehicle.

Tamir Rice is the one case listed that I think was a storm of bad circumstances. You had a kid with a play gun that looked real. A call to police about a kid with a gun pointing it and video of an officer who basically got out shooting. There was no time for Rice to follow directions. So I'm mostly with Bouie on that one but the others show the clear pattern in most of these shootings: Not. Following. Directions.

And now comes the slavery angle:

The latter would fit our history. Before the Civil War, Southern whites held a pathological fear of slave revolts, despite lauding slavery as a “positive good.” That fear led slaveholding states to create patrols, made up of white men in the community, who would enforce slave codes, with legal authority to capture runaways, interrogate enslaved people, and punish them if necessary. Scholars see these slave patrols as one forerunner to modern police departments, “the first uniquely American form of policing,” writes Katheryn Russell-Brown in The Color of Crime: Racial Hoaxes, White Fear, Black Protectionism, Police Harassment, and Other Macroaggressions.
Whoah whoah whoah. Why are we taking a trip back to the 1800s? This is the usual "woke" bullshit that is exemplified by KRS One's little line: Officer, Officer, officer, overseer! Look, if you're in 2017 talking about slave patrols like any of you have seen a cotton plantation, much less worked on one, you are a damn and total fool.
Later, in the early 20th century, fear of black criminality would shape the laws, institutions, and even geography of America in the urban Northeast and industrial Midwest. In his book The Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern Urban America, historian Khalil Gibran Muhammad notes that, in Chicago, both European migrants and “old-stock native-born Americans” often felt a “powerful bond of racial solidarity,” including a “shared fear of blacks as criminals.” White city dwellers “believed that African Americans were violent and deviant” and “sought various public policy measures to seal themselves off from them.”
Here's the thing. Here's the question Bouie doesn't want us to ask: Were these fears founded? I'd have to quote a whole lot more of the article but this question is THE question. I have shown conclusively(1), with data (2) that black crime, particularly murder and non-fatal assaults is way out of proportion to the population of black people. In some cases things such as shootings would drop by 80-90% if black people simply were not present.

This may come to a shock to many black people but there are places in America where murders haven't happened in 50 years. Where the only assault is domestic abuse. Where if your car is broken into while parked at home, it's likely to be someone from far away. In other words, this fear of the black criminal is not some figment of white people's imagination. It is real. They are finding this out in Sweden. They are finding this out in France. They are finding this out in Germany.

Now does this mean that most black people are criminals? Absolutely not. In fact 90% of us are NOT. But that 10%? They are fucking it up for the rest of us. Hiding our heads in the sand and denying this will not help. When a cop pulls you over, you should remember that that 10% has put a flag on you. If you want to behave like one of the 10% when you're pulled over, well don't be surprised when you too find yourself underground or having lead pulled out of you.

Work Begins On Tallest Sky Scraper in Africa....Built By Chinese

I remember a long time back when I was on Facebook and Twitter. Someone posted something to the effect of all the modern buildings in Africa. The pictures were meant to prove that "Africans build shit like everyone else". What I did not know at the time was that much of the "new" stuff being built in Africa were financed and built by outsiders (non-Africans). Here we have yet another example
Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta recently laid the foundation stone for what will be the tallest building in Africa in the Upper Hill neighborhood of Nairobi. Construction is underway at the development site, and slated for completion by December 2019.
Not for nothing but I think dealing with the horrific conditions of certain slums should be a higher priority. But that's just me. But back to the point:
The Pinnacle has heavyweight backing in the shape of Dubai-based investors Hass Petroleum and White Lotus Group, which are ploughing around $200 million into the project.
As soon as I saw "lotus" I thought. Chinese. Annnnnnd:
he contract to build the towers has been awarded to China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), which is among the world's largest construction firms and has delivered a string of major projects including the African Union headquarters in Ethiopia and the Beijing National Aquatics Centre.
Yes, the African Union headquarters was built by the Chinese.
"Whatever happens in other parts of the world can happen in Africa as well," says Abdinassir Hassan, chairman of Hass Petroleum and managing director of the project. "Nairobi is a hub for East and Central Africa. Why would we go anywhere else?"
Yes, but in other parts of the world, the native population generally has the money and the expertise to do these things for themselves.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Why The Castile Jury Went The Way It Did

I'll admit I was kinda surprised at the verdict in the Castile case. I wondered what the jury was presented with that the general public did not know about. Here it is:

You see the three times that Castile was asked to not reach in his pocket before officer Yanez even unholstered his weapon? That's called reasonable doubt. As soon as the first request to not reach was made, Castile should have stopped moving. In fact, Once he announced that he had a gun he should have asked the officer how he wanted to proceed.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

This Wouldn't Pass The Jury Duty Test

This investigation of Trump has reached epic proportions of foolishness. I have been critical of so called "special prosecutors" and the like since I cast a questioning eye on what happened to Bill Clinton. For those not old enough (or informed enough), Ken Star was appointed as a special prosecutor or independent investigator due to the alleged illegalities involving Whitewater. In that case there was a Savings and Loans investigation in which the Clintons were seen as witnesses. Whatever you may think of the Clintons, there was at least the cover of an actual criminal proceeding of actual criminal acts by somebody. The problem was that Bill Clinton was impeached not because of an actual finding related to Whitewater but because Bill lied when asked about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. This is the problematic part.

Why was there even a question about Bill and Monica? What bearing did it have on Whitewater? None. The Whitewater investigation was allowed to grow in scope way beyond it's intent and became a means of hurting a president that Republicans didn't like.

Today we have a far more blatant and brazen act of political assassination. Democrats and Never Trump Republicans have made it clear they want Trump out of office. In sane times such blatant partisanship would sink any so called "independent investigation" because such partisans cannot be trusted to act objectively. If we recall, this entire "investigation" started out as investigation into Russia interference but has now morphed into "obstruction of justice". How you can claim obstruction of justice when there is no criminal investigation (or civil investigation) ongoing in which someone has been properly served is beyond me.

Of course the claim is that by firing Comey, Trump "obstructed justice" because Comey was investigating Russia. Lets take the argument on it's face. If a District Attorney decides to not prosecute a criminal case against a suspect, is that obstruction of justice? If a State's Attorney tells his underlings to not press a case against an individual and to drop charges, is that obstruction of justice or is that the person using their legal powers of discretion? If it is use of legal powers of discretion, then Trump has not "obstructed justice". Trump, as chief executive has the power to ultimately decide who in the justice dept. does what. Congress of course is free to to whatever it wants under it's own constitutionally provided powers. But this is not even the worst of it.

Those of us who have done jury duty knows that when we are subject to questioning to get onto a jury we are asked many questions. The purpose of these questions is generally to weed out those who may be prejudiced for or against the parties involved. So for example, if the case involves a police officer and you are married to a police officer it is likely you will be removed from the jury pool. It's not that you're a bad person, it's just that the court has to eliminate even the appearance of prejudice. We know that Comey used his "memo" (which, as of this writing has not been delivered to congress) in order to get an investigation of Trump started. This is a clear partisan motive. This very statement is reason enough to have this farce stopped immediately. This is clearly not about alleged criminal activity, it is about politics.

Worse though the people involved in the investigation have ties to Hillary Clinton and the DNC. If this was a potential jury, these people would be removed. Again, this doesn't mean they are bad people. This doesn't mean they are incompetent. This means it looks bad and when it comes to investigations the investigators shouldn't have any kind of appearance to "have it in" for the target.

But speaking of obstruction of justice, why hasn't such charges been leveled at Clinton? We know that she purposely had data removed from phones and servers. THAT is obstruction. This is on top of the removal of classified information from govt. servers. Comey himself said that she was negligent. Negligence is covered under the relevant statute. If Trump can be merely investigated for exercising his lawful power to fire the head of the FBI for any reason he chooses. Hillary should be in jail right now and Lynch should be cooling her heels in there with her.

But again this is something we would expect in a sane world and sane government. But we don't have that.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Because That's The Mission?

Saw this at UNZ:
To many students, the announcement amounts to cultural sterilization, an effort to turn the most interesting, diverse, and accepting dorm into another haven for aspiring doctors and engineers.
I dunno, but isn't the purpose of going to MIT to be a doctor (medical or other) and/or engineer? It's almost as if a growing portion of the current student body (and faculty) think the purpose of these schools is to be one big self-esteem booster by allowing and and everything left of right to be done.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What Did Obama Know And When Did He Know It?

So yesterday I saw a report on Arstechnica that stated:
The scope of the attacks was so broad, Bloomberg reports, that in October of 2016, then-President Barack Obama directly called Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin on the "cyber-hotline." The cyber-hotline "red phone" was set up in 2013 by Obama and Putin as part of an effort to reduce the risk of a "cyber incident" escalating; Obama used it to present evidence of the attacks and warn Putin that the intrusions could trigger a larger conflict between the US and Russia.
Now this, if true is a big deal. Therefore we MUST go to the original Bloomberg article.
In Illinois, investigators found evidence that cyber intruders tried to delete or alter voter data. The hackers accessed software designed to be used by poll workers on Election Day, and in at least one state accessed a campaign finance database. Details of the wave of attacks, in the summer and fall of 2016, were provided by three people with direct knowledge of the U.S. investigation into the matter.
That idea would obsess the Obama White House throughout the summer and fall of 2016, outweighing worries over the DNC hack and private Democratic campaign emails given to Wikileaks and other outlets, according to one of the people familiar with those conversations.

After the Obama administration transmitted its documents and Russia asked for more information, the hackers’ work continued. According to the leaked NSA document, hackers working for Russian military intelligence were trying to take over the computers of 122 local election officials just days before the Nov. 8 election. [my underlines]

So according to this reporting, as soon as July of 2016 and as late as "days before" Nov 8, the Obama administration apparently KNEW of "Russian hacking". What did Obama tell the public during this time?

Here's Obama on August of 2016:

Obama ridiculed Donald Trump's recent suggestion that the election system could be rigged, called on the candidate to act like a president since he's soon to be briefed on confidential information and implied that he didn't believe the billionaire businessman could be trusted with America's nuclear codes...

Of course the election won't be rigged. What does that mean?" Obama said, struggling to disguise his contempt. "If Mr. Trump is suggesting that there is a conspiracy theory that is propagated across the country, including in places like Texas where typically it is not Democrats who are in charge of voting booths, that's ridiculous. That doesn't make any sense."

Did Obama or anyone else know, in AUGUST about this alleged Russian activity? Lets' assume he did not. Lets move forward.

Here's a report from the NY Times dated Oct 18 2016:

At a news conference in the White House Rose Garden, Mr. Obama said, “I have never seen in my lifetime, or in modern political history, any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the election process before votes have even taken place.”.. fell to Mr. Obama to rebut Mr. Trump’s assertions. The president did so with obvious relish.

There is no evidence, he said, that a presidential election has ever been rigged. He said there was little indication that it could be, given that elections are run by state and local authorities, with people from both parties supervising polling sites and ballot counting.

Mind you Obama was referencing charges that internal election rigging could occur, BUT Obama said directly that "there is no evidence of a presidential election ever being rigged and that there was "little indication that it could be"

Well this is either a flat out lie or Obama did not know at this time of the alleged Russian hacking.

Here's a later report from after the election:

“Nevertheless, we stand behind our election results, which accurately reflect the will of the American people,” it added...

The administration, in its statement, confirmed reports from the Department of Homeland Security and intelligence officials that they did not see “any increased level of malicious cyberactivity aimed at disrupting our electoral process on Election Day.” The administration said it remained “confident in the overall integrity of electoral infrastructure, a confidence that was borne out.” It added: “As a result, we believe our elections were free and fair from a cybersecurity perspective.”

We know this is after Obama phoned The Kremlin, because Bloomberg says so. So Obama is purposely not telling the public what he allegedly knows. Why? The reason given back then was that to discuss the scope of what they "knew" would have influenced the election. Now I suppose the argument is that publishing this information helps to depose Trump who was elected under what they told the public was a fair election.

Now personally I'm not buying into the entire Russian hackers argument. We already know that intelligence agencies can and do create code and mount operations that look like some other agency. I also believe that Putin is using this US "own goal" of public discrediting of their own election to bolster his own image. The elected officials in Washington and elsewhere, both Republican and Democrat are doing far more damage to the US "democracy" [sic] with their so called "resistance" than anything Putin could have dreamed up while high on LSD.

Monday, June 12, 2017

A Time To Rethink

If you have followed this blog from its inception (a very long time ago), you will note that I used to be left of center. I'm probably still a bit left of center but consistently test as a moderate. These days, to be moderate is to be considered a Nazi. I don't exaggerate. In some cases I had changes of positions. Why? Because I decided to be honest and challenge the things I believed. That is, I looked at the data and realized that the things I believed were simply not supported by the facts. I could not in good conscience continue to advocate for things I knew to not be the case just because said evidence was "bad" for black people. Furthermore, I could not simply be silent on the matter(s). Understand, there are a lot of people who know full well that their ideologies are based on bullshit and rather than be honest, they simply stop speaking on the subject and hope nobody notices. This is particularly the case when people are PAID to believe in and speak on the thing they know to be bullshit. I think the the professors at Evergreen are at such a crossroads. A second (only 2 eh?) professor has spoken out and I want to look at that:
My most rewarding teaching experiences have been when my mostly left leaning students have prompted me to examine my own views on controversial issues.
This is a serious problem IMO. In my opinion it is teachers that should be prompting their students to examine their own views on controversial issues. If teachers, particularly at a supposed institution of higher education, are being challenged by their students, rather than by their peers, then I think there is a problem here. While new students will bring in ideas and experiences because they live in a different generation and time, the bedrock principles shouldn't be challenging.
I would like to think that students have also benefited from being exposed to the occasional “redneck” perspective in the classroom and on field trips.
You would think but clearly for a significant population of students and faculty/staff have not benefitted from such exposure. I would hazard to guess that because these contacts are relatively brief rather than something they have to live with. I would hazard to guess that for a lot of these students, dealing with the rednecks are considered "oh here we go with THOSE people today" kind of attitude.
Many of the farms we visited were my clients, who always looked forward to the annual visits by Evergreen’s “strangely dressed students with piercings and tattoos” that seemed to be much more inquisitive and insightful than their land-grant university counterparts.
I have worked on farms and dealt with "country folk". They are generally quite welcoming of people and generally friendly. They respect people who are competent, even if they are "strange" and are generally not two faced.
I believed that I had found the antidote to the ever increasing disease of polarization and identity politics that has been dividing our rural and urban populations.

Now Evergreen has taken from me the medicine needed to cure the illness.

You thought. I wonder, has this person not noticed the changes that were going on before then? Is he implying that the students just woke up one day feeling like everything is racist? And if the students could wake up in such a way how did Evergreen take the medicine away? I think Everygreen itself is a part of the problem.
the college is now contributing to the vilification, paranoia and irrational rhetoric that fuels hatred and violence. The antidote has now become toxic.
I agree that the college is contributing to vilification and paranoia but I believe that the college has been systematically and structurally creating students and faculty who vilify and create paranoia. This stuff doesn't happen overnight.
It is about a collection of professors that are so blinded by their advocacy, that they cannot fathom different viewpoints.
No, this collection of professors who passed "go", collected their $200 and are now persons who indoctrinate. Their letter shows that they are not interested in discussion or scholarship, they wish to pronounce what is and isn't acceptable and punish those who refuse to stay in line.
I recently met with a student who was angry that she was told to shut up at a student rally, based solely on the amount of pigment in her skin. She did not comply, and was called a racist. I asked her if this bothered her. She said: “No, because I am not racist.”
It should bother her. In fact, that is why she was angry. Faculty and Staff and admin of Evergreen should find it unacceptable that they are graduating students who think that the appropriate response to trying to stifle dissent is to call someone racist. Seriously.
To the faculty, too afraid to speak out: I urge you to walk toward the fire. After all, if this brave student is a bigot, then I guess I am too. They are just words. You will not lose your job, but you might lose your dignity.
Evergreen should be bothered that they have created a climate in which faculty and staff, who should be the adults in the room, are afraid to speak freely. And again, this did not happen overnight. I guarantee that this is a culmination of slowly eroding right of free speech. And yes, unless the faculty are tenured they very much risk losing their jobs. Staff members have even less protections than teaching faculty.
This morning was the first time that I was actually nervous coming to campus. Not because of threats of white supremacists, but because I was worried that someone on campus would think that I might be one of them.
You know, maybe, just maybe so called "white supremacists" are not the real and immediate problem.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Newest Data on Egyptians

So there has been a report in the journal Nature on the genetic makeup of some mummified remains in a part of Egypt. Not a few commentators have been using this report to assert that Egyptians were white, some to the extent of “nordic”. However; those of us familiar with Egypt wouldn’t be surprised by the findings in Nature. Let’s discuss. First we have this in the abstract which is important:
in the first millennium BCE Egypt endured foreign domination leading to growing numbers of foreigners living within its borders possibly contributing genetically to the local population. Here we present 90 mitochondrial genomes as well as genome-wide data sets from three individuals obtained from Egyptian mummies.
This is well known, even among the pro-black “hotep” crowd. No one has ever claimed that Egypt was 100% black with absolutely no one else living there. Indeed Egypt was the place to be during it’s time so we expect to find all kinds of people there.
The samples recovered from Middle Egypt span around 1,300 years of ancient Egyptian history from the New Kingdom to the Roman Period. 
It is important to note here that Egypts ages are broken up into Old Kingdom, Middle kingdom, New Kingdom and then Roman period. The remains discussed in the piece are from the last period of Egypts history. To put this into context, imagine that in the year 6000 someone dug up remains of the US and found the population of 1990s Harlem, NYC and asserted from those findings that NY and indeed the entire United States were typically African.


Secondly, the geographic location puts these individuals in Middle Egypt and closer to the delta region rather than upper Egypt. This is important since one would expect that Egyptians in upper Egypt would/could be more like the persons in Nubia and Ethiopia rather than those closest to the sea and Arabia (which was a part of ancient Egypt at points in it’s history). Hence I find the following statement suspect:

Our analyses reveal that ancient Egyptians shared more ancestry with Near Easterners than present-day Egyptians, who received additional sub-Saharan admixture in more recent times.
Rather it should say “ancient Egyptians in the middle region during the new kingdom...” because that is what they studied.

First a quick primer on Egypt. Egypts Old Kingdom is the age of the Pyramids (2613-2180) BCE.

Secondly Upper Egypt

is quite close to Nubia and is in what we now call Sudan (The black land). I’m quite certain that no one considers the Sudanese to be European by any stretch of the imagination. One cannot discuss the genetic make up of “ancient Egyptians” and not discuss upper Egypt.

We can see from the article that the mummies are located far away from upper Egypt (Luxor for reference in Upper Egypt)

So we can argue that not only is this set of mummies not representative geographically, but also chronologically.

I want to stress here that I am not discussing or critiquing specific DNA results or techniques. I am wholly unqualified to do so. This is an argument about representation. I will say however, that the “discovery” that Yorubas are not represented in the gene pool of these mummies puts the last nail in the coffin of those persons who like to claim that West Africans are somehow the descended of some “Asiatic black man”. Enough of that nonsense. Carrying on:

The archaeological site Abusir el-Meleq was inhabited from at least 3250BCE until about 700CE and was of great religious significance because of its active cult to Osiris, the god of the dead, which made it an attractive burial site for centuries2.
This means that the area was inhabited by persons prior to the unification of the two lands under Menes. This also means that the mummies under study were no earlier than 1550 BCE. A nearly 2000 years after the unified Egypt came into existence. Again, I would ask whether we would see the current population of America and state with any sanity that because we see all these different races of people here now, that it must have been that way in 1776. Indeed the authors themselves state as much:
 However, we note that all our genetic data were obtained from a single site in Middle Egypt and may not be representative for all of ancient Egypt. It is possible that populations in the south of Egypt were more closely related to those of Nubia and had a higher sub-Saharan genetic component, in which case the argument for an influx of sub-Saharan ancestries after the Roman Period might only be partially valid and have to be nuanced. Throughout Pharaonic history there was intense interaction between Egypt and Nubia, ranging from trade to conquest and colonialism, and there is compelling evidence for ethnic complexity within households with Egyptian men marrying Nubian women and vice versa51,52,53. Clearly, more genetic studies on ancient human remains from southern Egypt and Sudan are needed before apodictic statements can be made. [my underlines]
Many reviewers apparently missed this point. Also:
Our genetic time transect suggests genetic continuity between the Pre-Ptolemaic, Ptolemaic and Roman populations of Abusir el-Meleq, indicating that foreign rule impacted the town’s population only to a very limited degree at the genetic level. It is possible that the genetic impact of Greek and Roman immigration was more pronounced in the north-western Delta and the Fayum, where most Greek and Roman settlement concentrated43,55
Which is what I have been saying from the beginning.

I believe what we have here is twofold:

1) The writers themselves used language that implied that Egyptians were not “Africans”. Indeed by the accompanying charts their claim appears to be that they are using the term “sub-Saharan African” to mean “West and South African” genotypes. Which none of us should be expecting.

2) Writers, particularly those with rightward affinities and perhaps white identitarian types, didn’t read the actual Nature article or did not understand what they were reading and thought the study was representative of the entirety of ancient Egypt.

I’m also going to suppose that not a few black outlets will not report on this article because they think it says what it doesn’t. That or there will be an attempt to dismiss the article as a whitewash. Such head burying will help nobody.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Moment You Realize Liberals Have More In Common With ISIS

< I saw a lot of stuff from the right that I considered even racist when Obama was running and elected. But the things I have witnessed from the time Trump announced until yesterday I never thought possible. But now I completely understand just where liberals stand.

I'm all for free speech and actually don't think the secret service should be involved. But for any patriotic citizenry that respects the office of president, Griffith should be a complete persona non-gratis anywhere she attempts to be that is not her private property.

And not only because of the disrespect of the sitting president. No, the raising of the head in the style of ISIS, who have killed people and shown their heads in the same manner, is an insult to all civilized people and victims of ISIS.

Monday, May 29, 2017

The Teachers Leave Because...?

A tale of narrative collapse within a single article. First we have the bait:
Nearly 200 teachers have quit their jobs in D.C. Public Schools since the school year began, forcing principals to scramble to cover their classes with substitutes and depriving many students of quality instruction in critical subjects.
See the teachers are quitting and depriving the students of quality instruction. See the setup. See the first thing I asked is: Why would a teacher up and quit in the middle of a school year? Of all the times that is the worst. There must be something very wrong going on to cause them to make such a decision. Well, 16 paragraphs later you find the reason:
Several former Ballou teachers told The Post they did not want to leave mid-year and felt bad about the consequences for students. But they said a number of problems drove them to leave,from student behavior and attendance issues to their own perception of a ack of support from the administration. They also raised questions about evaluations. Some veterans said that in previous years they had received high marks from administrators, but this year they were given what they believe are arbitrarily low evaluation scores. [my underlines]
So we have a trifecta of issues: If teachers are leaving in the middle of the school year then these three problems must REALLY be a problem. And if these three problems are THAT bad then who or WHAT is really "depriving many students of quality instruction"? Could the case really be that the student [mis]behavior, poor attendance and silly lefty "disciplinary" policies the real reason for that. I mean if you were subject to this:

How long would you stay?

Right. Carrying on:

Langford said she asked administrators for help with behavior problems in her classroom — but didn’t get it.

Her classes were large. One had more than 33 students. She said the students were very far behind and lacked the foundation needed to be successful.

“A lot of them felt really discouraged about math and used other methods to lash out,” Langford said. “I couldn’t address those problems they were having on my own.”

So again. It's not the teacher's fault. The students are out of control and the administration is too worried about being called racist. The students are ill-prepared many because they were socially promoted or given sympathy grades.
Langford said she threatened to quit two months into the school year but was hopeful she would get support to manage her classroom. She said nothing changed. In January, she decided to quit.
See, colleges can sell all the utopia bullshit they want to their naive students. They can call people like me "sellout" and "uncle tom" all they want, but when people are hit with reality it comes reallllllllll quick. 2 months and she was "fin to leave".
Ballou has about 930 students, and all qualify for free or reduced-price lunch because they live in poverty. Many come from homes where their parents didn’t go to college. The school ranks among the city’s lowest-performing high schools on core measures. Its graduation rate in the last school year, 57 percent, was second-lowest among regular high schools in the DCPS system.
Let me say this, parents not having gone to college is not an excuse. It is about expectations. Period.
“Students simply roam the halls because they know that there is no one present in their assigned classroom to provide them with an education,” Brokenborough said. “Many of them have simply lost hope.”
I call bullshit. I bet a lot of these students were roaming the halls when the teachers were there. Besides why are students roaming the hall? When I was in high school one could not be in the hall while class was in session without a hall pass.

This also shows how unprepared these students are for college. Why not still go to class and, I don't know, study the material you have to cover? What, you only study if you have too? Oh OK.

Iyonna Jones, an 18-year-old senior, said in one of the letters that security guards tell the students lingering in hallways to go to class, but she has a substitute teacher in her math class and doesn’t feel she is getting the instruction she needs.
Let me share a story. In jr high school we had a substitute teacher who basically tried the take attendance and do nothing tactic. We took it for about a week. Then we complained to the higher ups. We actually demanded that she teach us out material or they find someone who would. She was replaced shortly. Yes, she was a bad sub. They exist. But students (and parents) can and should do more. But if a class is unmanageable due to ill behavior, you cannot blame the teacher.

Who's Jobs?

So I was reading about the guy in Portland who stabbed up a two men who objected to the verbal harassment of two Muslims on a train. The article showed that he was a Bernie Sanders supporter and has images of many of his Facebook posts. I want to discuss one of them:

That last one: give people back their jobs. "Their jobs". As if employees somehow own the jobs for which they were employed to do. No. A person owns their labour as it is the production of their bodies. Since slavery is not legal, no one can be compelled to give away their bodies and therefore their labour (with due recognition of 13th amendment exceptions). That is all a person owns. Said person can choose to sell his labour to other persons. Said person can decide to sell the product of their labour (goods) to other persons. Said person, if they have enough capital may decide to labour for themselves to increase that capital (ie: advantaged gambling). A lot of people do not understand that the entity that "owns" a job is a business. I will refer the reader to Rich Dad Poor Dad where the author shows that an employee is one who "has a job" and a self-employed person who "owns a job". The image above imagines that most Americans are self-employed and "own" a job when they actually just "have a job". That is, they are selling their labour for a wage. When the wage-giver no longer needs the labour, they can end the job. After all THEY own it.

This is, of course, a relatively new thing. Before mass industrialization, the vast majority of people were owners of their jobs. Most people engaged in farming or some skilled trade such as iron working and carpentry. In a more modern America you got people such as electricians, mechanics, and the like. But as industrialization swept the western world people shifted from self-employment (owning their jobs) to working for some corporation.

With the rise of automation, many people are slowly waking up to the fact that they do not own jobs. A machine can do your job and doesn't require a salary or any benefits. As machines get better and better, more humans will find themselves displaced from the labour market. And please understand that "labour market" means a [super]market where people offer their labour, people are NOT offering jobs because they do not own a job.

This is why it is misguided to hate on "rich" people. You'll note that many governments that "nationalized" businesses in the name of "owning the means of production" thought they owned some magic "job". Then later when the business fails, the people riot. Why? because the govt. didn't create the job.

The rich create businesses. More accurately they create systems. The business is a physical manifestation of said system. The system requires x amount of labour (the jobs). So jobs are a product of the system. Too many people think that jobs just magically appear on the internet job sites. No, they are the product of someone taking a significant risk to finance a system. If a system can run without the creation of "jobs", it will not produce any. You may want to sell your labour to said system, but no system is required to hire you.

To repeat: You do not own a job. It is not "yours".

This is why though I sympathize with the $15/hour movement, I see it as a long term loser. All this does for the long term is lead the actual job owners to seek to lower the cost of the "jobs". Companies are already responding to these pressures and it will only accelerate.