Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This Is How Stupid and Emotional The MSM Thinks You Are

For the second straight day the media and Hillary campaign (I repeat myself) has been putting Alicia Machado in our faces. The premise being that we should all be upset because Trump called her Miss Piggy. This is how stupid and emotional the press thinks you are. Think about this for a moment.

Miss Machado, of her own volition, entered a BEAUTY CONTEST. The entire POINT of a BEAUTY CONTEST is to be judged on your looks (which includes your weight). You WIN a BEAUTY CONTEST by having people (judges) PASS JUDGEMENT on your looks. You then have a job for a year. The entire purpose of that job is to look exactly like you did when you WON the BEAUTY CONTEST as a representative of said contest. FAILURE to do so, is a breech of contract. Not only that but in order to even make it to the Miss Universe contest you had to beat out other women in previous LOOKS JUDGING CONTESTS. Not only that, not a single woman in ANY Of those contests could be described as even remotely "plus size".

How the hell do you get upset for a woman who volunteered for the above? If you do YOU ARE STUPID.

The second thing, not getting as much press now, because "hoes before dead black people in the streets killed by other black people", is how lester and other MSM black folks pestered Trump about the "birther" issue to the complete burial of the point that thousands of black bodies are piling up in Chicago (and other places) at rates unseen since the 90's.

We had a negro on ABCNews after the debate tell us that Black people are "upset" due to the birther issue and therefore Trump is bad for black folks. Seriously. If your dumb ass is more concerned with a birth certificate sideshow than with the continued killing of black folks (mostly men) by other black folks (mostly men), then you DESERVE more dead black men in the street.

This is how STUPID the MSM thinks you are. The only question is whether you confirm this thought.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Because Police Are THE Problem

From CNN
Tavon lay wounded on the floor as his family looked on in horror...

Chicago Police Sgt. Bryan Topczewski, who was leaving another homicide scene, heard the call -- "child's been shot" -- and raced toward their house.

This was at least the fourth shooting that day, Topczewski said. [My underlines]

Trust me. NO BLM was present and will not contribute to the medical bills. Secondly We won't hear from [enter athlete type] about any of this. There will be no national news media interviewing [enter athlete's name] on the kind of "conversation" we need to be having.

This is why BLM is a Soros funded scam and assault on decent black people.

BLM Skittles

Anyone who's read this blog long enough knows I have zero respect for the BLM movement and the liberal whites who enable them. Here we have another example of why.

This is a clear response to Trump Jr's Skittle's commentary. What this response shows is just how stupid the BLM people are. They failed to understand the original point and were dumb enough to respond as if the circumstances were comparable. Let me explain. Trump's comment was that you have a bowl of Skittles or a bunch of people. You don't know which one is the poison candy (or the one who will up and blow him/herself up other terrorist act). Your best recourse in such a situation is to eat none of them because you can avoid being poisoned by your actions.

I've made a similar argument in regards to sexual assault. If you were to use the statistics that 97% of men have not and will not rape a woman...ever. then if you were in a bar/club with 100 men, there are 3 of them who has or will rape. You have two choices here. You can either avoid all bars or you can engage in risk mitigation. You can for example not leave your drink when you go to the bathroom. Don't take drinks that you didn't see poured and passed to you. You can not get fall out/pass out drunk. etc.

This is called risk assessment. It is what sane people do. Liberals are not sane people so they think that there is nothing a person can (or should!) do to manage risks that they come across. Hence the above picture. Now lets show why the above picture is out of order.

First and foremost we know that the percentages of cops involved in killing black people is, in the example of Chicago on the order of half a percent. So the poster inflates the occurrence of suicide by cop by 6x. But again this is common of liberals: Exaggerate the claim and hope nobody is around to check 'em on it. So you notice that they don't tell you how many skittles are in this bowl AND show you a very small bowl. All of this to get you to think that the suicide by cop statistics are larger than they actually are.

But more to the point the BLM poster here makes the implication that the behavior of black persons are not a part of the problem. Again you cannot compare a terrorist with a person who decides to not follow directions. What BLM wants you to think is that police generally just pop up and shoot niggaz just for sport. Those black men killed just happened to be random victims like Amadou Diallo of Jamaica Queens was yesterday. No, the fact is that with one exception I can think of, each person shot by a police officer since BLM (and really before but lets stick with this) has been getting people killed, had failed to follow directions. They either tried to drive away. Failed to raise hands. Failed to stop walking or running. It's almost like liberals don't think black people should be expected to follow directions. Not almost, it is. A judge, on a bench. Actually said that black suspects have a right to run away from police because racism.

"Such an individual, when approached by the police, might just as easily be motivated by the desire to avoid the recurring indignity of being racially profiled as by the desire to hide criminal activity. Given this reality for black males in the city of Boston, a judge should, in appropriate cases, consider the report's findings in weighing flight as a factor in the reasonable suspicion calculus."
Black people who are not engaged in crime, who never have or will do so, don't run from police upon making eye contact. Most of us know when we have been legitimately contacted and when we are profiled. Unfortunately too many of us feel entitled and want to make everything racial.

If black men are tired of being profiled, then they should get their peers to commit less crimes. Almost if by magic, police presences will be reduced dramatically because as people in small, low crime areas know, less crime means less cops to employ. But BLM doesn't want this simple formula to be put out there because it would mean black people taking responsibility for our [in]actions. Under liberal America, black people are not to be held responsible for anything negative. There are white people for that.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

American Greatness

Sorry for the lack of posts, working on alternative income streams that has taken time away from this. What? You thought I made money on this?

Anyway, this is not my writing but rather a link that I think hits the nail on the head as to where the US two party state is headed in this and forthcoming elections. Way too many items I could quote so I'm just linking to the piece.

Ok. One quote:

My use (once each) the terms thymos and virtù was taken as evidence that I am advocating a politics of “great daring” or some such. I’d like to be generous here and just presume this is a misunderstanding. I suggest to anyone who holds this interpretation to look at the specific contexts in which those words were used. The former referred to go-along, get-along conservative intellectuals, who could do with a double dose of thymos. Several writers on the Left obligingly made the point. Good conservatism adheres to the parameters we set for you. You may say this, but not this. If you do and say what we tell you to, your reward will be that we will call you racist Nazis a little less. Also, what we allow as “good conservatism” will drift ever leftward, so that something we permitted a year or two ago is subject to revocation without notice and you better get on board immediately or the deal is off. [my underlines]
A good example would be to compare Obama of 2008 election season and Obama now on a bunch of issues. Similarly Hillary Clinton had positions then that would get her in deep shit now. This moving goalpost is a huge stumbling block for those who are left of well the left. Once you give in on some, they just move it further. You simply have to stop playing the game. Mind you there are costs to this. A man is looking at losing his job for simply refusing to play the game at his place of employment. I say bravo to him and he has a larger set of balls than most. Most of us would watch the video, shut up, put our heads down and be thankful we've been deemed worthy of a paycheck. This is the future people. You cannot even object. You have no free speech. The government cannot abridge your speech (or lack thereof), yet an arm of the government is doing just that. As the above link explains, Constitutional government is on it's deathwatch. Stakes is High

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Left Unsaid

RT blares the news:
Chicago cops shoot at someone every 5 days
Over the last six years, police in Chicago, Illinois have fired 2,623 bullets at citizens, killing 92 people and injuring 170 others, according to a new database by the Chicago Tribune. The department has drawn intense criticism for its brutality.

Between 2010 and 2015, the Chicago Police Department was involved with 435 shootings, many of which never caught the public’s attention. In those officer-involved shootings, police fired at least 2,623 bullets. At least one person was struck in 235 shootings, while officers missed hitting anyone in 200 instances, the Chicago Tribune found.
You don't say.

Quick question: How many of these "citizens" were armed? How many were in the process of committing a crime? Aren't such questions relevant to such a headline?

If you read the linked Chicago Tribune piece you don't get a SINGLE mention of the crime rates in Chicago. It's almost like these people think that the crime rate is irrelevant to all that police activity. Well here's the count:

2012: 523
2013: 442
2014: 436

They stopped counting in 2015. To get current year info you go here: Continuing from that site:

2015: 490
2016: 464 so far.

So a total of 3266 dead. Not total shot. Not total assaulted. Just the dead in 6 years. The police SHOT 435 people, or 13% of the total homicides and we know that most of those were justifiable homicides.

Why would the Chicago Tribune spend time acting as if the shootings by police there are a big problem or even the biggest problem? Seems to me that the Chicago PD are not shooting enough people to put a dent in the homicide rate in that city.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Open Letter To Dwayne Wade

Dear Dwayne Wade; I woke up this morning to the news that you had lost your cousin Nykea Aldridge to crime in Chicago. I want to extend my condolences and hope that you and your extended family get through this as a strong(er) unit. However; this is not all I have to say on the subject.

I recall that recently during the Espys, you and fellow NBA ball players made a very public show of support for the Black Lives Matter "movement". You said in part:

Wade picked up where the Clippers point guard left off: “The racial profiling has to stop. The shoot-to-kill mentality has to stop. … Enough is enough. Now, as athletes, it’s on us to challenge each other to do even more than what we already do in our own communities.”
You are now no doubt uncomfortable close to the reality of violence in black communities. No doubt you know that the person who killed your cousin was not not a police officer. No doubt that the person who shot your cousin was a black person and most likely a male. You called this "profiling" yet, it is a statistical fact that in Chicago 90+ percent of homicides are committed by black people (mostly males).

I hope that as you work through your grief that you reflect on the reality that this Black Lives Matter movement is a total fraud. They are more concerned with the very few people who are wrongly abused by a small cadre of police officers than with the lives of you and your family who are obeying the law and living a clean life.

Understand that as a group the Black Lives Matter movement has denied(1,2) the very existence of black on black violence. The actions of this movement has caused homicides to increase in many urban areas, including Chicago which has seen the most homicide rate since the 1990s. Where were the BLM people when your cousin got shot? Are they going to solve the crime? Pay for the funeral? Are they going to raise the child that is now motherless? The answer is "no" on all counts.

The Black Lives Matter movement wanted attention, it is funded by white philanthropists like George Soros and the Ford Foundation. People who never lived in and will never live in the communities like the one your cousin lived in. They live in gated communities with personal body guards and high tech security systems. They will never ever have to walk the streets with killers. And these people would make you think YOU are a sellout for calling the BLM what they are: A Democratic Party front group.

Hopefully I haven't come off too strongly. I just hate to see young black men who are sincerely trying to do what is best for the black community, get used for nefarious ends. I hope that out of this tragedy you are able to see BLM for what they are and the real problems in our communities for what they are.



Thursday, August 25, 2016

Who's Missing? Why?

As I prepare an "epic" post (if I say so myself) on Liberal Pseudoscience(tm), I'll point the reader to a recent article on Apple's Machine Learning team. Firstly, as usual, I will point out the "complexion" of Apple's technology leadership, even as it crows about "diversity".

Look who's missing.

Now lets look at what the general requirements are for doing machine learning at Apple (and presumably other companies doing similar AI work):

What’s interesting is that Apple’s ML is produced by many people who weren’t necessarily trained in the field before they joined the company. “We hire people who are very smart in fundamental domains of mathematics, statistics, programming languages, cryptography,” says Federighi. “It turns out a lot of these kinds of core talents translate beautifully to machine learning. Though today we certainly hire many machine learning people, we also look for people with the right core aptitudes and talents.” [my underlines]
As I pointed out in an earlier blog entry, Liberal Pseudoscience tells black people and liberal whites that:
“The racial narrative of White tends to be like this: Rugged individual, honest, hard-working, disciplined, rigorous, successful,” she said. “And so then, the narrative of U.S. public education: Individual assessments, competition, outcome over process (I care more about your grades than how you’re doing), ‘discipline’ where we care more about your attendance and making sure you’re not tardy than we care about your relationships … proper English must be spoken (which is just assimilation into standard U.S. dialect), hierarchical power structure, and heavy goal orientation.”
If "white" is "discipline, "rigorous" and "hardworking", then by direct inference black is "lazy", "lackadaisical", etc. Thus the liberal narrative for black education is in direct opposition to the very skills that are needed in the technology arena. Liberals are literally setting up black students to fail.

You cannot do statistics, programming and cryptology without being rigorous and disciplined. Liberals are saying that white people are inherently capable of these things and blacks are not. To quote Donald Trump: Liberals are bigots. But we knew this already.

It takes a high IQ to do mathematics and related fields. in the US blacks are 13% of the population. Even if we assumed that blacks and whites have identical IQ distributions (they do not), the availability of black folks with the required IQ's to engage in the kind of work Apple does in machine learning would be extremely limited.

So when we see pictures like the one above, with a total lack of black folks it should not strike us as odd. And if liberals continue to dominate education with the ideologies quoted above, we will see less blacks as they are not held up to the high standards required to succeed in STEM fields.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Unilever Plays in SJW Water and Fails

So I'm on Road and Track's website doing my automobile thing when the following advert shows up:

Firstly, I'm sending a note to Road and Track telling them I don't appreciate SJW bullshit on a automobile website.

Secondly to Unilever, I don't know what recent school of feminism grad you hired in your marketing department, but insulting the intelligence of men is NOT going to win you customers and this one will be actively seeking replacements for any of the products you produce that I use.

I, and all man can, in fact, observe the beauty of a woman as ONE of the things about her. I LOVE watching women track athletes run around in the little shorts. Did I mention I love that? And still I appreciate the training and other hard work that comes with being an athlete at that level. I cheered for the US women's 4x100 regardless of what they were wearing. Shame on YOU, Unilever for attempting to shame me for being a heterosexual man who appreciates the female bodies as part of what makes them who they are.

Fire the marketing company and any person who thought that such an advertisement was a good idea. Meanwhile "Tonga Man" was being groped by the members of the NBC staff without a peep: