Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

High Priority Items for Trump in 2017

Sorry folks but I had other things I had to do (including a half marathon) so I couldn't post in the run-up to the election. This post is about what Trump should be doing in the first year in office.

Restore Law and Order in Government!

Pretty sad that this even needs to be said but the reason there are more than 11 million persons residing illegally in the United States is because the government is no longer enforcing the law (unless you are a citizen...a "nobody" citizen). This needs to be turned around pronto. Here's what I think a Trump administration needs to handle this:

1) Announce, very publicly a meeting with INS, Border Patrol and related bodies. Just announce the meeting is happening. This is the warning shot to those persons who should not be here, that time is up.

2) Announce that any municipality, city or state with "sanctuary policies" are in direct violation if immigration law and that:
a) Will have all federal funds frozen until such policies are reminded.
b) Charges will be brought against any and all officials responsible for enacting such illegal policies. These charges will include accessory to murder or negligent homicide if any illegal resident that was given sanctuary committed a homicide.

3) Have the INS and whatever related body subpoena all ID records of states with sanctuary policies. This includes any state that hands out driver's licenses and other non-driver ID's (which serve as a means of facilitating illegal immigration). Have lawyers on standby for the inevitable lawsuits. Remember that the Arizona ruling that the Federal Government is responsible for immigration matters has already gutted any state objection to such subpoenas.

Anyone on this lists who "fit the profile" of someone not in the country legally will be asked to report to INS. those who comply get 3 months to get their affairs in order and leave the country. Those who do NOT get a visit from INS and if determined to be in the country illegally are immediately removed.

The point here is to show that the state is not fucking around anymore. Those who object should know that it was the fault of the Democrats and Republicans who failed to enforce the law that they swore to uphold and who flouted the law for their own personal reasons.

2) Deal with BLM and Soros' Open Society organization. BLM that Soros funded uprising against police and law in general needs out be dealt with firmly. There are dead police out there. Investigations should be done into any organization that the BLM murderers were involved with. Soros's Open Society organization should be held criminally and financially responsible for any deaths that are connected to their activities. While criminal prosecution may not be successful, it will send the same message: The government is not fucking around now.

In particular we need prosecution of those DNC/Hillary support organization that broke election law by coordinating as well as by inciting actual violence at Trump rallies. They need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 3) Time to deal with Academy.

While it is not possible (and shouldn't be) to police private schools, those run by the state should be held to account for their liberal bias. The skewed representation of liberal to conservative (and whatever else) academics is evidence of employment discrimination. a Trump DOJ should open investigations for state run universities.

The absolutely overhyped "rape culture" bullshit needs to be dealt with head on. State universities should be held accountable for railroading those accused of sexual assault. Heads need to roll where such gender discrimination is being done. In my opinion all sexual assault claims should go through the police. No police report, no action by university. Period. Time to treat women as grown ups. If they cannot be bothered to report (for whatever reason) then we're not going to assume guilt.

These are things that certainly can be done to great effect within the first year.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Mr Obama, You are Full Of Shit

Real quick. this AM I see on Breitbart that Obama is playing the pussy card for Clinton:
“To the guys out there, I want to be honest, you know there’s a reason why there hasn’t been a woman president before,” he said. “And I think that sometimes, you know, we’re trying to get over the hump.”
There are a lot of reasons why women have not been president before, including not being able to participate in the political process, but generally speaking it has been down to two things:

1) Women not running. When women run for office they are more likely to be voted in. Emphasis on when. If you don't participate no one is going to vote for you.

2)Playing the pussy card. If you tell me I have to vote for you because you are a woman then I won't vote for you. Simple. Having a vagina is not a qualification for me. Having ideas I agree with is. I personally have already supported female candidates for office including president.

But to show the level of cuckness that Obama has, which has been evident to anyone who has watched him and Michelle, he says this:

Obama made his remarks during a campaign rally in Ohio for Hillary Clinton. He added that his wife Michelle Obama was better than he was.

“I know that my wife is not just my equal but my superior,” he said.

And this is why so many men are attracted to Trump. The above statement is offensive to me and other men. Worse it shows once again that the left is not in it for equality of women but for women to be seen as superior to men. Fuck that and fuck that. I tell this to men all the time: Stop calling your wife or girlfriend your "better half". She is your other half, your partner with strengths to match your weaknesses and vice versa. She is not superior or better than you in any way, shape or form. And to underscore how bad it is out there, most men I tell this to say something to the effect of "happy wife, happy life." This shows that many of these men are simply afraid of their significant others. That is total bullshit. What we see with Trump is a man who does not defer to his wife. He respects his wife and she respects him, as is clear by their interactions, but it is clear who "the man" is in that relationship.

Lastly let me point out that Obama is a beneficiary of the "sexism" he claims men have (if we ignore how unpopular Clinton is). Clinton, with her government service [sic] was way more qualified for office than Obama was, yet Obama won the election largely because he was the popular black guy that people thought would wipe away the sin of racism and launch the era of equality.

Joke's on you.

So just like Obama speaking on rates of sexual assault and rape culture, he just doesn't know of what he speaks.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

White Supremacy Is So Bad....

Black folks risk crossing the Sahara. Risk drowning on rickety boats all to sleep on the streets of Paris

Let that shit sink in.

So when next you hear some black person complaining about all that racism that is holding him or her down. Or how "white supremacy" is the cause of all that ills black people, you watch this video and think again.

Pussy Galore

If only I was talking about a Bond movie.

Apparently the October Surprise is not the mountains of leaks showing that Clinton is an admitted two face liar who would like to change the rules of the Senate (and executive) in order to allow Democrats to do whatever it is that peaks their fancy. Nor is it that her foundation accepted money from Saudi Arabia even though they knew it was funding ISIS organizations. The million dollar birthday gift to Bill Clinton for an hour long meeting about who knows what.

Never mind that after the attacks on Sanders by the DNC because he is a non practicing Jew, something that would put them in league with orgs like Stormfront, But who also assailed the Catholic church (for purposes of disclosure I'm not a fan of either) and Catholics for being backwards. Never mind that Clinton's folks called Muslims and Blacks and Democratic voters in general, low information, low achievers and easy to manipulate. No, the most important thing, if you watch the rigged election, is whether Trump is down with pussy galore.

Which brings us to the actual topic of this post: The election is rigged.

Most of us understand "rigged' elections as someone hacking voting machines. Miscounts of ballots. Disappearing ballots. Purposely mismanaging voting locations to limit voting. But that is not what Trump means and it is not how this election is being rigged.

Again, we know from various leaks that various "news" organizations and internet giants are down with the DNC and with Clinton in particular. Since these outlets have an outsize influence on what people see, they are able to manipulate opinion and information and therefore have an outsize influence on the election (or anything else).

Let's give an example. When gay marriage was something that the media wanted you to get behind they changed the phrasing to "marriage equality". They knew that the public by and large associates very strongly with "equality". Thus if you were against "equality" you were for discrimination. Discrimination is bad to therefore opposition to gay marriage is bad. next thing you know, gay marriage sweeps America and Christians who actually follow the Bible get sued, something that could have never happened even 20 years ago.

Hence we see the media can stack the deck in favour of or against a topic. Which brings us to Trump. The media has been very willing to allow people to make unsubstantiated allegation against Trump. In decades past no news organization would dare risk their reputation, let alone lawyer and verdicts that could be in the millions by allowing their organzations to be used for libelous speech. Now if a woman says she was "assaulted" by a man, its put out as if it is fact. Reputations are damaged and there is no recourse. Why? Because 9 times out of 10, there is no official report to anyone. How can you defend yourself against a charge that only exists, legally, in the mind of the accuser?

I don't know if these allegations are true. Neither does any of the news outlets who are running with these stories. The responsible thing would be to not report until they are confirmed or at least some kind of verification process, other than the word of the accuser is done. But that's not what we're seeing here. So this is the rigging. Get the media to influence the people. Make them fearful of a candidate. Minimize the coverage and questioning of the preferred candidate and blow up or fabricate reports on the "out" candidate. Use key fear triggering words like "terrifying", "crazy", "unstable", etc. Those of us familiar with NLP know that these are trigger words and by associating them with a candidate will trigger a fear response (or worse) when confronted with anything associated with the candidate.

To make things worse, the media, in collusion with elected officials have allowed physical violence against supporters of a candidate to go unpunished. When reported on, these criminal and IMO treasonous acts are said to be "lively" and "peaceful' protests or the violence is blamed on the rhetoric of the candidate who the victims support. It defies logic but is repeated often.

So again, this rigged election is not about hacked machines and all that. No, it is a huge psy-op against the public. It is the use of economic blackmail against those who support a particular candidate. But most revealing it is the apparent triumph of Vagina Politics.

Pussy Galore indeed.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why Is There So Much Concern About Russia?

So we have been treated to the Great Russian Conspiracy" in regards to the US election. Democrats who used to be against chicken hawk type behavior are fanning the flames of the Evil Empire for the purposes of scaring the shit out of the electorate and raising the spectre of "rigged elections" on the off chance they lose this one. The lynch pin (are you triggered?) of this plan is the notoriously short memory of the electorate, assuming the voters in question even paid attention the first time around. What has been forgotten? Ukraine.

See, not too long ago the US along with allies in the EU meddled and interfered with the elections of and government operations of Ukraine. This forced a complete breakdown of the Ukrainian government and a low intensity civil war within that country for the purposes of pulling it away from Russian sphere of influence and allowing NATO to edge that much closer to Moscow.

Therefore anyone in camp Hillary or camp Democrat who is flapping their gums and their hands about Russian influence on US elections either thinks you are a fool (and apparently there are a LOT of fools out there), or boldly believes that the US has carte blanche to mess with the elections of other countries but that rooster can't settle down on domestic fences.

Lastly it is of great irony that a party that houses a good number of actual communists is making noise about an ex-KGB agent who runs an ex-communist country.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Friday Morning Class

Newark. 8AM. If you're 12, 13 or 15 years old what should you be doing? Normal people would say, at or on my way to school. Others, not so much
"Give me, give me, give me," the teen reportedly told the woman while he pointed a gun at her as she walked to her house from her driveway around 8 a.m. Friday, police said. The teen took her car keys and fled in the woman's SUV.
And what did this school age teen do after grabbing someone's property?
Two Newark boys, 13 and 14 years old, were also in the stolen Toyota Highlander when it crashed, Ricciardi said. The driver apparently picked up the others after the carjacking.
Oh yeah, pick up your younger boys and joy ride. Now, I suppose he just wanted to give the youngstas a ride to school and they were averse to cheese busses. But really. 8AM. Eight. A. M. All of these children should have been on their way to school. Instead they are packing heat, running up on hard working people in their driveways and saying "gimmie, gimmie, gimmie" while waving guns in their victim's faces.

And this of course is not only the fault of white folks, but the police too.

I suppose we should also blame the 'failing school" and the "bad teachers" for not making education more attractive than car jacking.