Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Notes On The Mid-Terms

1) It is quite normal for Congress to change hands in mid-term elections. Generally speaking, the electorate prefers that Congress be oppositional to the executive. A party that has the Executive, Senate and House will soon not have all three. So to me some of the results were not unexpected. I'm old enough to remember when Republicans, under Newt Gingrich thought they had the "infinity stones" to rule in perpetuity.

2) I also expected, in the increasing partisanship of the electorate that the House would see more changes than the Senate. House districts are gerrymandered by law in order to create "super majorities" on either political grounds or on racial grounds. So we have in some cases persons who lost their races because their districts were redrawn in a manner that stripped them of their "usual" supporters. That said, the rapidly changing demographics of the country is going to be seen on the district level first and then flow upwards. This is inevitable. Getting back to partisanship as the de-platforming wars continue where people's livelihoods will be dependent upon whether an employer can stomach negative press and tweetstorms, persons with views, lifestyles that are not supported will move to other places more conducive to their views.

3) The increase in R Senators is not too surprising. After the Kavanaugh hearing, the public got a good look at the Senate and I think that moved some/many undecided voters. Like Trump or not, seeing a person's reputation dragged through the mud in the vicious way it was done and realizing it could be you or your loved one, could not have sat well with people who are not consumed with "orange man bad". This also puts the spotlight on Ginsberg. Now that Republicans do not need any Democrats to approve the next Supreme Court judge, should Ginsberg pass before 2020 at the least, The Supreme Court goes very conservative for a very long time. No doubt this is why Trump has called the results a big win.

Also, Senators benefit from being statewide decisions. Unless you have a huge metropolis like NYC, the voters in urban districts can be balanced out by those in suburban and rural districts. In places like NY State, not so much. Basically, for statewide office all you need to do is win NYC and the rest of the state doesn't matter.

4) Abrams and Gillum are bigger winners than Republicans may realize. The Democrats have a long term vision that the Republicans either do not understand or are unwilling to counter. They are not called the stupid party for no reason. The Democrats plan is and has been Power Through Population Replacement. The first meaningful and deadly shot was the 1965 immigration act. The second deadly venom was the immigration amnesty that Reagan signed in the 1980s. Aside from the whole "cheap labour for big business" thing, the game was this:

New immigrants, aside from Cubans, lean Democratic by large margins. Their children, not wanting to betray their parents and heritage will likely continue that leaning. So you have a time "bomb" of 18 years.

The next deadly venom was non-enforcement of immigration law. This in combination with a misapplication of the 14th Amendment meant that you had an "unpredicted" number of new citizens being born to people seeking to protect themselves from being deported by becoming a parent of said citizen. More 18 year fuses.

The next deadly venom was control of the education system. This indoctrinated white students into thinking that they are racists and the receivers of unearned benefits of being white. Slowly but surely this attitude went from Universities on down. The effect of this was to split the ever shrinking white population into two groups: Good (guilt-ridden) and Bad (not-guilt ridden). When combined; dwindling white population, growing non-white population, split white population, The Democratic time bombs have been going off. They need not win *this* election or *that* election. What each election allows them to do is gauge the rate of change in the target areas. Neither Gillum nor Abrams could have even made it past primaries in the America of even 40 years ago. And that is not based on race. That is based on stated policies.

What changed was that the demographics of GA and FL have changed (This is Hilea!) to the extent that such persons *and* policy positions are acceptable. Recall that an article about Abrams flatly said that white voters were essentially not something she was even concerned with. It was the "Black Girl Magic" of the growing non-white population that would carry her into office. And lets be clear from the results: It nearly happened. The only reason she is not governor-elect at this very moment (she has not conceded as of this writing) is because the time bomb has not gone off yet. It will.

Gillum was and is similarly situated. If anything his views were to the left of Abrams. No way his positions would have flown in Florida of even 2000. But again, the only reason why he is not governor-elect is that the time bomb has not gone off. It will.

And really, we don't even have to take Race into consideration with these analyses. Look at Texas. How did Beto do so well? Again, his positions would not have flown in even year 2000 Texas. Again the demographic time bomb hasn't quite gone off but it will.

Republicans as a national and eventually statewide party is a dead man walking. They are on the "Green Mile" and they don't even know it. The future of the Republican party is on display in California. Why is this a bad thing? One party rule is not good for democracy. Not at all. There needs to be principled opposition in every government. You cannot have "checks and balances" when all those involved agree on the same things. A dictatorship of The Party is no less a threat than the dictatorship of one person.

Friday, November 02, 2018

Narrative Smashed

If a narrative falls down in a forest and nobody is there to witness it, does it matter?

NY Times:

If anti-Semitism bypasses consideration as a serious problem in New York, it is to some extent because it refuses to conform to an easy narrative with a single ideological enemy. During the past 22 months, not one person caught or identified as the aggressor in an anti-Semitic hate crime has been associated with a far right-wing group, Mark Molinari, commanding officer of the police department’s Hate Crimes Task Force, told me.
Say what?
If anti-Semitism bypasses consideration as a serious problem in New York, it is to some extent because it refuses to conform to an easy narrative with a single ideological enemy. During the past 22 months, not one person caught or identified as the aggressor in an anti-Semitic hate crime has been associated with a far right-wing group, Mark Molinari, commanding officer of the police department’s Hate Crimes Task Force, told me.
Well, every talking head left of Fox News told me that Trump, the Alt-Right, The Proud Boys and White Nationalists, were the biggest threat to, well, everybody since Hitler trimmed his mustache. Say, Did you see this rather, important, news on the telly?

Of course, not everyone is caught. And, obviously, white supremacists are driving anti-Semitic rhetoric online. It is just that sort of hate speech that the Anti-Defamation League views as largely responsible for the near doubling in bias incidents toward Jewish children in schools across the country last year.
Wait...wait.... if white supremacists are not among the caught or at least identified, then why are they the focus of "anti-Semitic rhetoric online"? One would think that you'd want to worry about whoever else? No?

In fact, it is the varied backgrounds of people who commit hate crimes in the city that make combating and talking about anti-Semitism in New York much harder.
Because then you'd have to admit that perhaps the biggest threat to Jews in NYC are not white supremacists. Narrative Go Boom!

But did it make a sound?

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Who Does This Help

Found at in the comments section of an excellent article by CJ Hopkins


Itis: forming names of inflammatory diseases.
Yesterday Trump threw the birthright gauntlet down, no doubt in response to the pending invasion, that's what it is, headed to the US's southern border. One does not need a military to "invade" a space. In fact the common refrain about someone 'invading one's personal space" is probably the easiest way to understand this. In order to understand the importance of this issue we need to understand where it came from.

Understand that the US is one of two countries that has "birthright citizenship". Every other country requires that either at least one parent (sometimes only the male) to be a citizen or requires both parents to be citizens. In some countries entire racial groups are explicitly denied citizenship. So generally speaking having the citizenship of the country you happened to drop out the womb in is extremely unusual.

So why does the US have birthright citizenship? The answer lies in the Civil War (The War Between States). One of the major issues of the Civil War was slavery. Slaves were considered the property of whomever owned them. Since property has no citizenship, slaves were not citizens of any state or of the Federal body. Upon emancipation, you had a literal stateless population. By 1865 a large proportion of Africans was no longer attached to any particular African state that they could be removed to. It also assumed that any African who WAS attached to a particular state wanted to return. This was a part of the debate at that time about "repatriating" Africans to Africa and the set up of Liberia. This is outside the scope of this entry though.

So what to do with these stateless persons who could not be removed? Grant citizenship to them. Hence the 14th Amendment which reads:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
The "born" portion covered all previously enslaved Africans since they had been born in the US (note that a good proportion of Africans at that time were NOT born in America). Emancipated Africans were subject to the jurisdiction of the US just as they were when they were legal property.

There was no, zip, zero intention of this law applying to Native Americans who were considered members of their respective Nations. There was zip, zero intentions of this law applying to persons not in the country legally. Previous legal cases testing this have been those who had been granted some sort of permission to enter.

Today it is fashionable to say that opposition to birthright citizenship is a "White supremacist" talking point. The fact show that generally speaking, even at the height of the Jim Crow era, it wasn't much discussed. Why? Because prior to VERY recently, the US government kept a lid on immigration, both legal and illegal. It was common for both Democrats and Republicans to speak in favor or deportation. Of limiting the growth of immigrant populations. People who arrived at Ellis Island were regularly denied entry. It was understood, across the spectrum that no foreigner had any rights to enter the country without permission from the proper representative authorities.

Now that Democrats, as demonstrated in the previously posted video, want to use immigration as an electoral weapon against their political enemies, they support the idea of foreign nationals being able to use birthright citizenship to change the electoral map. Democrats in some locations want to dispense with the privileges of citizenship altogether.

So the question comes down to whether foreign nationals who were not granted permission to enter the US qualify as "born in the US and subject to the jurisdiction thereof"? I've seen legal arguments that they do not because foreign nationals who are in the US illegally are not "subject to the jurisdiction thereof". That a foreign national who enters without permission is no different, legally speaking as someone who is at the border. That is, they are not legally present in the US, therefore, the "birth" is not "legally" in the US.

I propose a better way to evaluate this situation. In a nod to the gun control people, I'll call it the "common sense" approach.

If a person enters your home without your permission are they automatically regarded as the same as the lease or mortgage holder? I don't know any jurisdiction that would say "yes" to that.

If that person then had a baby in your house that they entered without your permission would that baby now be considered "one of the family" with both baby and parents holding legal rights to inhabit your house? I don't know any jurisdiction that would answer "yes" to that.

This is the exact same argument. the US is the house of the citizens. Foreign nationals enter with our, the citizen's permission. Failing to get that permission does not entitle you to the rights extended to those who were given permission.

And this doesn't include recognition of the birth tourism that is clearly fraudulent means of getting citizenship. Most recently in Queens NY a Chinese birth tourism ring was busted. There is no doubt that the 14th Amendment was ever intended for that.

So Trump's proposed "end" to birthright citizenship may or may not be on shaky constitutional grounds. Certainly no executive order can undo a constitutional amendment. Certainly the lawyers advising Trump (They ARE doing that right?) know this. However; if there is a legal foundation that the 14th never meant to cover foreign nationals who have illegally entered the country. Then the executive order becomes like Obama's DACA. it's not LAW and it doesn't contradict the letter of the law but it is surely right up there on the line and subject to reversal by any other executive order.

Monday, October 29, 2018

How Much Democrats Changed On Immigration

From Praeger U

The October Surprise

This is the followup to the About Those "Bombs" posting.

As expected, the not only have none of the devices failed to detonate. The person who mailed them (who should never have been given the media attention he is now getting) declared that he didn't mean to harm anyone. Indeed, a cursory glance at the evidence shows this to be the case. In particular the device sent to DeNiro was delivered two days before the retired NYPD officer called in the bomb squad. If that was the case, when was the timer set to go off? It has been many days and we still have not been told when the "bombs" were supposed to detonate. If it had a timer or alarm, this would be known. Secondly we have not been informed of what the explosive material was. Hence it is irresponsible to refer to these devices as bombs. Yes we had a "bomb scare" but we had no bombs.

Since these devices were not intended to actually harm their targets then they could only be thought of as intended to invoke fear in the targets. Isn't it odd that a person who claims that he supports Trump, to the extent that he plastered his van with multiple images of Trump and Pence, would then go and do something so spectacularly stupid? As stated earlier, this event did and does nothing to help Trump or any other Republican. It DOES provide evidence for the continued narrative of crazed, violent Trump supporters.

But then we had the shooting in Pittsburgh, PA. Here had a person who like many of the supposed white nationalists out there, did not support Trump and who had a dislike of Jews. Feeling that his people were under attack, he decided less than two weeks ahead of the mid-term elections to make his way to a Synagogue and shoot it up.

Two separate incidences of political and "racially" motivated crimes that happen prior to a mid-term election. Talk about an October surprise! Personally I'm suspicious. Nothing these two individuals did could not have waited until after the elections. But then again, that supposes that these individuals were really *thinking*.

But shortly after there was a twist I did not see coming.

The PA shooter had an account on Gab. There he, like many others said his things about Jews. Now, as of this writing, numerous internet companies have no-platformed the company. Strange isn't it? A white male who thinks that Jews have "control over the media and the like" shoots up a synagogue and an array of companies come out and act together to destroy a company simply because the shooter expressed himself there. Way to go providing evidence of "Jewish Power". When BLM member/sympathizer shot up police, nobody went after Facebook which has and had plenty of people calling for police murder. No one called for a shut down of Twitter over the multiple accounts calling for the killing of police and white people in general. If hosting content calling for murders of a race of people, is a no-platforming offense why is Facebook and Twitter even in existence? Do some peoples lives matter more than others? Do some people get a pass on their murderous tirades while others don't? Who and why?

There was recently an election in Brazil. The alleged "far right" candidate won. One of the commentaries I was hearing prior to the election was that many Brazilians were getting their info (and I'm sure, mis-info) from Gab sources. This was because Twitter and Facebook (and no doubt others) were busy de-platforming, censoring and otherwise meddling in the election in Brazil. Hence Gab has been seen as a "credible" threat to the information control exercised by Twitter and Facebook and thee media giants that use it to determine The Narrative(s)

I'm not saying that the "powers that be" knew about the shooting in advance and wanted to use this as a means of shutting down Gab, but I would be surprised if it was NOT the case that shortly after the event, it was seen as the perfect pretense to use the "Constitutional Censor".

But back to the actual events. I'll say this again: The government needs to deal with the political violence. When the Charlottesville police refused to do their duty and allow the Unite The Right Rally to proceed without interference and refused to arrest and prosecute those who assaulted people, they not only contributed to the death of Heather, but they let it be known that political violence was OK so long as it was the "right kind of violence".

When media outlets like the NYT seriously debate whether it's OK to punch a Nazi, you have a serious problem. "Nazi" grew to be Trump supporter. That grew to be Republican. That grew into any white person. Recently in Oregon we had Anti-fa take over a street and assault a man with North Carolina plates because he was trying to go somewhere. The police and authorities did NOTHING. In NYC Anti-fa vandalized a building and sent a note threatening bodily harm to persons who would attend a private meeting. That is *THE* definition of terrorism. Yet the governor of NY blamed the targets of terrorist threats simply because he disagreed with their supposed speech. None of us have heard the speech so we have no idea what exactly was objectionable about it.

And that's the thing now. People can be shut down, threatened and indeed physically assaulted simply for having alleged opinions that are allegedly disagreeable. Brent Kavanaugh was called a rapist for nearly two weeks by all the national media, even though there was zero evidence of any such behavior. Why? He was a conservative [white] male. How is any of this acceptable?

Right now there is a low level civil war going on. It stays low level so long as people think there is a non-violent means to a resolution (and that there is a resolution that allows for staying a single polity). If [more] people think that violence is how they get their way, synagogue shootings and bomb scares will be the least of our worries.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

About Those "Bombs"

I don't pretend to know more about the actual facts on the ground in regards to the devices sent to various left persons. What transpires here is mostly educated speculation on the matter.

First it seems highly likely that these devices are in fact fakes. They were never meant to explode or harm the alleged target. It does seem to be a literal terrorist incident much like Anti-fa's vandalism and threatening letter to the Republican club in NY. We will know whether the items were in fact explosives soon enough. Either the relevant agencies will have a press conference in which they tell us what kind of explosive was in the device along with either a demo of the destructive force it would have when exploded; OR there will be radio silence. You should take radio silence as an admission that these were fakes. There is also a chance that the relevant agencies will tell us that they are fake (if they are). I have seen commentary online by alleged experts in bombs who say that these devices are clearly fake because:

1) Pipe bombs don't have wires at both ends.

2) The "Alarm clock" was an LCD bedside clock available from Amazon and has no alarm function.

I cannot verify either one of these statements so take them with grains of salt.

What is important here is to think of who benefits. Lets first go with it's a Trump/Republican supporter who has been riled up by Trump's commentary on the media and Democrats and therefore decided to "do his part" (assuming it's a he). Let's do a pro and con analysis:

Pro: What does he gain? Media attention. Ego gratification. Perhaps some kudos from random internet people. That's all. Cons: He certainly has not eliminated any "enemies" from the field. He hasn't changed any minds. He has given the MSM a talking point to blame Trump for "the environment". Politically it doesn't do much to help Trump or Republicans. This will be particularly true if he is found out prior to the elections.

Now let's assume that this is a false flag perpetrated by a leftist, though not necessarily a Democrat:

Pros: By framing the event as an attack by "far right" and "Trump supporters" (often synonymous in MSM), He manages to push forward the prevailing MSM narrative of violent fascists vs. innocent put-upon liberals. Indeed the head of CNN already went there. Schumer et-al already rejected Trump's condemnation of the devices. Every left-wing media outlet has discussed how Trump's "attacks on media" are the cause of the "environment" and "climate". This will work to motivate left-leaning persons to [further] support Democratic candidates.

Cons: The only real con to this is like the other prospect. Being found out prior to the election would be a devastating blow to Democrats. Not because Democrats are behind the apparent hoax. But because it would be clear to the public that isn't necessarily supportive of Trump that the far left is increasingly out of control and supported by Democrats. It would be the Kavanagh Bump on steroids.

Also it is likely that if the person is discovered after the elections, Trump would be handed a hammer with which to [continue] to hammer the MSM and various politicians.

That said, I believe that if the person does NOT turn out to be a Trump supporter or Republican, that the event will quickly be memory holed with an adjusted narrative which removes the event but keeps up the chatter about "climate". As what happened with Congressman Scalise and Rand Paul

Again, this is speculation based on the current limited information. [update 4:13PM] The NYT is reporting as follows:

The packages have shared the same traits: a manila envelope containing a 1-inch-by-6-inch length of PVC pipe filled with powder believed to be a pyrotechnic substance and packed with shrapnel. The pipes were also equipped with a small battery, a digital clock as a timer and an initiator, which causes the bomb to explode, a law enforcement official said.
"Powder believed to be a pyrotechnic substance".

I think by this time we would know whether it was a pyrotechnic substance. The device found this morning was transported to a secure location. It doesn't take long to determine if the powder was explosive or not.

But Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York said on Thursday that the devices were functional explosives.

“They are bombs capable of detonation. That has been established,” Mr. Cuomo told CNN. “Was that purposeful or incidental? Was it a poorly constructed bomb?”

Sorry but Governor Cuomo has shown himself to be a liar. His commentary regarding Anti-fa's recent behavior shows he is given to political machinations. The governor is not an explosives expert and neither am I. I will take the word of actual experts over Cuomo any day of the week.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

More Inconvenient Charts

So the other day investigations into Elizabeth Warren's DNA produced a chart in which there was apparently a way to see the allegedly non-existent different races. Today's chart is the average ACT scores from 1996 on.

That black bar at the bottom...the one that has been at the bottom for the last 20 odd years? Black average results. Asians, once again, reign supreme. Clearly, the results have been manipulated to make black people look bad.

Monday, October 15, 2018

There Is No Race...?

There is no race, except when we need to identify Elizabeth Warren as a Native American. In such cases we find that we can find "African" and "European" genes.

If there is "no such thing as biological race" then how did this highly distinguished geneticist managed to isolate chromosomes by "race"? That should be totally impossible. And think that's ONE [1] chromosome. Who knows what could be found on the other 22.

And what is this thing called "admixed individuals"? I thought one drop meant you were fully "not white"?

This is sooooooo confusing!

New Adventures in One Drop Rule Land

From the NY Daily News:
Sen. Elizabeth Warren – ridiculed by President Trump with the nickname “Pocahontas” – released a DNA test Monday showing “strong evidence” of Native American heritage dating back six to 10 generations.
"Six to 10 " eh? So what does that come out to?
The largest segment involving Native American ancestry was located on chromosome 10 and is “clearly distinct” from Warren’s European ancestry...

The segment size suggests “an unadmixed Native American ancestor in the pedigree at approximately 8 generations before the sample, although the actual number could be somewhat lower or higher,” Bustamante wrote.

So let's see. 8 generations:

1) Mom= 1/2
2) Grandmom: 1/4
3) Great-grandmom: 1/8
4) Great-Great-Grandmom: 1/16
4) 2nd great-grandparents: 1/32
5) 3rd great-grandparents: 1/64
6) 4th great-grandparents:1/128
7) 5th great-grandparents:1/256

So at a minimum, we're talking 1/256 part Native American.

Going to the 9th place or 7th great-grandparent we are at 1/1024th Native American.

If we're going to call someone "Native American" because they have 1/1024th Native American genes, then I suggest that all white people take gene tests and if anything comes back as non-white, they start asking for reparations, Affirmative Action quotas, small business loans and apply for whatever scholarship they now "qualify" for.

I'm pretty certain that the first white person not named Rachel, who attempts to claim "black" due to 1/1024th black ancestry will be laughed out of court.