Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Continuing on our expose on negroes and their white enablers who believe in the church of the Super White Man(tm) and the No Agency Negroe(tm) here's another Counterpunch article

First let me address this phenomenon which is white folks (liberals mainly) who are using black folks for their own political ends

Some on the left are viewing the Ferguson uprising as the (the) long awaited American Spring in which resistance to the routine murder of black youth becomes the wedge cracking open the (a) system revealing itself to be rotten to the core.
This explains the frequent sightings of white faces in the protests in Ferguson as well as the eventual hostility to those persons expressed by the people who live in Ferguson who were having none of that.
It may become that. What happened to Michael Brown was all too typical and while his life was cut short by real bullets, so too does an entire generation see its prospects figuratively murdered as Wall Street consigns it to a future of permanent debt slavery abetted by militarized police forces crushing any attempts at mobilizing in opposition to it.
All too typical? What part? The shooting or who did the shooting? And bullets do not have agency. Bullets are set off by someone. This is typical blame-the-inanimate-object thinking that is in fact "too typical" of thinking [sic] in certain quarters.

While the issue of debt slavery and militarized police forces is indeed a valid point, here it is irrelevant. The incident here involved a single police officer, responding to a call, a single handgun and an alleged scuffle. Beware folks who come in and start yapping about the "bigger picture". They often don't care about the people or places they swooped into. Anyway, here's the meat:

Reverend Al Sharpton who, according to Cooper, presided over the Brown funeral by

“stick(ing) to safe truths, convenient ones, about the problem of militarized policing, particularly in black communities. Sharpton chose not to be a prophetic voice for the people of Ferguson but rather to do the work that the Obama administration sent him to do. That work entailed the placating of the people by ostensibly affirming their sense of injustice, while disaffirming their right to a kind of righteous rage in the face of such injustice.”

Well first of all, anyone paying attention saw that Sharpton quickly changed his tune when Obama got elected. It will be interesting to see when (if?) he gets put down and tossed out once Obama has left office; particularly if he (and others) are unable to mobilize black folks to vote for the next [non-black] Democratic nominee .

But again, the issue in Ferguson wasn't militarized police. That was made into an issue by outsiders. The folks in Ferguson were/are mad about what they consider the killing of an innocent person by a white police officer. There really isn't a reason for him to discuss anything else.

More troubling was Sharpton’s appearance at the funeral for Eric Garner the day before where, according to Byron York in the Washington Examiner, pro forma criticisms of the NYPD functioned as an introduction to hectoring his audience with the “bootstraps” line associated with Bill Cosby and Sharpton’s increasingly close confident President Obama.

“We’ve got to be straight up in our community, too,” he said. “We have to be outraged at a 9-year-old girl killed in Chicago. We have got to be outraged by our disrespect for each other, our disregard for each other, our killing and shooting and running around gun-toting each other, so that they’re justified in trying to come at us because some of us act like the definition of blackness is how low you can go.”

Ahh yes, folks were MAD at Cosby. Not because he said much wrong (I think his discussions of names was out of order) but because it was picked up by the media and "made black people look bad" by "seeming racist". We covered the whole "seem to be racist" angle already.

But here's the thing though, the quote from Sharpton wasn't not factual. Why would anyone be upset by the truth? It's one thing for Obama to take Father's day as an opportunity to shit on fathers in general and black fathers in particular. That's just an inappropriate time for that. But according to the author there is no time where these things can be discussed.

Many in the audience were “enraged, among them Eddie S. Glaude Jr., professor of religion and African-American studies at Princeton who “found the middle part of the eulogy profoundly disturbing.”
I'm confused here. Is Princeton's religion professor "profoundly disturbed" by the fact that we have a outsized problem with violent crime or that it was mentioned? I'm a sane person and therefore I am "profoundly disturbed" by the levels of violence in our communities and not by the fact that it is mentioned in someone's speech.

Lastly let me address this:

Ferguson, a relic of Jim Crown in its apartheid white governance of a black majority is a distraction from this reality.
This is a total whitewash of the history of Ferguson. Ferguson used to be 90+% white up until about 1970. It is only recently that it became a majority black area (64+%). The white governance of Ferguson is in fact caused by two things:

1) The historical fact that Ferguson was once almost entirely white.

2) That black Ferguson residents fail to show up at the polls to vote for assumed black candidates.

Given the latter, not a single person can blame the Super White Man(tm) for the failure to act by black folks. If black folks in Ferguson were intent on controlling the government ALL they have to do is run. The demographics would almost guarantee a change in demographics. Is expecting black folks to vote for their own representatives racist? Is that disparate impact? Or is it the same thing we expect of any other group?

Of course what these people are suggesting is that once the town tipped to a majority black area, the white folks should have just up and resigned and abandoned office. You know what? That would have been fun to watch.