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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Possible Shooting Audio

The NY Daily News is running a report based on CNN's unconfirmed and unverified report of audio of the shooting in Ferguson.

If you listen to the audio you hear 7 shots and then another 4 for a total of 11 (the lawyer says she hears 11 as well).

This can cut two ways in this case since we know that Brown was hit 6 times. This means 5 shots missed and are lodged somewhere down the street.

1) In Brown's "favor" it could mean that officer Wilson shot at him while he was rushing the officer (confirmed by witness accounts) but that Wilson, possibly mad, shot Brown in the second round of 4, one of which hit Brown in the head. That would be a retaliator action on the part of Wilson and could get him put on the hook for manslaughter or murder since it has been concluded that the shot to the head was the kill shot. If a jury deems that the last set of shots were unnecessary then they could choose to indict Wilson.

2) In Wilson's favor the shots could back up his story that Brown rushed him. It is a known strategy to shoot "center mass" to stop an oncoming combatant and then to shoot for the head should the body shots fail to halt the threat. He could claim, if it gets to court (he does not get to testify at the grand jury) that the first set of shots failed to stop Brown and that he shot again to "end the threat". The audio would support this argument since we know Brown was shot 6 times and that the last volley consisted of 4 shots. That means that if he hit with all of the last 4, he only hit twice with the first set. It would also make sense because we know that the kill shot was the head shot.

Had the head shot been in the first set or even the first shot, Brown could not have been shot again, in the front because he was face down. So the head shot would have had to occurred last or in the last set since his forward momentum would have, unlike hollywood movies, sent him forward.