Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

For Example.....

Since I'm talking about Super White Man(tm) Syndrome, here's a fine example:
Do you even understand the legacy of slavery in America? How can black people who were given their freedom in 1863 complain after all these years that they have been given a raw deal? Consider visiting a public school in an inner city and tell me what you see. Isn’t the public school system in much of the United States in shambles because you refuse to adequately fund it? Quality education—quality anything—does not come cheaply. A hundred and fifty years of inferior education for black people (and other minorities) in the United States is bound to have its consequences.
Lets pause here first.

"Given their freedom." To whom is given, can be taken. But anyway, since we were "given", then we were/are in the inferior position and the "giver" is in the superior position. Definitively, the giver of "freedom" is the superior to the one whom it is given. Who is the "giver"? Super White Man(tm). He who giveth.

Ahh the public school system. Yes it is unequally funded. That is definitely true. I've argued for equitable funding, moving away from the property tax system. But lets be serious. It does not take modern amenities to learn math. Science labs will suffer, but sciences can be taught without any modern amenities whatsoever. And behavior issues? Nothing at all to do with the state of the schools. And what "other minorities" is this person talking about? Chinese? Japanese? Indian? Cause last I checked those "minorities" are doing quite well in school (and elsewhere).

But these black people, you say, have cell phones, TVs, computers, automobiles, so how can the issue be one of inequality? True, they have those consumer goods in part because you have convinced them that they need to have them. But all along the road—segregation, voting rights, economic parity and education—the system you have built in our unequal capitalistic society has been filled with bumps and road blocks and dead ends designed not only to guarantee any sense of equality but—worse—dignity.
They (being black folks)....because "You" (White folks) convinced them...


Super White Man(tm) syndrome in full effect. See, Black folks cannot think for themselves. They cannot critically analyze the messages being sent to them. Black people are so gullible and impressionable, like children, that white people can convince them to do dumb shit like spend all their money on consumer goods (IF that is true).

This Super White Man(tm) syndrome is so clear that I don't understand how supposedly "non racist" people do not realize it when they write the above nonsense. And why can't they (black folks) get ahead? Is it because they cannot think? Is it because they cannot say to themselves "you know what? I don't need this huge ass TV. I don't need to purchase this vehicle, etc? Nope. Super White Man(tm) has so much power that he has made it impossible for black people to think and act in their own interests. And Super White Man(tm) has put obstacles in the way.

Like in Ferguson where Super White Man(tm) had the audacity to have local elections on odd years instead of even years. Everybody knows that black folks cannot vote in odd years. It's a great conspiracy to keep black voters away from the polls so that white folks can continue to rule Ferguson.

No seriously. This was an argument put forth last week to explain why Ferguson is run by white folks.

Super White Man(tm) caused black folks to take out loans for houses they couldn't afford. So it is Super White Man's fault that black folks found themselves losing their homes. Apparently I'm immune to the effects of Super White Man 'cause I figured out that real estate was bloated. And I went to public school! Shocking!!

Can we please kill off this cancer of Super White Man(tm)?