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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Governor Nixon: Out Of Order!

At time index 3:24 Governor Wilson did something NO sitting official should do. Ever. Called for the "vigorous" prosecution of an American citizen who, under the US Constitution, is considered innocent until proven guilty.

It is not the place of the Governor to tell the judicial branch of government who should be and not be prosecuted. It is the job of the DA or county prosecutor (or whomever is legally given the responsibility in these matters) to look at the available evidence and determine if the evidence warrants a prosecution. By declaring that Wilson must be prosecuted, the governor has declared that Wilson is guilty. The Governor is not in any position to make such a determination. Anyone concerned with the rule of law should be just as alarmed by this action as they are about the militarized local police.

The same people who were concerned about extra judicial killings of American citizens overseas should be concerned about this.

Whether you believe officer Wilson or the statements of the Brown family you should NOT, EVER support the idea of prosecuting someone because a higher official says so but rather as the LAW DEMANDS: a finding that, based on the evidence, it is more likely than not a crime has been committed. That is the legal requirement.

Governor Nixon, you are out of order!