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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Kanye West Compares Paparazzi to Civil Rights Movement

From The Guardian UK
“[Celebrities], as a group of minorities here in LA … have to band together to influence guys like this – guys trying to take the picture, guys trying to get the big win, guys trying to get the cheque,” West said in his deposition. After the rapper made a comment about sit-ins in the 1960s, he was asked whether he was equating his own paparazzi problems to the struggles of African-American civil rights campaigners. “Yes, 100%,” West is quoted as replying. “I equate it to discrimination. I equate it to inequalities.”
Seriously. He said this.
Earlier in the interview, Goldberg, who is white, started quoting a line from West’s song, Flashing Lights: “I got flashed by the paparazzi/ Damn, these niggas got me.” West interrupted there, telling Goldberg “to ask for a … pass” before using the N-word. “You can’t just say [that] word around me,” West said. “It offends me because you’re a white person saying ‘nigga’.”

And wait...wait....

he tells the lawyer. “I’m the smartest celebrity you’ve ever fucking dealt with,” he warned him.
Smartest you say? Look Mr. Smartest Celebrity ever. You are a capitalist trying to make money. Paparazzi are capitalists trying to make money. You are a public figure. People have a right to photograph public figures in public places. There are no civil rights at hand here. The only thing at hand is harassment. That's a legal issue. Harassment by Paparazzi isn't a civil rights issue. You're not employed by them and they are not the government.

Oh yeah and the inequality? That would be the net worth.

Smartest celebrity ever.