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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dear Money Mayweather

I saw that you dropped 50 large in a strip club in Miami. I'm not one to tell a man who has far far far more money than I do what he can and cannot do with his earnings. And I can certainly appreciate a man who appreciates the female of the species. I don't engage in strip clubs but I'm not gonna tell any other man or woman where they can and cannot spend their time. However I'd like to take the time out to suggest a few things that you can do with your hard earned money. I paid to see you fight. I haven't paid to see any boxing match until then. I'll not review the fight but I saw the preview videos that featured your history. I saw how you came up in Grand Rapids Michigan. The drug dealing your dad did. The heroin addiction your mom faced. But you faced these, and no doubt other challenges and went to the top. I'm certain you know that not everyone from Grand Rapids or other poor neighborhoods will see such success. You know that only a very few get to play on the professional level of any sport. The odds are long and the slots few. And here we come to the point of this letter.

Now that you have retired from your profession, no doubt you are thinking about your legacy. Yes you have the belts, the cars, the houses and the money. But you're not even at your half life. I don't see you as a man who would be content to sit back and collect dust as people move on to newer and fresher people. How do you avoid this? Become the man who spends his money on institutions rather than the biggest booty in Miami.

The Mayweather Athletic University

This is institution building idea number one. Since you are known as an athlete par-excellence, it would make a lot of sense for you to build a school in Grand Rapids (I was actually thinking Detroit but location is not the biggest deal). Here you would train athletes in a variety of sports. Imagine the next title holder having come through The Mayweather Athletic University? The next Football hall of famer. The next baseball star. The brand spanking new African-American Tour De France team. You see where I'm going with this? You recruit the best in the various fields to teach at your school. Think of the employment opportunities from the lowest to the highest positions. And I'm not talking about some non-profit bullshit either. That's our, black folks, problem. You understand this. I KNOW you understand this.

That's not all. I know you love your cars. I love my cars. I cannot spend anything near what you do on them, but I do what I do. Now instead of [just] spending money on your super cars,how about

The Mayweather School Of Automotive Engineering

Again, located in Grand Rapids (or Detroit), your school could train the next generation of automotive engineers. It could train for all levels. Those who simply want to repair cars would have programs for them. Those who wish to learn to build and fabricate would have programs for them. Those that want to make the next computer interfaces or even create the next electric vehicle could do that there.

Now I have no idea how much these things cost to do. However YOU have The Money Team so I'm certain you could get it done.So this is my proposal. Again, I'm not judging a man for wanting to show his appreciation for Miami's bootifullest. Nor do I wish to knock a man for appreciating fine cars and such. But I'd also like to see Mayweather in the news flaunting his institutions rather than just his assets (depreciating and otherwise). -The Ghost

Beasts of No Nation

Do yourself a favor and watch this movie. If you teach a class, this is good material for discussing child soldiers and charismatic African style leadership.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Jim Goad Defends Trayvon Martin

Unlike many of my peers, I keep a nice look out on alt-right websites. Unafraid of seeing the various "colorful" references to black folk and with the testicular fortitude to glide past other insults that lesser intellects would fold under. Due to this I get access to data that is overlooked by other outlets and persons with very well documented arguments. That said, like every group, many on the alt-right have their own issues with hubris and herd following. One case in particular is that of Trayvon Martin. Just about every person I've read on alt-right circles has accepted the "fact" that Zimmerman was acting in self defense as the "thug" Martin was stalking and then assaulting and trying to kill him. When evidence to the contrary, that is, the known facts of the case, are shown to completely contradict their line of thinking. Every alt-right person I have seen has either given me the "well the jury decided" statement or simply ignored the evidence. Today on TakiMag Jim Goad showed just how blind those on the alt-right are to the facts of the Martin case simply because Trayvon is black. I'm going to intersperse his article with my discussion of the Martin case.


Last Tuesday night I was walking down a poorly lit Brooklyn street en route to meet a friend for dinner when suddenly I noticed a black male strolling alongside me.
The Ghost:
The trial showed that Trayvon was on his cell phone talking to his friend Rachel. We know that while on that phone call Trayvon indicated that Zimmerman was following him and that Zimmerman came across as creepy.
Both Goad and Martin were walking along the street, minding their own business when a suspicious person made themselves apparent to them.


A block later, I tried crossing the street merely to shake him. He stayed glued to my side. After another whole block, I stopped, looked him straight in the eyes, and said, “What’s going on here? Why are you following me?”
The Ghost:
I have said to many people that if one EVER thinks one is being followed that one should NOT go to one's home. Why would you lead a potential killer to your place of residence? The police say that Trayvon was hiding behind a sign (and/ore bushes) when he finally confronted Zimmerman. In terms of self-defense Trayvon's hiding makes perfect sense...

Looking at it from Trayvon's perspective, as we should, he sees a person following him in a car. He tries to shake the person by hiding and that person leaves their car to follow him on foot. To Trayvon this is potentially life or death situation which has escalated from a person in a car to a person on foot. . He doesn't know Zimmerman. What reason does Trayvon have to believe that the stranger who is following him means him no harm? None!

We know from the testimony presented during trial that Trayvon ran away from Zimmerman. Hence the "these 'punks' always get away.." commentary. Similarly Jim Goad, feeling threatened by the black guy ghosting him tried to escape. You'll note that Goad and Trayvon thought the same thing and tried to do the same thing: Get away from the creepy guy who they felt threatened by. Difference? Martin is black.

We should also note that it was reported that Trayvon asked Zimmerman "why are you following me?" Goad does the same. We can see that Goad and Martin were thinking the same way in regards to the threat.


He stopped along with me. His glazed eyes looked straight into mine. He didn’t say a word. He only nodded in the affirmative, even though I hadn’t asked him a yes-or-no question.
The Ghost:
Since we have no video or eyewitness at this point, I have to make assumptions. I think Trayvon probably said BOTH things. I think that Zimmerman flashed his gun while demanding of Trayvon to explain "what he was doing here". I cannot prove it but given his behavior after the trial, we can surely believe that Zimmerman is the type to have brandished his weapon.
As I said in my post, my commentary as to whether Zimmerman flashed his gun or otherwise made it visible is pure conjecture. The point being that I believe that whatever Zimmerman did when confronted by Martin, it did not make Martin feel any safer. Just like Goad's "ghost".


I kept him in my visual periphery and breathed deeply as I remembered all the joint locks and leg sweeps I’d learned in martial-arts classes. At one point I reached inside my denim jacket to pantomime that I was concealing a gun, then I pulled my hand out quickly when I realized that if he actually was toting a pistol, I might have been signing my death warrant by reaching for a gun that wasn’t there.
Now I've read all kinds of commentary on Amren, Taki, Vdare, SBPDL, etc. that Martin's "mixed martial arts" head banging was proof that Martin was a thug hell bent on killing Zimmerman, just because he was white. Yet here we have Jim Goad, going over martial arts moves that he could employ on the person he feels threatened by. Furthermore he actually started to act in a manner that suggested he had a weapon. How is Trayvon Martin who not only thought of defending his life from a threat but actually tried to, a thug and Jim Goad NOT A THUG for seriously considering the same actions??


White male privilege in 2015 means that if I get into any altercation with someone who isn’t white or male, I am presumed guilty. It’s happened to me with women. And with anti-racist skinheads. And with a black dude who tried breaking into my car. In each case, I was not the instigator, only the one who fought back. But being unapologetically white and male worked against me in every case.
Sorry to burst your pity party Goad, but white male privilege in 2015 and 2014 means that you can act in self-interest against a threat and nobody will call you a thug. But a 16 year old kid being stalked by a man with a gun is simply because he is black. If Jim Goad doesn't like being assumed to be the instigator, then he can START by looking at his story and comparing it to Trayvon Martin. After that he can get around to advocating that the person walking down the street minding his or her own business, who is stalked by someone who presents themselves as a threat, that the person minding their business should be afforded the benefit of the doubt regardless of his race. I won't hold my breath on that though. Why? Because most of these alt-right types are so busy being mad about the stuff happening to them they cannot even see when an injustice is done to someone else who's not one of them.

And for those who are reading and saying that Goad didn't try to kill his would be "soft mugger". That is true. It was a stroke of luck that Goad didn't have a gun. Imagine that he had pulled a gun and the "soft mugger" turned out to be a "hard mugger" and killed self defense? The mugger's argument would have been that he was walking along the street when Goad pulled a gun and tried to shoot him. Dead Goad wouldn't be able to say otherwise. And there would be no witnesses to say otherwise.

What if Goad had decided to try those martial arts moves, lost and ended up dead? Same deal. "Soft mugger" would have said the same thing. He was walking down the street and this guy assaulted him. Dead Goad can say nothing to counter that. No witnesses to say otherwise. But we know Goad is the "good guy" because not only did he not make it physical (because by his own admission he was too scared to do so) but the"soft mugger" never escalated the situation. Goad lived to tell his story. Trayvon didn't. Lucky Goad.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Yes, Black On Black Crime is "A Thing"

A couple of days I ago I ran across this piece on a Black Lives Matter (sic) movement gathering in which the following was said by a Patrisse Cullors in which she made the claim:

Cullors also asserted, “Black-on-black crime is a myth.” She called comments on the phenomenon a “distraction” and “an unnecessary debate,” then encouraged the audience that when a conversation goes in that direction to “shut it down.”
I am still in shock that someone who claims to value black lives would be so cavalier about black on black crime, which most certainly exists. but go so far as to say that the phenomenon is a "distraction". I would agree that it is an "unneccessary debate" in that no one who is informed on the subject would be debating the topic. It exists and the only debate needed is how best to address it. And I'm following in the tradition of Amos Wilson, our ancestor who literally wrote the book on the subject. I know these black lives matter people don't read but I suggest that anyone reading this do themselves a favor and read the book. Now lets move on to the definitive post on black on black crime.

The Source Of The Confusion

Why is it that there are so many people who believe that "black on black crime" doesn't exist? It's because the term "black on black crime" is admittedly a poor choice of words to describe the actual situation and lends itself to confusion. Here's why: As anyone who studies crime statistics can tell you, in general violent crime happens between people of the same race. Generally. And because of this fact, most people jump to the easy conclusion that there is no difference in rates of black and white crimes. That conclusion is false.

The Real Deal

Why is this false? Well we have to keep a number of things in mind. Black people only make up 13 % of the US population. All things being equal you would expect that black crime (particularly violent crime) would be in proportion to the population. It is not. Not by a long shot.

Back in 2005 I wrote a piece in response to Bill Bennett's comments on aborting black babies in order to reduce crime:

White males are represented by 717 male inmates per 100,000 white males. In 1988 the white/black population ratio was 6.44. If we assume this number to still be accurate then our hypothetical white male population would be 128,800,000 people. Doing the math we did for the black population, we would get another 923,496 inmates. If we put these numbers together we get close to the total prison population of the US as of June 2005 (2,131,180). What immediately jumps out is that following Bennett’s logic, if we aborted every white baby, we would see the same drop in crime, since eliminating all white babies or all black babies would produce, mathematically, the same drop in inmates, and the crimes they committed. [note: My apologies to Lashawn Barber. She was right on this subject and I was wrong (and being emotional) ]
The important part is that blacks make up nearly 50% of the prison population yet are only 13% of the total US population. Whenever you have half of your crimes done by less than 15% of your population, you have a population with serious issues.

Furthermore when we look at the leading causes of death we see a similarly disturbing reality:

For black males, Homicide is the second leading cause of death for 10-14 year olds.

10 to 14 years of age.

Homicide is the number one cause of death of African-American males between the age of 15 -34.

15 to 34.


White males between the ages of 15 and 19 have homicide as the number 3 cause of death (compared to number one for black males)

White males between the ages of 20 -24 have homicide as the number 3 cause of death (compared to number one for black males).

White males between the ages of 25 and 34 have homicide as the number 5 cause of death (compared to number one for black males).

This data shows that unlike white folks, black males have a far higher chance of being killed. Don't take my word for it. Take the NYPD's word for it:

Murder and non-negligent manslaughter

Ummm does ANYTHING at ALL stand out to you?

Blacks are 62% of those arrested for murder and whites are 3%. Not only are blacks committing more crimes in NYC, but they are over an order of magnitude (times 2) more than whites. But there IS NO BLACK ON BLACK CRIME PROBLEM!

And since so many black women are into feminism...


Clearly the white frat boys are not the problem they are being made out to be. And notice this:

Though whites are 17% of rape victims they are only 5% of those arrested for rape. So exactly who is doing the other 12% of rapes on white people (mostly thought not exclusively women)?


Felonious Assault

Translation: If you are assaulted it is MOST likely you will be black. It will also be likely that the person assaulting you is black. In both cases if that person is not "black" it's someone named Gonzalez, Ramirez, or some other "ez" or "es". Remember though, this isn't REALLY happening.

Grand Larceny

If you get robbed in NY. You're likely white. The perp is probably black or hispanic (and may be both at the same time. It happens). And lastly:

Shooting Incidents

Do you notice those huge long bars for Black? Victim, Suspect and Arrestee?

Lets look at this chart carefully. In NYC, 75% of the shooting crimes are committed by black persons. Seventy. Five. Percent.

Whites are 1.7% of the shooting victims. Yet are arrested 1.1% of the time. That means almost one half of white shooting deaths were caused by non whites. Blacks are 23% of the population of NYC. Males are about half that. so about 12% of the city's population is likely responsible for half the white shooting deaths.

I don't need to go on because the dataspeaks for itself. Black on Black crime is a real thing. We, those who actually care about black folks, have known this for a long time. Those persons who are claiming that this epidemic in our communities not only doesn't exist but isn't worth "debate" are either ignorant of the facts or have an ulterior motive. Because of the actions of these people, there have been more dead black people in places like Baltimore than at any time since the 1990s. These people most metaphorically have blood on their hands.

It's time for these white media organizations like Huffington Post, Atlantic, Salon, etc. to be held accountable for allowing their mediums to be used to spread outright lies about black people. It's time they stopped giving platforms to black folks who only know sound bites and catch phrases. It's time for universities to stop giving jobs and opportunities to folks who's ideologies and works have lead to actual deaths in black communities. It is time for black media outlets like TheRoot, Ebony, Essence, etc to be called to account for using their platforms to allow for falsehoods.

Monday, October 12, 2015

What's Good For The Rockers Isn't For The Bakers

And so I see that another "Rock n' Rolla" is bothered by Trump's use of his music (though he says it's about copyright, so I assume it's about how much he wishes to be paid). Lets look at what they say:
Tyler has sent Trump a cease-and-desist letter, saying that the use of the song “gives a false impression that he is connected with or endorses Mr. Trump’s presidential bid,” AP reported.

It’s the second warning coming from Tyler: at the end of August, after a rally in Mobile, Alabama, he asked Trump not to use the song. However, the Republican presidential candidate and real estate tycoon ignored the warning.

You get that? By using Tyler's previously recorded music at his rally, Trump is "implying that Tyler endorses or is connected with the campaign". Never mind that Tyler was not asked to personally attend any of the campaign events. Nor was Tyler asked to personally perform at any campaign event. Nor was Tyler asked to write and record a song for the Trump Campaign. No. The Trump campaign simply downloaded the music from whatever third party and played it at their event (likely in violation of public broadcast rules). That Tyler's music was played at a Trump event is no more of an endorsement of Trump than Tyler's music being played during a crime means he endorses criminal behavior. If anything it is an endorsement of Tyler by Trump and/or his campaign.

The point being that the important thing is that Tyler claims that by the mere use of music he created at some long ago time, he is deemed to have endorsed the event and persons.

n mid-June Neil Young, a supporter of the left in US politics, demanded that the mogul’s presidential campaign stop using his song “Rockin’ in the Free World.”

Last month, R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe had some harsh words for Trump when his campaign used the band’s song “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine).” Stipe called it “a moronic charade of a campaign” on his ex-bandmate’s Twitter account...

R.E.M. issued an official statement on Facebook, saying that they “do not authorize or condone the use of [their] music at this political event, and do ask that these candidates cease and desist from doing so.”

Here again we see the Stipe using the idea that since they do not endorse or condone of the behavior and or philosophy of the Trump campaign, the Trump campaign must cease and desist from using the music. In other words, Stipe feels that he can deny service to a customer based on that customer's behavior and ideology.

Now The Ghost agrees with Stipe and Tyler in that they should not have to associate and be associated with any organization or person(s) that they personally object to. Furthermore I agree that they should not have to furnish a product or service to an organization or person(s) to which they personally object to. Of course that also means that the bakers ALSO have the right to not associate themselves with persons, organizations or gatherings they object to. But since the Baker's have no such right, even under what should be a recognized constitutional right of free exercise of religion, then neither Tyler nor Stipe should have ANY SAY whatsoever as to what group decides to play their music at their functions so long as those customers pay the proper royalties for public broadcasts or entertainment as such rules apply. If it's good for the rockers then it's good for the bakers.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bernie Sanders Stoops to Insulting Citizens for Latino votes

Bernie Sanders in Arizona:
“Today’s undocumented workers play an extraordinarily important role in our economy. Without these workers it is likely that our agricultural system would collapse. Undocumented workers are doing the hardest work in this country, they’re harvesting our crops, building our homes, cooking our meals and caring for our kids. They are part of the fabric of this country.”
Because crops cannot be grown and harvested with legal workers. Because Americans cannot and do not want to do construction work. Because Americans cannot and will not cook for a fair wage. Because Americans cannot and will not do child care for a fair wage. And Brittany Cooper Come Out Against Black Fathers and Families

One of my reasons for ending my support for this thing called Feminism, was the blatant anti-straight male ideology that regularly appeared in statements by people who otherwise were against people being anti-anything. It was particularly sad to see black women embracing these ideas, particularly since they should know better. You hear all the time that feminists are not against stay at home moms nor "traditional" families. yet you'll consistently see attacks on stay at home moms and against traditional families. Here's the latest example:
American families are changing, and we should celebrate the fact that the two-parent, nuclear family ideal has gone the way of the floppy disk.
For those who are too young to remember, much less use a floppy disk the 5.25 actual "floppy" type or the 3.5 hard plastic covered type. What she is saying is that the nuclear family of a man, woman and their biologically related child(ren) has been thrown into the dustbin of history. Not only is it obsolete, but it is altogether absent except in historical areas.

This is prima facie proof that feminists, including black feminists hate on the black nuclear family. It is proof that they are a danger to the greater black community and should be denounced and removed from serious black society.

There is research that shows that children, regardless of race do better when they live with both of their biological parents (follow the linked citations). And note that these studies do not focus on race. So either Brittany Cooper doesn't know this information or chooses to ignore it and hope's the people she seeks to mislead don't find it.

It is also the case that statistically speaking black women who at least live with a black man (assumed to be gainfully employed) have a 31x times more wealth than single women

Knowing this, why does Brittany Cooper and write material that supports lifestyles that are damaging to black people? Let me propose an answer: hates men, most specifically, straight white men who are masculine. Black feminists hate men as well and have a special bone to pick with black men. Why?

In the case of, white feminists having been "blessed" with a very comfortable life based of the inventions, hard work and safe societies made by white men have done what most people who are the recipients of things they didn't make, they resent them. Not having to "get their hands dirty" dealing with building and maintaining civilizations, they get to talk about what society must give them. On top of this is the guilt from slavery and colonialism that paralyzes a large portion of white society when confronted with obvious bullshit that feminists dish out.

For black women feminists, I believe they have a deep subconscious loathing of black men in general. I cam to understand this when I read Soul On Ice. When Cleaver discusses being stopped by a police officer while in the presence of a black woman he was "seeing". The officer did whatever he did that disrespected Cleaver and he said that he saw the look in the woman's eye that she no longer saw him as "a man" and started being disrespectful of him.

I think that black women, in general, see the world they live in, particularly in The West, and see that black men in general, have shit to do with it. Black men are entertainers and that is all. We run created and run, CREATED AND RUN, none of the large businesses of any kind. We are the most unemployed this side of a reservation. We have the most criminal element ANYWHERE on the planet. Seriously. Whether it be Europe, China, Africa or America, wherever we are, we fuck up with the law at way higher rates than other people.

Increasingly smart black women come to understand that they can "make that money" and therefore live a certain lifestyle by NOT entangling themselves with a black man and more and more of them are doing so and becoming single parents voluntarily. A dude can be had for some penis when necessary. That's that new preferred means of doing things. Not that "floppy disk" means. And so, generally speaking, Black feminist women see black men as useful for entertainment and impregnation. The government provides the "security" in the form of WIC, Section 8, Mandatory sick leave, Earned income tax credits, free pre-K, School breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. In short, everything that a black husband would be expected to provide can be provided at a minimal level by the government, rendering the black male irrelevant except for breeding and entertainment (and perhaps protection depending on geography).

If the above is correct (I have no proof one way or the other) then it readily explains why a black women who is supposedly concerned about the livelihood of black people would be so happy to see the man, woman, child family structure go the way of the floppy, because Black men are irrelevant, at "home" and out of it..

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Exactly What Do People Think The Enslaved Africans Were Doing?

I thought that it was a joke but it wasn't:
Where does geography meet history? A schoolbook book calling African slaves “workers” in pages titled Patterns of Immigration was discovered by a concerned mother in Texas. After she exposed the gaffe on Facebook, the publisher found itself in hot water
Gaffe? What gaffe? What do you think the purpose of transporting Africans to the New World was for? Vacationing? Touring? Here's the original text:
“The Atlantic Slave Trade between the 1500s and 1800s brought millions of workers from Africa to the southern United States to work on agricultural plantations,” the book says.
And the problem?
“…we conducted a close review of the content and agree that our language in that caption did not adequately convey that Africans were both forced into migration and to labor against their will as slaves.” McGraw Hill Education said in the post.
What? What part of "The Atlantic Slave Trade" doesn't the reader understand? Clearly by saying "Atlantic Slave Trade" the Africans status was stated and why they were transported, To WORK the various cash crops, is also clear? What is there to be offended about?
Dean-Burren and many others on social media were especially angered by the implication that slaves were merely labor migrants who hadn’t been forced to come to the US to work on agricultural plantations.
Dean-Burren is an idiot who should have told as much. There is no implication that describing the why of enslavement, work, implies that slavery equals voluntary immigration. That is entirely in Dean-Burren's head.
Another passage points out that Europeans who came to the US as indentured servants worked for little or no pay. However, there were no similar comments on people coming from Africa.

“They say that about English and European people, but there is no mention of African immigrants working as slaves or being slaves. It just says that we were workers,” she said.

Get a clue. Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade" is THE ONLY comment needed to establish the status of enslaved Africans. No one of reasonable intelligence needs to have the word "slave" repeated in every reference to Africans in order to know the status of the the majority of Africans in the Americas at that time.

Can we please stop pandering to the perpetually offended and clueless people looking for attention?

Monday, October 05, 2015

Ben Carson: Neo Con

Most sane observers understand that it was a mistake for the US to arm so called "moderate rebels" in Syria. Most of these "moderate rebels" went on to pledge allegiance to ISIS while Christians in the country have been run out whenever they aren't killed. So here comes Carson:
Carson stated, “What we, I don’t think, should do, is back down from Putin, right now. We need to make him aware of the fact that we’re not going to alter our flight patterns. We’re not be restricted by anything that he says, same thing with ground, air we will — I would establish a no-fly zone along the Turkish border, because we don’t want the forces to be in juxtaposition, because that will increase the possibility of an international incident. And I would be talking to Putin, and he needs to understand that if he continues with this activity, we’re going to use all the facilities that we have available to us, including financial facilities, to inflict pain on him.”
This commentary makes as much sense as Carson's explanation of evolution.
“I do not want to allow Vladimir Putin to expand his influence. That’s been his goal for quite some time now. He was very disappointed with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and its tremendous influence worldwide. We cannot contribute to his ability to re-gain that.”
"Allow"? Now Putin has said himself that the dissolution of the Soviet Union was something that he found to be very bad but having influence in the world would be a bad thing? After what Bush and Obama have done to the Middle East? You know what keeps a bully in check, knowing there's another mofo just as bad as him also roaming the halls who likes to take sides of the people the bully likes to pick on.
He continued, “we need to have a global strategy, and it needs not only be in Syria, we need to be talking about the Baltic basin. We need to be talking about all of Eastern Europe. We need to be challenging him there. We need more than one armored brigade there — more than two armored brigades. e need to have a missile defense system re-established, which he was horrified when it was there before. Let’s get in his face a little bit.
Yo! Why not re-establish the Star Wars program from Reagan!!? Really though. One of the reasons for Russia being as assertive as it is now is because we keep expanding east via NATO and putting offensive weapons on his borders on some "We need missiles right here on your border to protect Europe from missiles from Iran." And we think Putin is dumb enough, like some other leaders to go "Oh why didn't you just say so!!? Please do!"

I don't know who's giving Carson geo-political advice but it certainly isn't the likes of Pat Buchanan

Sunday, October 04, 2015

French Euro MP Sidelined After France is a 'White Race' Remark

The quote:
Morano, a former minister with a reputation for gaffes and unguarded Twitter comments, said in a television interview on Saturday that: “We are a Jewish-Christian country... of white race, which takes in foreigners.”
I'm not at all sure about the "Jewish" part but my knowledge of geography and history says the "white race" part is absolutely correct. Is France banishing it's own history?

I don't understand how this is even controversial. Would anyone say that claiming that Japan is an Asian country that takes in [very very very few] foreigners is incorrect? What about China? Look, The Ghost is not a hypocrite. If it's not racist, and lets be clear, this is what the drama is about, to say that Japan is an Asian country then it cannot be racist to say France is a country of [a] White race. I have asked the question before: Aren't the native (or first) inhabitants of Europe allowed to have their own countries just like everyone else?

W. Carson Byrd and Matthew W. Hughey: Two Idiots In A Tree

It is an unfortunate fact that the vast majority of so called "Pro-Black" people have less knowledge about biology than Ben Carson has about evolution. With recent revelations of various "black" and "Pan-African" studies departments being "pass mills" for not to high IQ athletes, you'd think these professors would be wary to broadcast their ignorance in public. You would think. Unfortunately one Carson Byrd and Matthew W. Hugley don't. Before we get into it lets look at their bios:
W. Carson Byrd is assistant professor of Pan-African Studies at the University of Louisville. Matthew W. Hughey is associate professor of sociology at the University of Connecticut.
I have pointed out repeatedly that sociologists generally have no business expounding on genetics. If they wish to discuss the social phenomenon of race such as the One Drop Rule, they should have at it. But if they want to discuss heredity, they need to defer to experts in that field. Now on to the offending text:
This month, Jennifer Cramblett lost her “wrongful birth” lawsuit, which centered on a troubling ideology that has been creeping into mainstream discussions in ways not seen in decades. Cramblett claimed that the sperm used to inseminate her came from the wrong donor, leading to a biracial child, which she had not wanted. Her lawsuit claimed that this mix-up in the lab caused her and her family personal injuries of various kinds.

This lawsuit was shadowed by a troubling logic: the idea that race is a biological reality with particular traits and behaviors that can be avoided through proper breeding practices. In doing so, Cramblett’s claims echoed arguments made in a darker era of global history of “scientific” racism.

Someone please tell these idiots how sexual reproduction works. Race is in fact a biological reality. The social concept of race is an entirely separate concept often divorced from the science of heredity. The One Drop Rule is a social concept that has no basis in sound science: it holds that black = non white. Whereas in well known science there are pure breeds and there are hybrids. I won't go into it here because I have addressed this at length.

Of course since the authors are wholly unqualified to discuss the biology, they fall back on the entirely irrelevant subject of social issues. Even there they fall down. For example:

But alongside that genetic understanding, an old and pernicious assumption has crept back into the American conversation, in which aptitudes are supposedly inherited by race: certain peoples are thought to have rhythm, or intellect, or speed or charm.
I have certainly NOT read of any studies, STUDIES, that have claimed that charm is highest is any particular race. I'd like to see any STUDIES if they exist. However, as anyone who watches the olympics will tell you, black folks be hella fast. When was the last time a Caucasian won any of the short distance (100 meters, and 200 meters) races? And what group of people regularly win them? Hint: They are descendants of West Africans. And when we look at the distance runners (5K and up) when was the last time that a non-East African won? It is clear that something about East Africans allow them to dominate the long distance races and something about the descendants of West Africans allow them to dominate short distance races. If it were simply technique, Europeans should be cleaning up like they do in field events. Say, Why don't Asians dominate at all?

Why do the Atlantic descendants of the Maafa do so well and not Nigerians and Ghanians (though these two groups end up representing their former colonial masters: England)? Though I do not believe any research has been done on the matter, I believe that the slave trade acted as a bottleneck. Those who could not only survive the hellish journey across the Atlantic but also survive the conditions of plantations without the benefit of modern medicine and nutrition, weeded out a lot of genes. So you have a founder effect. One of these effects would be, again in my opinion, the ability to retain water via high salt toleration. This would be beneficial in a plantation environment but is very, very unsuited for urban sedentary living.

The authors try to dispel the "speed" and slavery argument with:

For instance, in the wake of the 2012 Olympics, nearly one-third of the news articles that evoked race, genetics and athletics posited that African American and West Indian sprinters are fastest because they descend from testosterone-heavy ancestors who survived the brutal conditions of transatlantic slave trade—a belief that found resonance and widespread acceptance in a BBC-produced documentary entitled, “Survival of the Fastest.” But there is no gene or allele for “speed,” and no direct link between testosterone and speed (while sprinters may have high testosterone, not all high-testosterone people can sprint).
Here's the thing though: No one, no one serious anyway, will claim that there is a single gene responsible for speed. And those who think so do not understand the science. A lot of things have to come together. One has to have very efficient fast twitch muscles. In addition one must have a heart able to pump enough blood to feed those muscles. That's a whole bunch of genes right there. One also must have an efficient means of exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide (respiration). One must have numerous and very efficient mitochondria (inherited from mother only). Since must have an ability to deal with lactate conditions. I haven't even finished and anyone with a clue would realize that these items will involve hundreds if not thousands of genes. Furthermore, like intelligence there is a bell curve of sprint ability. Most people generally cluster towards the middle (slow. Ha!) and very, very few people fall into the far right. Since the olympics pulls athletes from the top 1% (or less) it is a showcase of the best of the best of the best of the best. And without any doubt Africans, particularly those descended from west Africans in America are the fastest of the fast.

Seems to me that these fellows simply do not understand the research they are reading. Not surprised though. Lets take another example:

Consider a recent paper that argues that ethnic conflict throughout history is a result of genetic diversity among communities. The authors argue that genetic diversity is the dominant force behind conflict among groups. It pushes religious communities into battle, causes distrust among neighbors and dictates support for problematic social policies. Such an argument places the history and future of human conflict in genes, as if human interaction and environmental influences cannot match their power.
But the paper they reference makes no such claim:
This research establishes that the emergence, prevalence, recurrence, and severity of intrastate conflicts in the modern era reflect the long shadow of prehistory. Exploiting variations across national populations, it demonstrates that genetic diversity, as determined predominantly during the exodus of humans from Africa tens of thousands of years ago, has contributed significantly to the frequency, incidence, and onset of both overall and ethnic civil conflict over the last half-century, accounting for a large set of geographical and institutional correlates of conflict, as well as measures of economic development. Furthermore, the analysis establishes the significant contribution of genetic diversity to the intensity of social unrest and to the incidence of intragroup factional conflict. These findings arguably reflect the contribution of genetic diversity to the degree of fractionalization and polarization across ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups in the national population; the adverse influence of genetic diversity on interpersonal trust and cooperation; the contribution of genetic diversity to divergence in preferences for public goods and redistributive policies; and the potential impact of genetic diversity on economic inequality within a society.
See the important words "contributed significantly" and "significant contribution" and "contribution" and "potential impact". Also see "preferences", "ethnic", "linguistic" among other signifiers that the authors are not saying "it's only the genes" but that genes, as with everything else, have a place in the outcomes.

I could go on but it should be clear to the reader that the authors really do not understand the studies they are [supposedly] reading or like many of their ilk, never bothered to actually read the studies they referenced. I know one thing, they have not a clue about the genetics of reproduction. Here's my suggestion for "Pan-African" studies departments everywhere: Lets science the shit out of this department and get rid of these folks who don't know what they are speaking of and making these department look like basket cases.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

The Case Against CAIR

Lets be very clear about the case against CAIR in regards to Carson. First directly from the IRS:
To be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, an organization must be organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3), and none of its earnings may inure to any private shareholder or individual. In addition, it may not be an action organization, i.e., it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.
An "action organization" as defined by the IRS:
Political activities and legislative activities (commonly referred to as lobbying) are two different things and are subject to two different sets of rules and have different consequences of exceeding the limitations. The rules applied in a given situation depend on several issues:

The type of tax-exempt organization (different rules apply to private foundations than to other section 501(c)(3) organizations),
The type of activity (political or lobbying) at issue, and
The scope or amount of the activity conducted.

CAIR says:
Government Affairs CAIR's government affairs department conducts and organizes lobbying efforts on issues related to Islam and Muslims. The department monitors legislation and government activities and responds on behalf of the American Muslim community. CAIR representatives have testified before Congress and have sponsored a number of activities designed to bring Muslim concerns to Capitol Hill.
However CAIR is NOT a registered 527 organization. From it's own website:
© CAIR Foundation is a 501(c)(3) under federal tax guidelines. TAX ID: 77-0646756
So since CAIR is not a 527 it falls under the "cannot participate in any endorsement or activity against any political candidate. What CAIR said in regards to Carson:
In an interview Monday morning on "CNN Newsroom," a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) argued that Carson is willfully ignoring Article VI of the Constitution, which states there will be “no religious test” for a candidate seeking public office.

“If an individual clearly doesn’t abide by or care about the Constitution, I think that’s a disqualifier in terms of running for the nation’s highest office,” said Ibrahim Hooper. “So we’re calling for [Ben Carson] to withdraw from the race.”

The underlined is where CAIR crossed the line into " may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates."

I would add that it is a possibility that it's statement that it organizes lobbying efforts may also constitute a violation of 501c3 exemption requirements. Particularly:

it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities
Since CAIR states outright that lobbying is a part of their core vision, mission and principles One would have to ask how "substantial" these lobbying efforts are. Since they are willing to blatantly violate the "against political candidate" requirement, I say everything else is fair game for an investigation and their tax exempt status should be revoked for a period of time (I'd say until the end of the 2016 presidential election since that is the election they illegally tried to influence).

Friday, October 02, 2015

War With Russia?

The US has overplayed it's cold war victory and is possibly about to receive a big check in Syria. There are too many people in the US govt who are still in the old mode of thinking and are spoiling for a "final conflict" with Russia just like many Black Lives Matter supporters think it's still 1965. Neither parties realize the times and situations have changed.

Russia has decided it will defend it's allies just as the US has claimed the "right" to do. Russia has said that it too can play the international intervention game. It has bombed so called "Syrian rebels" allied with the US. In doing so it has made a direct poke at the US. If they are in fact "allies" of the US then the US is obligated to defend them. Failure to do so would be a clear abandonment. I know it. Putin knows it and Obama knows it.

The fault here lies entirely at Obama's feet, with is red lines and interference in [and possible instigation] a civil war in the sovereign state of Syria, which, I will remind the reader, had no Taliban, ISIS, ISIL, or Al-Qaeda presence.

Understand that Russia is acting fully within international law while the US is not and the UN is playing the usual low price ho to the US and western Europe. The other low price hoes hanging around, the media, are playing their part in trying their best to misinform the public in regards to the situation in Syria. Carly Fiorina was dumb enough to say that the US should make a "no fly zone" over the Syrian traitors (rebels) in order to protect them from government forces. We all know what this would mean. This would elevate the conflict in such a way that should Russia, with it's documented permission from Syria to defend that country from border to border were to go into the "no-fly zone" there would be a direct conflict between the US and Russia. Do you want that?

If the US backed rebels are given no support then the US loses entire face and Obama will be known as the president that lost to Russia (again). Even though this move would be ego defeating it is the BEST short and long term solution. The US should have never gotten involved in Syria. Had it gotten involved it should have been on the side of Assad because a strong and stable Assad regime means NO ISIS. No training camps, etc. Which is a high national security priority.

These are interesting times.

Oregon Shooter Makes Obvious Case Against Giving Him Attention

The Oregon shooter wrote:
"Seems like the more people you kill, the more you're in the limelight".
Exactly why the media should not be giving this guy air time. The primary reason why people go on rampages like this is to [finally] get the attention they think they have been denied in life.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Carson Goes After CAIR

As evidenced by my previous writings, I don't care for Carson's positions on the big bang theory or evolution, but today's news has me behind Carson:
CAIR has “brazenly violated IRS rules” as a tax-exempt organization, which are prohibited from intervening “in a political campaign on behalf of—or in opposition to—a candidate,” Carson alleged.

“Under the Obama administration, the IRS has systematically targeted conservative nonprofit groups for politically motivated audits and harassment,” Dr. Carson, one of the frontrunners for the Republican nomination for President, said in a statement on his website. “The agency should now properly do its job and punish the real violators of America’s laws and regulations.”

In addition I think CAIR should be made to register as an agent of a foreign government(s).