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Sunday, February 28, 2016

UN "Piece" Keeping

This is not the first report of this kind of behavior and certainly will not be the last.
the neighborhood is a patchwork of low-slung buildings scorched and looted at the height of the civil war, a place where the United Nations was supposed to come to the rescue. But in a number of homes, women and girls are raising babies they say are the children of U.N. troops who abused or exploited them.

“Peacekeeper babies,” the United Nations calls such infants.

“A horrible thing,” says an elfin 14-year-old girl, who describes how a Burundian soldier dragged her into his barracks and raped her, leaving her pregnant with the baby boy she now cradles uncomfortably.

Wanted to comment on this:
The Washington Post interviewed seven women and girls who described contact with peacekeepers that violated U.N. regulations against sexual exploitation and abuse. Five of them said they exchanged sex for food or money — sometimes as little as $4 — while their country was rocked by civil war and families were going hungry.
We might think that $4 is "little" but in those countries 4 US dollars is a big deal. For example, as of this writing $4 is 3712.00 Congolese Francs, 2401.34 CA CFA Francs, 246.17 Haitian Gourds and 485.68 Jamaican Dollars.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dr. Perry Whines Some More, Takes Her Ball Home. For Now

Since the video produced by the Princeton PD has been released showing how deferential the police were when dealing with her, Dr. Perry has tried to avoid the criticism she has received from many corners of the net and media. Unable to refute the critics and unwilling to be self-critical and take responsibility for her own choices, Perry has decided to write what she deems to be the final chapter on the matter. Lets examine it.
. I wasn’t a no show! I’d called and asked to postpone the meeting Although I honestly can’t be certain that this information was communicated to me correctly, it felt like yet another effort to discredit me.
So let me understand. Here we have a person with a PhD. Who teaches at an Ivy League university who is "not certain" as to whether she communicated effectively in regards to if and when she would follow up on a complaint of misconduct against a police officer?

Exactly how hard is it to communicate that you cannot meet on such and such a date therefore how about we meet on such and such date and time? How hard is that? People make appointments all. The. Time. This is not hard. either you scheduled an appointment or you didn't. Full stop. This is hard for a Ivy League PhD professor?

I shared several tweets about my experience being arrested last week. The arresting officer told me he was arresting me for a three year old parking ticket. I am an African American female professor at Princeton. As a result, the episode soon spiraled into a media event, which I attempted to avoid engaging at every turn. So I wrote a public statement rather than accepting the countless requests for
No, no and no. Perry was arrested because there was a warrant out for her arrest that was the result of her NOT PAYING a parking ticket. She was also driving on a suspended license as a result of NOT PAYING a parking ticket. And because Ms. Phd teaching at an ivy League university is not broke (as far as we know), she can't claim that she didn't pay because she couldn't afford it. She simply did not feel that the law applies to her.

Secondly SHE brought attention to her arrest by announcing it on social media. All she had to do was pay her ticket and go about her business with a lightened wallet. But nooooo, she played the race and gender cards. She talked about how scared she was and the usual symps went for it.

I do not believe municipalities should generate revenue by using the police power to arrest. Taxes and fines should not be executed through physical coercion. As the justice department challenges Ferguson, Missouri to cease such practices-- ones that create modern day debtors prisons in poor communities-- it is worthwhile to raise questions about the practice generally, including in affluent suburbs.
Well it's nice that Dr. Perry thinks this way. I don't think that highway tolls should be in place. I don't get to drive through tolls without consequences. And this is why I say Perry thinks the laws do not apply to her. And you see how she talks about Ferguson. Never mind that Perry is not poor. The parking ticket would have a negligible effect on her net worth. One may argue that the tickets used in Ferguson are a hardship on poor residents, but Perry is not poor. Pay your ticket miss.
I was terrified when I was pulled over, and then when I was arrested, because in this country police practices are racially discriminatory.
You know black people are paranoid about the wrong things. Could a police office in Princeton decide to kill Perry because she is black? Certainly. Was it remotely possible that such a thing would happen to Perry? Not even. In fact, as a black female she is only behind white women when it comes to risk of death. But see, when you live in the racial fantasy world that many of these educated negroes live in, you get shook over bullshit.
Moreover, over the past year and a half as a nation we have watched the footage of multiple deaths of unarmed African Americans at the hands of police officers.
And in almost ALL of the cases the African-American MEN, were either engaged in criminal behavior just prior to their death, were engaged in criminal behavior at the time of their deaths OR failed to follow lawful directions of a police office. Surely Dr. Perry has kept up with research and knows that the data shows this.

Did Perry intend to do what these MEN did? Apparently Perry decided to do as she was told and had no problems. Just like millions of people do all over the US.

The majority of the time there is no remedy for these deaths.
Because as the data shows, justifiable homicide.
This effectively grants police the authority to act with impunity. It may be hard to imagine for people who are not Black and/or Latinx, but this social reality produces terror for many of us when we encounter police officers, regardless of how they behave.
Well no, Akai Gurley, Oscar Grant (to an extent). The social reality is the fantasy bubble that encourages black people to be paranoid when engaging with the police. No one likes to have an unintended encounter with police, but 95% of the time there is no harm and how one is treated is directly related to how one acts.
While I disagree with a number of the statements made by the Princeton Police about what transpired,
Such as?
and the video footage that the police chose to share with the general public failed to show most of what I objected to,
That would be the handcuffs (standard op) and the search by a male officer, because as we know, men cannot search women because VAGINA.
. I am removing myself from all engagements that sustain that distraction. Additionally, the officers have emphasized that their actions were consistent with standard protocol. But I don’t disagree with them on that point. I never did.
Translation of first sentence: I don't want to answer for my bullshit so I'm going into hiding.

Translation of second sentence: The laws and rules shouldn't apply to me. Even if I'm treated equally I have a problem because I don't want equality I want exceptions for me and my kind.

My point is this: regardless of whether it is consistent with standard procedure and protocol, I should not have been handcuffed to a table for a parking ticket.
Wahhhhhhh! My feeeelz! And once again it was because Perry had an arrest warrant. For x amount of days after receiving the ticket Perry was free as a bird. No one would have arrested her. All she had to do was pay her ticket. When she FAILED to do so, then she was what we call "in contempt of court". You flip the bird to the court, the court sics the dogs on you. Simple. So she was arrested because she chose to not pay her shit. Period. Why doesn't she understand this is her own fault? And she was driving on a suspended license. People get arrested and their cars towed and impounded for stuff like that. Say, did they impound her vehicle?
Moreover, if it were five parking tickets I should not have been handcuffed to a table. A parking ticket is not an indication that a person poses a physical threat.
Again, here she is trying to tell other people how to do their jobs. You know, most of the time, people who are handcuffed to a table aren't a threat to themselves or others. Every so often though, someone flips out and the cuffs keeps them in line. Also because everyone wants equal treatment, it means that "non-threats" get the same treatment as threats so later on, a lawyer can't say "but your honor, they don't cuff everybody..." So just like we all gotta take off our shoes at the security theatre that is TSA, You get to get cuffed to a table. Next time pay your parking ticket.
The “pat down” for weapons that I experienced at the hands of a male officer also did not make sense as I did not pose a physical threat and I was not stopped on suspicion of posing a violent threat to anyone.
When anyone is arrested they are searched. Not only for weapons but for other contraband. See, some people don't pay tickets and the like because they simply do not care about the law. The police don't know you. But here we have Perry explaining why she should get [more] deferential treatment.
And here is the point that goes far beyond my story: Perhaps if police officers were not authorized and encouraged to arrest people for small violations then Eric Garner and Sandra Bland would still be alive.
A) Sandra Bland hanged herself. Her family didn't give a shit that she needed 500 dollars and left her in that jail over the weekend. Her mother is now shilling for Hillary Clinton, while the short memory fools don't even recall that SHE left HER DAUGHTER in jail over 5 hundred dollars.

B) Eric Garner was killed under a liberal administration looking to "protect the children". But more to the point, had Garner simply cooperated, he'd be alive. Garner knew what he was doing was illegal and decided to do it anyway. We know the saying: Do the crime, do the time. Man up when the police come for you for what you know you did.

It was once against the law for my ancestors to read, to own property, to sit in the front of the bus. Hence, rules must be evaluated as to whether they meet standards of justice. Warrants for parking tickets do not meet such standards.
Translation: The laws should not apply to me and other black people because slavery, Jim Crow and all that.
We have evidence that warrants for violations are issued across the country in racially discriminatory fashion.
Yeah yeah, but YOU were doing 20 MPH over the speed limit, with a suspended license and a warrant out for your arrest due to YOU not paying YOUR ticket. What does the alleged "racially discriminatory fashion" have to do with YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY?
Note: I have never said that in my case that there was necessarily racial bias at work. I could not possibly know whether that was at issue. But I do know that I belong to the racial group to which this happens more frequently than any other.
Well she did say:
"I was treated inappropriately and disproportionately. The fact of my blackness is not incidental to this matter.''
That last part is what we call "high falutin'" talk for "I was arrested 'cause I'm black."
Moreover, as a consequence of the attention my words received in the media I have been subject to hundreds upon hundreds of racial slurs, gender slurs, threats and insults on social media, by telephone, on conservative blogs, and via email.
I will say this, I too have seen many many racial slurs sent Dr. Perry's way. Not even surprised by it. Won't even defend it. I have seen gender slurs directed her way. I won't denounce all of them because Perry herself made gender an issue when she discussed the topic. If she's going to use "vagina logic", then you get the insults you have coming to you. I don't agree with any threats to Perry's person in any way and encourage her to report those persons to the proper authorities. But I want to make note that she noted "conservative blogs". It is a damning commentary that she did not note that she was critiqued by those on "liberal blogs." There is simply no excuse for liberals to back Perry on her complete abandonment of her own personal responsibility in this matter. To use herself and her self created situation as some kind of example of black victimhood should not go unchecked by her so called supporters. Perry is and was *dead wrong* on all points and the people in her circle need to tell her so. Publicly.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Professor Perry Doesn't Pay Her Ticket, Gets Arrested, Blames Racism

Dr. Imani Perry of Princeton University is a prime example of the problems that black folks make for themselves that they then blame white people for. Let's review: 1) Perry has PA plates but apparently lives in NJ. If you change residency you are supposed to change your license to the state that you currently live in. Now a LOT of people don't bother with that and Perry wasn't arrested for that, but she could have been ticketed.

2) Perry received a parking ticket some 1-3 years ago that she failed to pay. I've gotten tickets I didn't pay, and you know what happens? They send you a notice that your license has been suspended. They may even put a warrant out for your arrest for contempt of court/failure to pay. Either way, you get a notice. If you don't want a cop pulling you over, you hop to and pay your ticket. Now Dr. Perry works for Princeton University. She's making decent money and is driving a rather newish Acura SUV. So she cannot use the Ferguson excuse that she is broke unless she's very bad with her finances. Instead of owning up to the fact that she got a ticket and failed to pay it. Instead of owning up to the fact that she DID get a notice that her license was suspended and a warrant was issued for her arrest, she decided to blame the police for following the directions.

Now I watched the video of the arrest and that was perhaps the most accommodating arrest I have witnessed. Ever. The officer was practically apologizing for having to follow protocol. This is something that is unlikely to have been done had Perry NOT been black, female and employed at Princeton U. What did Perry have to say after so much accommodation?

‘Yesterday, on my way to work, I was arrested in Princeton Township for a single parking ticket three years ago,’ she said in the statement. ‘The police refused to allow me to make a call before my arrest, so that someone would know where I was.

‘There was a male and a female officer, but the male officer did the body search before cuffing me and putting me in the squad car. I was handcuffed to a table at the station.

‘At any rate, I was afraid. Many women who look like me have a much more frightening end to such arrests.

‘But the larger point is that I'm working to move from being shaken to renewing my commitment to the struggle against racism & carcerality.'

So much bullshit, so little time. Note how Perry is appalled that she is actually being held responsible for a parking ticket she got for not following the parking rules somewhere. Would it have been so hard to accept responsibility for getting the ticket and failing to pay it in a timely manner? Is this the kind of example she sets for her students?

Secondly the officer asked her more than once if she had anyone she could contact so that they could take possession of her vehicle. That was an invite to a phone call. She declined. Oh. The. Fuck. Well. After declining to contact anyone to "let them know where she is" she complains that she was not allowed to call anyone. Well guess what? You get a call AFTER reaching the jail. That's the legal standard. But I suppose Dr. Perry thinks that she should be excepted from the rules (see parking ticket).

As to the body search, that was done off camera so I cannot say whether it was done properly or not. I suppose that searching by the female officer could have been done, but had that officer been with a male partner or no partner she was going to get searched anyway. And how sexist is she to act like a man cannot search a woman with taking advantage.

As for being cuffed to a table, I suppose Dr.Perry finds "Jail" to lowbrow to watch but if she spent time away from her fantasy world she would know that this is standard procedure when someone is arrested. They do not want you to hurt yourself or others, and yes people are known to get quite violent when arrested.

Dr. Perry was "afraid". Awww....I suppose the idea of being held responsible for your failure to follow the law can be a frightening experience and normal people would say to themselves and others: "Next time I get a ticket, I'm paying that shit quick!" But Perry was scared. Awwwww. But look at her trolling for concern. Many women who look like her have what?

Look, women see the inside of a police station as an arrested person very infrequently relative to men. Black women who are as educated as Dr, Perry and who live and work in relatively upscale neighborhoods rarely if ever see the inside of a police station much less the backseat of a cruiser so Dr. Perry ought to lean off the melodrama. While we can agree that Sandra Bland ought not have been arrested (much less ticketed for making way for a police cruiser), her death was at her own hands and largely because like Dr. Perry, she failed to control her emotions about her situation.

In a larger sense Dr. Perry is damseling. It was the big bad white cop against little black female me. Why couldn't he leave me alone? I thought these liberal professors were against damseling? *shrug*

Lastly, if Dr. Perry is so much against racism and carcerality (an academic term which I'm chuckling about), she would have taken this event as an example of HOW not to let race fuck up your day. She could have used her platform to show that if you are not hostile with the police, they are likely to not be hostile to you even if they have to arrest you. She also could have explained to young black people that if they break the law, including getting parking tickets, that they should be responsible and pay them. And if they cannot afford the entire ticket to make arrangements with the court. She could advise black folks that when they ignore the consequences of their law breaking (such as license suspensions and arrest warrants) that it isn't racism, it's their own irresponsibility and they need to own that.

Had Dr. Perry done so, she would have done far more to fight racism and "carcerality" than her whining, complaining and lack of responsibility for her own actions. The sadder part about this is that she is shaping young minds and Princeton is lending their reputation to such irresponsibility.

Interesting chart

Just saw this chart while perusing the web. Assuming that it is correct then the argument that fatherless homes and single parenting are a major contributor to crime is wrong. Iceland, Sweden and Norway have very low crime rates. A good portion of their crime rates are the result of actions of non-natives.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Akai Gurley Gets Justice

The Brooklyn DA did what the Queens DA failed to do in the case of Sean Bell. This is a model for future prosecution of police misconduct and negligence.

I learned from the Sean Bell case that many of us, including me at the time, considered every homicide to be a murder. We did not understand that a homicide can be many things including murder but that murder requires criminal intent. Unlike the common citizen,a police officer takes an oath to uphold the law and apprehend those engaged in criminal activity. The very job description makes it very hard to prove criminal intent when a police officer kills someone in the line of duty or under the color of law. One of the few ways you can prove such intent would be to run a sting and catch a police officer stating in no uncertain terms that what he or she is doing is against the law and they simply do not care.

Since very few police are dumb enough to get caught making such a clear statement of criminal intent, it is next to impossible to convict a police officer of murder. This is why even though Isnora shot two clips into Guzman (which IMO showed intent) he could get away with the argument that he feared for his life and all that jazz.

Hence when you go after a police officer in court you hit him with a charge that only requires neglect or disregard for life, etc.

Manslaughter and/or criminally negligent homicide is when you don't have the intent to kill anyone but through one's actions someone is dead. Furthermore it is reasonable to believe that you should have known that the actions would have lead to the death of an individual. This is the charge that Liang was found guilty of and it fits. Let's understand why:

Liang, a rookie officer who was on stairs patrol, discharged his weapon in a stairwell that is used by residents and their guests, when he heard a sound. He was startled and pulled the trigger which his finger was already on.

“I heard something on my left side ... It startled me (then) the gun just went off,” Liang testified during the trial.
Firstly, as I've said many times, guns are inanimate objects, they do not "just go off". Liang is STILL not taking responsibility for pulling the trigger. Also as others have said: if this individual was so nervous about the job, he should not have been there. After the shooting, Liang and his partner argued about who would call the shooting in and failed to give first aid to Gurley as he lay bleeding to death.
Liang said he initially thought he’d accidentally fired his weapon but not hit anyone. He and Landau bickered over who should report the screwup, and Liang eventually called his sergeant’s cell phone — instead of reporting it over the radio, which is recorded.
This would be an attempt to cover up the shooting. Liang and his partner showed a reckless disregard for the lives of residents when they let this nervous rookie walk the darkened staircase with a nervous trigger finger. As someone who often uses stairs simply because I like the exercise, I could easily have been a victim of such disregard for public safety. I'm certain that the jurors (at least some of them) could see this as well.

At this point I'd like to point out that comparisons to Eric Garner are NOT appropriate. Garner, whether we like it or not, was engaged in behavior that under NY law would lead to arrest. While we can agree that he should not have been put in a choke hold AND that laws against selling "loosies" are of questionable value, Eric Garner was going to be arrested whether he wanted to or not because he broke the law. In the case of Gurley, there were no laws broken. There was no reason for him to have any contact with a police officer and ought never have met a bullet in the staircase. He was as innocent as you get.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Slowly They Wake

Reading Vincent Emmanuel's piece in Counterpunch entitled The Cures and Failure of Identity Politics reminded me of how I woke up to the growing cancer in left policies. I woke up to the issue of identity politics when Obama was running for office. By all merit based measures H. Clinton should have won the presidency. She had the experience that Obama lacked, whether you agreed with her or not. Obama, on strict merit shouldn't have made it past his first primary. Yet millions of people backed Obama because he was black. It was identity over experience. It was the logical conclusion of Race First ideology.

Now coming from a Garveyite such a comment on Race First as an ideology may sound strange. Indeed there is a time and place for Race First programs. There are also times and places where it does no good. Garveyism isn't about Race First as much as it is a nationalist ideology. Nationalism is not predicated on race. To run a nation you need rules and you need to enforce them. Hence Race First is really Race somewhere down the line when you REALLY think on it. Anyway in the liberal (I will no longer refer to any of them as "progressive") side, identity politics has become the religion above all religions. It's absurd notions that only those in a certain identity can speak about that identity or that certain identities, usually the most fringe of them are not only above critique but are to be favoured is starting to wear thin on those who are willing to examine.

I think we’ve all had enough of the bullshit: identity politics has been a curse to leftist movements in the U.S. for far too long. How could anyone argue otherwise?
Yes. Thanks. Welcome to 2006. At least for me anyway.
During the Obama years, leftists were chastised for their critiques, with many, including myself, being accused of racism. Racism, really? I’ve spent the last ten years of my life dedicated to progressive social movements, yet I’m a racist because I think that Barack Obama is an imperialist scumbag? Piss off…
I saw a lot of people who were anti-war and anti-imperialist suddenly become war apologists and imperialists as soon as Obama took office. In fact I was so disgusted by their clear hypocrisy on the matter that I no longer even deal with such persons. And of course we have the idea that one must be racist to disagree with Obama is patently false.
Today, the same is happening in the context of Hillary Clinton’s run for U.S. President. Any and all critiques of Hillary are deemed “sexist” by HRC’s bootlickers.
Because vagina of course.
The best part of the interview was Bertha’s statement that, “If you want to see a revolution, then elect a female president!” Indeed, Bertha may be right: under Thatcher, the U.K. underwent quite a revolution, although not the type of revolution leftists would like to see.
Yes, this is the trope that women can do no harm and that all things wrong in the world are the doing of men. Oh and of course the revolutionaries who don't even know the first thing about hand to hand combat but love to have the state (that they are revoluting against I suppose) use it's monopoly on violence to get what they want.
However, the Curse of Identity Politics isn’t relegated to the electoral sphere: I’ve been told by activists that the U.S. can’t pull out of Afghanistan because women will be treated worse.
Imperialism anyone?
And I’ve been told that because black and brown people overwhelmingly support Democrats, I too should support the “lesser of two evils.”
Black and brown people also kill at astronomical numbers, should he do that too?
When I sat on the board of directors of an national antiwar organization, we talked about meeting ethnic, racial and gender quotas as much as we talked about ending wars and militarism
Because this is what they are about. They are not building anything, they just want to do a numbers game. That is there thing and they aren't even good at math.
In fact, during one strategy retreat in Chicago, we started out each day by exploring what pronouns each of us would prefer to use. Yes, this is what modern activism, for some, has turned into.
Well when you don't have to worry about survival you can spend time on that kind of bullshit. Also when you are supporting bullshit like trans-genderism, you spend time on that kind of bullshit. See in the sane world there are "he" and "she" and persons with medical conditions (physical or mental).
Young women are tired of hearing about the first female U.S. President – they’re interested in policies that will actually help the vast majority of females in the U.S., not bourgeois feminism aimed at the dwindling white middle-class.
Let me translate this for race. Black people are waking up and will get tired of hearing about police brutality- they are interested in policies that will actually help the vast majority of black poor in the US who suffer from epidemic levels of crime. Not college educated wanna be revolutionaries who think anti-white is pro-black and is doing any good.
The real question is: how long are we going to play the identitarian game? In 2020, will we have to go through the same song and dance with a centrist Latino or LGBTQ candidate? I sure hope not.
As long as those in power are too weak to say "no" to these bully groups and deal with them forcefully.
I would argue that the more the identitarians try and play their identitarian games, the more they will lose support and standing in progressive communities
I agree 100%. What drove me to be hostile to feminism was the entire Black Male Privilege nonsense with the cherry on top being the total acceptance of "rape culture - teach men not to rape" bullshit. The more they do this the more people will leave. I'll see them on the other side of the court.
Already, young black activists with Black Lives Matter and various other community organizations are challenging the dominant liberal narrative that having people of color in powerful positions will automatically result in better conditions for people of color.
The BLM group is perhaps the most ill informed group among the identity set. That information has been known by actual black scholars and nationalists for a long ass time. This is what happens when you let the children take over.
As a result, my black activist friends are not interested in replacing a white police chief with a black police chief.
I'll go out on a limb and say his black friends are not all that informed. If they were they'd be concerned with why there needs to be a police chief in black neighborhoods at all. Once they figured that out, they'd be not very concerned with the police chief at all.
In many ways, the identitarians have already lost the ideological battle. After all, Latinos are being deported in record numbers, African Americans are worse off today than they were prior to Obama taking office, and women are facing unprecedented attacks from religious conservatives.
And here we see that Vincent has not fully come to understand the problem. He still has to think he's "progressive". See Latinos should be getting deported in record numbers, because Latinos have been entering the country illegally in record numbers. This is what a sovereign nation does: protect it's borders and looks out for the welfare of it's citizens.

I remember a YouTube video posted by some black guy back when Obama was first elected to office. In that video he said that he bets that black folks would be worse off after Obama than before. look, you can't have high levels of illegal (and legal) immigration and improved job prospects for black folks at the same time. You cannot have high levels of illegal and legal immigration and have improved political representation prospects at the same time. You cannot have high levels of illegal and legal immigration of non-English speakers and have increased funding for predominantly black schools. Thinking black folks know this.

And lastly exactly what "unprecedented attacks" have women had by religious conservatives is this guy talking about? Religious conservatives have lost major rights in the past 8 years. Being made to fund birth control they do not agree with. Made to cater weddings of gay couples when they have a moral objection to doing so. Being told by state agencies that they will be fined for calling a man a man and a woman a woman. Schools tossing the constitutional rights of males accused of sexual assault. These are unprecedented alright!

Vincent is beginning to see what is wrong with his chosen ideology but doesn't quite yet understand that it is the ideology that is the problem. Identity politics is but one of the fruits of this ideology. As of this writing vincent is like someone who doesn't like the taste of the apples but thinks it has nothing to do with the tree.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

The Problem With Implicit Bias

Social scientists have come up with a thing called "implicit bias". What it tries to show that you can predict behavior based on the biases of a subject. So if a subject says they think that everyone is the same, implicit bias will "reveal" that they actually don't think so and act in a manner consistent with that bias. This is similar to what we refer to as "revealed preferences".

In revealed preferences we look at what people actually do as opposed to what they say they will do or say the prefer. So for example liberals who claim to highly value diversity are often shown to actually live in very not diverse places. They say they believe in diverse schools, but when their children arrive, they quickly move to neighborhoods with very little diversity or diverse as in "lots of Asians".

But back to implicit bias. What the current SJW thinking [sic] tells us is that people act in accordance to their biases when in fact people often act in opposition to their biases, particularly when life and death are not in consideration.

The finding suggests that while white officers may have an “implicit bias” to associate blacks more quickly with danger, they hesitated longer to react, explained Lois James, lead researcher and assistant professor at the university's College of Nursing.

“That’s the driving message of our paper, implicit biases do not predict how people will behave,” James said.

There it is.

The Year Of The Monkey

Yesterday began the Chinese New Year which is the year of the Monkey. I guess that in some way this is a sign of how things have gone. What do I mean? Well lets start with this:
The Sacramento Kings basketball team had to cancel giving away Lunar New Year shirts celebrating the Year of the Monkey on Monday after a player noted the shirts could be deemed offensive during Black History month.
Could be deemed offensive? By whom? Imbeciles who are so ignorant that they are unaware of how the Chinese lunar calendar works and are so self centered that they think anything that is offensive in one context is racist in all contexts. But it's bad enough that this imbecile kicked up a fuss about something that wasn't racist n the least bit, but that the Sacramento Kings so called "leadership" caved to the imbecile.
'I walk into the building and DeMarcus Cousins calls me over to an animated discussion he's having with Kings operations people. He [asks] me, "Olskool, what you think about this T-shirt? Told him a little insensitive on first day of Black History Month." They pulled the shirts,' said Johnson on his Facebook page.
Who decided that this imbecile was the go to person on black issues? And how does black hypersensitivity trump thousands of years of Chinese culture?
'We all need a lesson in sensitivity,' Kings president Chris Granger said, according to the Sacramento Bee.
No, We need leadership willing to say "no" to self centered, self-important groups that make issues of things that are not issues.
In an effort to celebrate Chinese New Year, we had some concerns about the T-shirt giveaway, so we pulled them all before the doors opened. Certainly we don't want to offend anybody, and we acted as soon as we heard the concern,' he added. Johnson commended Cousins for pointing out the potential offense the shirts could have caused. 'Good move Kings. Year of Monkey Tees on 1st day of Black History Month not a good look. Thanks DeMarcus...,' Johnson tweeted along with a photos of the staff taking away the shirts.
This is a sad case of giving in to ridiculous claims. Anyone who would have been offended are stupid *cencored* who should have been ridiculed in all corners. Meanwhile in Chicago:
CHICAGO — The nation's third largest city recorded 51 homicides in January, the highest toll for the month since at least were also 2,900 shootings, 13% more than the year prior, according to police department records.
But, Year of the Monkey.

This highlights the problem. The real deal issues affecting black folks are given little to no attention by the leadership. When attention is paid to the real deal issues affecting black folks, the blame is externalized, the solutions are externalized. Black folks are held to no adult standards and are denied agency in the creation and solutions to their problems. Instead, like the non-controversy that is the Year of the Monkey, liberal white folks allow the whiney children (that would be black folks) to get what they want (externalized blame and lack of self control) and everybody else has to tip toe on eggshells.

Meanwhile, 51 dead and 2900 shootings. Not important in the least bit. Better to discuss the kid shot 16 times while high on drugs, with a deadly weapon who cannot follow directions.

Meanwhile other minorities have just learned that imbeciles hold a veto power over their cultural celebrations. How long until they start to see black people as the enemy?