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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thursday, July 07, 2011

So This Mean's What?

I saw the news last night. Headlining was a grading scandal in the Atlanta School District:

Three years later, the answers to those questions made national news, with Tuesday’s revelation that a state-commissioned investigation found rampant, systemwide cheating in 44 Atlanta public schools, with 178 teachers and principals routinely erasing incorrect answers on standardized tests and replacing them with correct ones. The cheating inflated the scores of thousands of students, giving the false impression of their -- and Atlanta's -- success.

You know what? The teaching profession is largely female. Women make up the vast majority of teaching staff and there is absolutely no doubt that they played a significant role in this scandal. So I'm wondering how many opinion pieces will be on the news and blogs about "what's wrong with women". Anthony Weiner's personal behavior which hurt nobody except perhaps his wife, was a source of all manner of entertainment as people talked about how men are so corrupt and such. And This Week with Christiane Amanpour even had a panel of women who claimed, with straight faces, how women were better than men because they did not "compete","dominate" or other bullshit. So I'm just wondering when the panel of men are going to be invited to shit on women by using the examples of these teachers. I'm waiting for them to show that more men ought to be teaching since clearly these women are failing our students (when they are not seducing them..another never spoken of trespass).

I'm certain that the following:

Mirroring complaints that Vogell and her colleague Alan Judd had been hearing from the city’s teachers, the state investigation found a culture of intimidation and humiliation under the helm of marathon (now retired) schools chief Beverly Hall

will be placed entirely on the shoulder of some man, any man, somewhere who made Ms. Hall be "intimidating" and "humiliating" 'cause you know, women can't be like that.

From Huffington Post

Monday, July 04, 2011

Frank RIch can Say it But Cornel West Can't?

he is an elitist of a certain sort. For all the lurid fantasies of the birthers, the dirty secret of Obama’s background is that the values of Harvard, not of Kenya or Indonesia or Bill Ayers, have most colored his governing style. He falls hard for the best and the brightest white guys.

New York Magazine