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Friday, January 11, 2008

Ron Paul wins FOX Debate

In my continued efforts to "eff" with the Republican field, I voted for Ron Paul winning the debate last night. When I say I'm messin' with the Republican field, I mean that Ron Paul is an excellent means to present an anti-war, anti-imperialism argument in front of an audience that would otherwise not listen. Although I readily admit that in terms of raw performance, Ron Paul was outgunned. But apparently I'm not the only person who sees the wisdom of pushing up Paul as he took 32% of the online vote. In regards to my last post about polling. This event shows just how faulty polling is. On screen last night, every one of the persons in Fox's little focus group said Paul lost the debate. Clearly then the means by which this "sample" was created was flawed since clearly a larger percent of the population had a different opinion than the "sample." Keep on mocking Paul. A candidate is going to lose an election because of him. Just you wait.

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