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Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Mocking of Ron Paul

Last night during the Republican debate, Ron Paul was mocked. It was as John Edwards later put it, the attack of the "status quo." Make no mistake about it the powers that be MUST make sure that Ron Paul and what he says is ridiculed. The reason this must happen is because if the voting public at large took what he said seriously there would be a HUGE change in voting patterns.

Part of the problem is that Ron Paul is a very bad debater and he has thus far allowed the other candidates to mock him without response and to allow other candidates to get away with statements Mr. Paul can dispute. When Guiliani again tried to mischaracterize the issue of US foreign policy Paul should have immediately pointed out that the US put Saddam in Power. That the US backed the dictator in Iran. The the continued policy of backing Israel and propping up the Saudi's are all examples of flawed US policy. A good debater could have put Guiliani down easily. Ron Paul needs to remember that he will not win his job is to put the facts on the ground to Republicans as often as possible.

Similarly when Ron Paul discussed how the economy is related to the War and Fred Thompson mocked him by saying that ending the war will immediately fix the economy, Ron Paul should have hit right back. Never ever let your opponent distort your words. All the candidates know that the general public has no clue about financial markets and how money works so they know that they don't have to address the issue brought up by Paul. Remember what happened to Ross Perot. He tried to break down monetary and trade consequences of NAFTA when he ran for office. People didn't get it then but they are feeling it now.

Note how no one even addressed the issue of the rise in oil prices when looked at by Dollar, Euro and gold. I bet that 90% of the audience and the viewing public had NO CLUE that in terms of gold oil prices haven't gone anywhere. It's not that one has to go back to the gold standard but Paul's statement is directly related to the "credit crisis" because much of what has been fueling the credit economy has been made up, unregulated, backed by absolutely nothing fake money. SIV's as they are called. Everyone in finance knows what Paul is talking about. But the average American has NO CLUE.

So far this election season is a giant live example of the general stupidity of the American public.

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Cynthia said...

White Americans know all about Ron Paul and what he stands for. They are not as stupid as you are saying.

sondjata said...

I disagree. I think they THINK they know what Paul is about. The point here is about policy not personality. No other candidate on the right is talking (and meaning) end the war NOW. No other candidate on the right is discussing the issue of imperialism. No other candidate ont he right is discussing monetary policy.

ON the left that person would be Kucinich but white folks aren't voting for him either. Why? Over some change in heart about abortion? Seriously?

You can't seriously tell me that any of the candidate on either side are actually talking real actual fundamental change as Paul and Kucinich are.