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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Explaining Self

Of late, anyone reading this blog has seen a lot of Ron Paul press. They would probably think, if they were unfamiliar with the entirety of my writing that I am a Republican or Libertarian. I am neither. However; as a result of conversations both on and offline I want to make it clear why I am hard on Obama and less so on Ron Paul.

I recall when I was in High School. I saw Jesse Jackson shooting a campaign commercial across the street from a bus stop. I saw that ad about 2 days later. I knew OF Jesse Jackson, but at that point in my life I was really clueless about politics, world events, etc. All I knew was going to school, homework, and was too scared to talk to the girl who got on the bus at 109th ave. Yeah I STILL remember her. Mmmmmmmmmm. I digress. The point being I wanted Jesse to win for no other reason that he was black like me. That's it. He was one of us. and even in my relatively naive state, I knew "us" had a hard time. It would be good to see one of "us" as president.

If any of this sounds familiar, it should, it is exactly the sentiments of a great deal of black people who are supporting Obama. In my opinion it is a rather immature position to take especially by grown up people. Later in my life I decided that I would run for president at one point. I told one of my friends at the time, that in order to win, I would have to say and do things that didn't clue people in to my real thoughts in order to win. She, when she sees me run ought to remember that and "not worry."

If any of that sounds familiar it should, because by and large it sums up the Obama campaign. Do and say whatever and as little as you need to in order to win. I'm not mad at Obama for using this strategy after all I thought it up before Bill Clinton even stepped into office (and I'll never get credit for it.... Ha haaaa).

Now I've grown up and become a Neo-Garveyite Pan-Africanist. I am interested in one thing: Policy that furthers the aims of Pan-Africanism. I have come to the understanding that I don't have permanent friends or enemies, I have permanent interests and I do whatever is necessary to achieve those interests. Any candidate or policy that gets me to that interest I will write approvingly of. Notice I said "write." I've already explained that I don't do elections. I do not vote (Here too).

As pointed out in "To Vote or Not Pt 2", The central fraud as discussed in The Matrix Reloaded is that choice is an illusion. Choices here are determined by the power players. This was on full display when Dennis Kucinich was barred from the Democratic debate last Saturday. It was also on display when Ron Paul was denied access to a Republican debate on Sunday. Paul was on Jay Leno last night (which is the only reason I watched since I support the strike) and Leno made the point: I don't have to agree with what comes out of Paul's mouth but in a so called democracy all voices are supposed to be heard and Ron Paul, like it or not has out fundraised his opponents and is running as good a race as Guiliani. There is no excuse for excluding him from the table.

So given that we've been set up for a false choice between candidates who are all beholden to the same lobby's, why should I support any of them?

As a Pan-Africanist I'm interested in the following:

1) End to US, European and Asian imperialism be it political or economic.

2) End of US military support of Israel.

None of the candidates except Kucinich and Paul are on board with that. And I'm not even too sure about Kucinich on the latter portion. Domestically I'm interested in:

1) End of the surveillance state and clear breeches of bill of rights.

2) Complete decoupling of Church and State including an end of tax breaks for religious organizations for anything other than primary worship facilities and capital expenditures to support said facilities. Anything else, daycare, gyms, stores, etc. get taxed like any other business venture.

3) Enforcement of immigration laws. No one wants to admit it but illegal immigration does in fact suppress wages and hurts the black poor. Anyone interested in protecting black people, including the black poor has to recognize this.

Ron Paul joins the Democrats in point number one. Though I'm not sure the Democrats are serious about point one since they failed to impeach Bush for his clear violations of law and they approved of the Patriot Act.

Ron Paul, since he doesn't like giving money to anyone would accomplish item 2

On item 3, it appears that on the one hand Democrats have forgotten who the citizens are and who the government has to look out for first and foremost. ON the other hand the Republicans are too motivated by fear and are still discussing silly ass walls. Only Fred Thompson has the proper approach: Enforce the law. Period. Couldn't agree more.

Now some have pointed out that Ron Paul has bigoted past. No doubt. To that I say: And? Again I take the example of Marcus Garvey. When he saw that members of the UNIA were being lynched, threatened with lynchings and run out of their homes, Garvey sat down with the grand wizard of the KKK. He said then that the Klan was the true face of the white man in America. The Klan was honest. Like Garvey I prefer to know that a person does not necessarily like me and mine, rather than someone who has hidden "issues" or are two faced with me.

Paul doesn't think black people are all that bright, cool, Let him keep talkin' that junk so long as the Troops come home and the surveillance state is dismantled.

I want to close with this: I am not endorsing Ron Paul. The only politician I have endorsed is Cynthia McKinney. I even donated to her campaign because she is not a liar, nor is she in anyone's pocket. I have been consistent in saying that I would enter politics ONLY when a black candidate that meets my high standards on policy. I did so for McKinney and if Obama would take the proper lines, I would gladly do so for him. But I will not support a candidate simply because he or she is black and quite frankly neither should anyone else.

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