Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Obama: Care to cite sources?

And so Senator Obama is said to:

Obama said blacks often have been the victims of injustice, but he said they also have perpetrated divisions with gays, Jews and immigrants.

I won't dispute the homosexual issue, but exactly what is this thing on Jews? Seriously. Perhaps he's been spending to much time with Abe Foxman. Don't expect the so called black media (with possible exception of Black Agenda Report) to question that line. Also I think the line on immigrants is out of line, since no black person I've spoken to, including most of the more radical ones are opposed to immigrants. We are all unified in our observation that illegal immigrants are used to suppress wages that the poor and working class compete and we can prove it. We are also well aware of some of the bigoted attitudes that many immigrants come into the US with and we don't apologize for calling it out. Nor should we have to. I do hope that this portion of the speech is not a Obama aping Bill Clinton, "souljah" moment. Not that the general black electorate will care, especially those in DeKalb county.

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