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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Republican Shocker

Ron Paul is beating Giuliani (again) and Fred Thompson (again) and Mike Huckabee (New) and is just behind John McCain.

This is some serious ish here. Ron Paul placing third anywhere is guaranteed to make the rest of the Republican field shit in their pants.

Did I mention I'm happy that Giuliani is doing so poorly?

In other news John Edwards continues his decline as the Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton ticket continues to be pushed down the throats of Democrats. And I'm leaning towards a probable Clinton-Obama ticket.

[Update- 5:06 PM]

Ron Paul has squeaked past John McCain to grab second place by about 40 votes. Even I'm shocked. Remember how after the FOX debates, everyone in the FOX "sample" room voted that Ron Paul lost the debate but how most of the respondents over the phone said that Ron Paul won the debate and the host guy laughed it off? I bet they have just wet their pants. Right now in terms of vote counts, Ron Paul is about as electable as Obama. Ain't that funny?

On Nightline last night they showed some local hoes, well that's what they are, who said they were for Ron Paul, one even said she asked for a donation before beginning "services" and had gotten one john to part with $1,000 bucks. Somebody needs to get these hoes on staff. And like I said, they are actual hoes so there's no insult meant in the use of the word.


[Update 10:02 PM]

Another Happy moment. Giuliani is beaten by Ron Paul in South Carolina. Also we find that:

Further, a plurality said the most important quality they were looking for in a candidate was that he shares their values; they favored Mr. Huckabee over Mr. McCain and Mr. Romney by more than three to one. They cared less about a candidate who says what he believes, which Mr. McCain has made his signature quality.

I very telling comment there. Republicans care less about candidates that say what they feel? So they would rather a candidate that is fake? Pretty sad if you ask me.

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