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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Immigration and the Democratic Debate

Anyone see anything wrong with the title of this post. It says Immigration. See that's the problem. The question ought never be about "immigration" it ought to be about "illegal immigration."

Obama and Clinton were asked about the effects of [illegal] immigration on the African-American community. THey did not say "illegal" immigration and nor did they mention "poor." The question ought to have been:

What is the effect of illegal immigration on poor African-Americans. Obama ducked the question by saying, insultingly I may add, that balck folk talking about immigrants are scapegoating. Bullshit. Clinton made a far better statement and acknowledged that businesses exploit illegal immigrants to the detriment of US Citizens and legal residents. So her statements jibes with the facts on the ground which is that the presence of illegal immigrants "entices" businesses to suppress wages. I have discussed this at length and have proof of this issue here

I would ask that Obama desist from insulting the intelligence of African-Americans on this subject in his effort to pander to Hispanics. It's not necessary.

Oh an on drivers licenses: Driving is a privilege and not a right. The reason why licenses for illegal immigrants in NY was rejected by the voter was because New Yorkers, by and large are pissed off at being ticketed, fined and whatnot, made to dig up proof of personhood by the government for the privilege of driving and then be told that folks who have no legal right to even be in the state are to be afforded that same "privilege." Since I agree that people ought not to be made to show papers to prove they are citizens or legal residents to police officers, then I agree that drivers licenses ought not be handed out to illegal immigrants. That way it is assumed one is driving legally, one remains assumed to be in the country legally since one is driving because one has already vetted oneself prior to getting the license.

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