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Friday, July 18, 2014

What We Know About MH17

Someone fired a missile. Plane went down.

Since that is all we know, why are there people blaming one party or another? There is a missile launcher out there missing a missile. Find it. If the trajectory has it launched from Russian land, then Russia is responsible. If the trajectory places in it Ukraine then it is either the Ukraine government or the rebels.

Off the cuff thoughts: I have not read anywhere that the rebels are in possession of warplanes. I have read that they have been taking out Ukraine warplanes with anti-aircraft munitions. Therefore I'm leaning towards the rebels being responsible for MH17.

The Russian military has no interest in shooting down a plane that is not over their territory unless there is a circumstance that warrants it such as the briefly published idea that the ML17 plane was "mistaken" for Putin's jet (Saw that on RT last night and it then disappeared). Such a scenario would either justify Russians firing the missile as defending their president or that there was an assassination attempt by Ukraine.

About the only thing that the black box will determine is whether the plane was hit by a missile or not.

So pay no attention the the attention jockeys looking to score political points with tough talk, when they know no more than anyone else.