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Monday, July 21, 2014

Blaming Russia

In the ongoing mystery of the downing of MH17, we see some interesting things: Here is the front page of Russia Times as of 12:28PM today:

Essentially, RT is reporting the presence of Ukrainian fighter jets in the vicinity of MH17. Knowing that the local resistance (rebels, whatever) have been shooting at Ukrainian military planes, if this turns out the be true, Ukraine has to explain why it would fly a fighter jet in close proximity to a civilian commercial flight. If the RT report is true, then IF the resistance had downed MH17 thinking it was a Ukrainian military asset (read: legitimate military target) then the lion's share of the responsibility falls on Ukraine.

Now given the weight of such a report, you would think the Western press would be all over such a report. Instead this is what we see on the Guardian UK as of 12:30PM today:

I'll remind the US president that under US law, it is the accusor that has to prove a charge. It is not the accused that has to show innocence. Mr. Constitutional Law Man should know this and present this when he speaks to a world audience. [/edit]

You see anything about that radar report? No? Neither did I. What we do see is propaganda bullshit coming out of Obama's mouth. We see representatives from the UK doing their imitation of Obama bullshit. We see something about "world anger" at Russia.

In a sane and informed world, such as the one I live in, no one would be angry at anyone. The "world" would be uniform in it's demand for information. The UK wouldn't be pushing for sanctions and Obama would simply be silent.

The US is currently providing asylum to Luis Posada Carriles who was involved in taking down a Cuban civilian airplane flying between Barbados and Jamaica. If the US wants to hang the actions of people in Eastern Ukraine on Russia, then lets take the US to task for sheltering a known terrorist.

This is not to say that RT has it right. What this is saying is that rather than parrot the US line, why doesn't the so called "free press" of Europe report on everything rather than just parrot the lines of certain politicians?