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Friday, July 04, 2014

Poor White Pupils Put Off School By Multicultural Timetable

Large numbers of schools follow a curriculum that celebrates a “diverse range of pupils” while sidelining those from poor British families, it was claimed.

Head teachers told how they ran numerous projects such as Black History Month and “cultural days” to raise awareness of countries such as Portugal, Poland and Jamaica.

But it was claimed that white British pupils from deprived homes often “cannot see themselves or their lives reflected in the curriculum”, turning them off school altogether.[my underlines]

Say now. Could this also apply to other people? *wink* *wink*
According to figures, just 32.3 per cent of poor white British children left school last summer with five A* to C grades at GCSE. Poor children from every other ethnic group performed better, with more than three-quarters of poor Chinese pupils and 61.5 per cent of those from deprived Indian families achieving the best results.
Are poor Chinese and Indian children smarter than or more motivated than native British (and native British = White)? If not, then what does it say about a country that is failing to educated it's native/founding population?
Teachers criticised a culture of low aspirations and a “small world” mentality among many poor white families, claiming many parents spent hours with children in front of the TV, refusing to visit local parks.

But the study said parents themselves “lamented a lack of white culture reflected in school life which perpetuated for many the marginalisation they felt within their communities”.

Hmmmm...I've seen this same "culture" argument discussed in relation to poor African-Americans. Is it racist only when the target is Black or is it not racist at all but labelled racist by those who have certain motives? Surely if it is racist (and therefore presumably factually incorrect) to make such a "culture of lazy" charge against poor African-Americans, then surely it is equally bollox to make the same charge against poor whites.
One primary school teacher told how the school was “very explicit in celebrating other cultures”, but added: “There is always that difficulty in identifying what is British culture. How many of our pupils would understand what maypole dancing is about?...

“We celebrate Christmas and Easter but even that is done in a diverse way. I think white families are expected to just fit into the curriculum, it is seen as the norm for them and we focus on the children new to the country.”[My Underlines]

And exactly how did the British get into a position where they cannot identify their own culture? I would think that is a sad state of affairs. Let's be honest though. There is no mystery as to what British culture is. The problem is that it is "white" and definitively excludes non-whites (except in it's contact with non-white people). I would dare say that non-whites who have had extensive contact with the British, know full well what is British, vs. their own cultures. I dare say that due to being perceived as racists, the British have abandoned their own culture. Question: Is that necessary in order to not be racist? Can Whites of whatever nationality be pro their cultures (French, German, etc) and NOT be racist? And if being pro "your culture" makes you definitively "racist" then aren't black folks (and other non-whites) who are pro-their cultures just as racist?
Children from poor white British families are coming to school barely able to speak after being “stuck in front of a TV all day”, according to head teachers. A study found evidence of children who were only able to “grunt” after being raised by lazy parents with an “appalling” attitude to education.

The research – commissioned by Lambeth Council in south London – suggested that the prevalence of “text culture” was also a problem, with many pupils becoming overly reliant on mobile-phone style abbreviations at the expense of a proper grasp of English.

The Ghost has previously discussed the appalling practice of overconsumption of television in the US, particularly by African-Americans. So now that we have it shown that poor parenting, regardless of race, leads to poor outcomes, can we stop saying that it is "racist" to point out when black parents are messing up? It is pretty sad when students need remedial language classes for what is their native language.
Children from poor white families are being increasingly pushed aside by their middle-class counterparts who hog community facilities, a study has found. Researchers said that too many children from poor white homes were alienated by wealthy peers from the same ethnic group.

The study, commissioned by Lambeth Council in south London, said the “barrier to achievement for some white working-class children was the achievement of the white middle-class children”.

It also told how local children’s centres were “dominated by the white middle-class” but not the “target audience” of deprived families.

Interesting. In the US the idea is to have mix use of facilities by persons of various incomes. The idea being that by being exposed to people of more means (and we presume the "culture" that leads to getting and maintaining said means) that the outcomes for the poor children would get better. It would appear that this is not happening in London.