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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

90% of Twitter’s Tech Employees are Male

And my reaction to reading that headline:


No really. So?

Apparently among the folks at Time and elsewhere the nation's workforce is supposed to be reflective of the total population. It's an easy branch to grab, but one that shows a total lack of intelligence.

When it comes to racial diversity, 88% of all Twitter employees and 92% of tech employees are either white or Asian (mostly white). And unlike gender diversity, Twitter’s non-tech roles similarly lack racial diversity: 83% are white or Asian (mostly white). In leadership, non-Asian minorities hold only 4% of leadership roles.
We'll get back to this in a second but first lets look at the NBA:
The NBA continued to have the most racially diverse group of players of the major professional sports. People of color represented 82 percent of all players, and 78 percent of all players were African-American
Question: If having an over-representation of white males at Twitter is bad. Then it should be bad that there is an over-representation of black males in the NBA.

Is the NBA predominantly black because black males are inherently superior to others in the sport? And if that is the case, then is it that White (and Asian) males are inherently better at computer science that black males? If it is not the case that black males are inherently better at basketball than white (and Asian) males, then is it discrimination against white (and Asian) males that explains their lack of numbers (relative to the general population)? And if that is the case, then why no reports on that?

Going back to Twitter, lets look at their handy dandy chart:

Yes, I grabbed it, cause I'm tired of graphics disappearing from their original source and messing up my future posts.

Anyone see anything rather...usual?

Yes, that's right, Black employment at Twitter hews closely to the rate of black computer science degree holders. Of course, the silly people making a big deal of who's employed (or not) where, don't even consider the fact that you have to look at those who are qualified not the general population. But then again, if they were THAT bright, the articles wouldn't be written in the first place.

Secondly, we notice that Asians are once again, way over represented at Twitter relative to the general population. I will note that this is the first time that I have seen a publication mention this (even though not directly). Of course, rather than address that issue, they run to the gender complaint. Never mind that Twitter was created by a white male. If a white female created Twitter and failed to employ other white females. I think THAT would be news. But no, Twitter, like so many "social" apps was created by a man, is maintained by men, and women use it to complain about why women aren't employed at Twitter.

It's pretty interesting that this came out the day after I saw an HTC advert that showed a number of employees at the company doing design work. I saw Asian men, Asian women, White men and White women, no Blacks. What got the press? The apparent leak of an HTC smartwatch.

Let me help all these publications out: Every other company that releases this data is going to show the same thing. Also, despite your wailing and gnashing of teeth, the demographics will generally be the same. There may be an uptick in the percentage of women in the tech and non-tech areas, but the general demographics will not change.

I really cannot wait until these so called "social justice" reporters are fired and replaced with actual, research orientated journalists.