Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Senator Jeff Sessions Breaks it Down

It's pretty sad when the actual facts on immigration and wages has to come from a "conservative".
Look at these recent headlines.

Today: ‘Microsoft To Cut Workforce By 18,000 This Year, ‘Moving Now’ To Cut First 13,000.’

How about this headline: ‘[Google-owned] Motorola To Cut 10% Of Workforce After Laying Off 20% Last Year.’

‘Panasonic To Cut 10K More Workers In The Next 5 Months.’

‘[Online media and advertising company] CityGrid Lays Off 15% Of Its Employees.’

‘Hewlett-Packard: 27,000 Job Cuts to Save Up To $3.5B By 2014.’

I would say things aren't going as well as some would suggest, and the demand out there for workers ought to be met from our current supply.

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