Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bernadette Lancelin: The Ghost Cares

The Ghost has been very clear that illegal immigration hurts black folks. It hurts working class black folks the most. The Ghost has provided documentation(1)(2)(3)(4)to support this fact.

So called "Black leadership" cares nothing at all about working class black folks, except for when they need votes or website donations. The Ghost is not running for office and isn't asking for money.

The Ghost understands that some, nut not all, of the issues in the various countries that these individuals come from are a part of NAFTA and predatory corporate entities. The Ghost rejects the logic that due to those actions, working class black folks ought to have their group interests put off the burner. Working class black folks are not responsible for NAFTA and none of them run the predatory corporations.

The Ghost says that all working class black folks in the US should be as mad as Bernadette. In fact The Ghost says that black folks who are in the upper economic scales should ALSO be as mad as Bernadette. When the president asks for billions of dollars to house and move illegal immigrants around the country when deporting them, as the law proscribes for illegal entry into the US, costs billions less black folks should be mad. Black folks should be mad if their schools are in need of repairs, expansions, increased salaries, and whatever else, and have been denied such funding which can miraculously appear for folks who have no legal right to even be in the country.

Almost every workday I drive across two bridges in which the steel girders are showing as the concrete crumbles away. Black folks and other citizens should be LIVID that their infrastructure is not being paid for, but billions can be found to resettle illegal immigrants.

If your school classrooms are overcrowded, when studies show that smaller classrooms lead to better outcomes, yet the only interest "your government" shows in a school building is to house illegal immigrants, you should be pissed off like Bernadette.

So Bernadette: Do not apologize for your statements. Don't take anyone's shit talk about xenophobia, racism or any other label they will try to put on you for speaking truth to power. You are not the only one. Trust.