Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Monday, June 09, 2014

Marine Le Pen: EU political world indifferent to people dying in eastern Ukraine

The EU elite should be scared that people are listening to this. If all the EU has against this woman are charges of racism and anti-Semitism, they should be preparing to shut up shoppe.
MP: Sovereignty is the foundation of democracy. Without sovereignty, there is no democracy, because having the freedom to cast a ballot in a ballot box is one thing, but if the people you elected with your ballot have no power because the actual power was transferred to a supranational body, then we are no longer in a democratic process.
Right on! Or if a president up and decides to bypass congress to wage unconstitutional laws. Or decides he's just not going to enforce laws he doesn't agree with or because he's looking to curry favor with a certain group.
This is true for our territorial sovereignty – we are no longer in control of our immigration policy, since with Schengen all of our borders are open; this is true for our monetary sovereignty, since we are no longer in control of our currency; our budgetary sovereignty – it has just been transferred to the European Union, but also our legislative sovereignty, since currently 80% of the laws which are voted in the French National Assembly are actually a transcription of European directives.
Like you know, bailing out banks when we're supposedly in a recession. Too big to fail. Not prosecuting actual fraud. Setting up poor US Citizens to compete with immigrant labor even as automation continues to shrink the available job pool which impacts Black folks (particularly black males) FAR more than any other group in the US.
MP: Listen, obviously when the European Union made this partnership proposal to Ukraine, this basically meant a rupture of their relationship with Russia, it was a kind of blackmail that could only fuel the divisions of Ukraine, since we know that within the country, there are citizens in the East which look towards Russia and some in the West which look towards the European Union. We were well aware of this. And fuelling these divisions was obviously putting in place conditions for a danger of civil war. So the European Union started the initial fire and since then has only aggravated the situation via threats, blackmail and sanctions, which we can clearly see do not contribute to bringing everyone to the table to find a peaceful and reasonable resolution to this conflict.
Facts clearly stated and known by anyone who's paying attention.
The sanctions that were imposed, including those imposed on Russian deputies and even the president of the Duma, which are even more problematic, are a rupture in historical traditions on a diplomatic level. Generally, we do not sanction deputies because they are the expression of the people. So I am under the impression that there are no more rules, except maybe the ones imposed by the United States, which once again defend their own interests, but their interests are not ours.[my underlines]
Those rules were broken a long time back. One previous and recent example was the deposition of Ghaddafi by NATO. Like Ghaddafi or not, he was the recognized leader of Libya and NATO had no rights under any international law to interfere in the civil war [it fomented] in that country. But there has been no reckoning on that. Why?
MP: To defend ourselves against whom? [...] To defend ourselves against whom? Well, you know that we are for leaving NATO, for France leaving NATO, we have a Gaullian vision of what international politics must be like, we are for developing our relations with Russia, without breaking ties with the United States. We believe that France must maintain its relations with all of the world's great nations, and we do not want to be imposed with a way of seeing things by anybody.
This used to be called "non-aligned". But this fear narrative is what is used to keep people in check. The NSA caught illegally tapping your phones and the first thing is about terrorist and 9-11. Getting stripped searched at the airport without reasonable suspicion? Terrorists and 9-11. Your stuff confiscated by customs and border agents at an airport? Terrorism and 9-11. On a no fly list because you are a dissident? Terrorism and 9-11. Ukraine shits on itself? We gotta go because Russia is a danger. Really. It's a danger to you and me. Sure. And because citizens are too dumb to put these fear mongers out of office for insulting their intelligence and eroding their rights, the government continues to get away with it all.

When a party comes up and strenuously opposes these things, it's racism, anti-semitism, anti-immigrant, etc, knowing full well that most people, if told that so and so is racist or such and such organization is "anti-immigrant" won't even bother to check for themselves and evaluate the validity of claims for themselves because they don't want to be associated with anything like that. Which is another form of the fear agenda.

It seems that people in Europe are slowly waking up to the fear arguments and not having it anymore. And if the transcript above is indicative of the general positions of these so called "far right" organizations, then fear and intimidation politics will soon come to an end.