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Thursday, June 12, 2014

GW Bush's Iraq War Blowback Arrives

We were lied to about weapons of mass destruction. We were told shit like "the Iraqis will party in the streets". We were told about yellow cake, marble cake and big cauldrons of biological weapons at the ready. We were told "Mission Accomplished". We were told that we were making the world safe from terrorists. Blah.


And blah.

Now Al Qaeda in Iraq, which I remind the reader didn't exist prior to the US invasion, has essentially taken over 4 major cities. I remind the reader that Saddam Hussein, AKA (Our boy in Iraq) was "not liked" by Al-Qaeda. Therefore by toppling his government, the US opened the door to what we are currently witnessing..

I will also note the route allegedly taken by ISIS. They came via Syria. Why is this important? Because this administration has been supporting Al-Qaeda in Syria in its attempt to overthrow the government of Bashir (another leader who is hated by Al-Qaeda types). .

Not only that but I will put down cold hard cash, that the US government arms, which has been given to various rebels over the objections of informed people, have been used in these attacks in Iraq. I will further speculate that arms from Libya have also played no small part.

The question now for the citizenry of the US (and so called allied countries) is whether they will put GW Bush on trial. Whether Powell will be put on trial. We know they lied. We know the reason for US intervention in Iraq was fraudulent. It is high time that these fellows pay.