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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kathy Swift Is an Idiot

The things that make it onto Counterpunch pages these days. I tell you.
According to the biometric standards presented by Siegel, membership in gang culture can be determined by such commonplace behaviors as speaking Spanish and talking on cell phones. The appearance of tattoos — specifically those of Aztec and Mayan origin — and the wearing of “gang clothing,” described as being such things as 805 attire or professional sports clothing — also, signify definitive evidence of gang affiliation according to the prosecutor and the detective.

Other indicators of gang membership according to Dozer include graffiti writing and public intoxication, as well as the use of Spanish-sounding nicknames and/or the making of gestures like the “V” and “W” sign. The DA views graffiti as a particularly strong marker of gangsterism, so a great deal of the prosecution’s argument addressed the alleged coded messages gang members are said to be sending to each other through graffiti. Working like smoke signals on street corners, gang graffiti, according to city officials, indicates the presence of “criminal enterprises” that, taken along with tattoos, clothing, language, and gestures, serve to intimidate local residents.
Because you know, Gang members don't wear certain clothes that signify their affiliation.

No Latin Kings to see here. Move along please.

MS what? Oh never mind it's just a pretty tattoo. Nothing scientific to be gathered here. Move along.

Nortenos? What Nortenos?

No Crips to see here. Please move along.

Absolutely no Bloods in view. All that red? No, no no. Nothing at all to see.

Does that say Rivera Kills?

I could go on but really it is self evident that Kathy Swift is a bonfire idiot. What I don't understand is how:

1) With her intense distaste for facts she is actually far along into a PhD program. I mean SHIT, what exactly is a PhD worth these days when candidates for it can show a willful disregard for actual facts?

2) Counterpunch even allowed this piece of non-fact checked trash to grace its website.