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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

If There Is "No expectation"....

London Mayor Boris Johnson has announced the purchase of first water cannons for the Metropolitan Police. The move triggered uproar in the UK as deployment of the cannons has not been authorized and reportedly 98 percent of Britons are against their use
A document posted on the mayor's policing and crime website states claims “purchasing at this time considerably improves the possibility that the Metropolitan Police would have the tool to deploy in the summer.” It adds that such tools “are most likely to be needed” in spite of the fact “there are no expectations of violence.” [My underlines]
A classic case of doublespeak. If there is "no expectation of violence" then why are the Metropolitan Police prepared to deploy the water canons "in the summer"? For a case of "no expectation" that is certainly a well defined timeline.

And people wonder why political parties such as UKIP are gaining ground across Europe. Recall the transcript I pointed the reader to on the 9th:

MP: Sovereignty is the foundation of democracy. Without sovereignty, there is no democracy, because having the freedom to cast a ballot in a ballot box is one thing, but if the people you elected with your ballot have no power because the actual power was transferred to a supranational body, then we are no longer in a democratic process.
Or in this case, a clear mandate from the public against water canons that were purchased with their taxes anyway.