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Monday, June 09, 2014

Anti-Racism Groups Condemn Far-Right Leader in France

Jean Le Pen says:
In a video posted on the National Front’s website and later removed, Mr. Le Pen, 85, lashed out against several of his critics, including the former tennis champion Yannick Noah and the pop star Madonna. When questioned about the French singer Patrick Bruel, who is Jewish and has been critical of the National Front, Mr. Le Pen said: “We’ll include him in the next batch.” In the comment, Mr. Le Pen used the French word “fournée,” which refers to a batch of bread to be baked, and was interpreted by his critics to be a reference to crematories at Nazi death camps.

Translations of fournée noun batch lot, fournée, groupe, contingent, paquet, quantité lot lot, sort, lot de terrain, fournée, destinée, destine
Because obviously you can't take "fournée" is any other way.


I'm not all that conversant in French but I do know that among my people if someone has a harsh rebuke of a critic we sometimes say that he or shit "got lit into". My Jamaican brethren will say "more fiyah!" Anytime someone speaks out strongly against someone. Sometimes you might even hear a "burn dem" as a reference to eliminating your adversary, usually not literally.

So it is not unheard of for baking references to be used in reference to verbal "combat." So I'm giving LePen the benefit of the doubt.


This is the usual m.o. of certain Jews and Jewish organizations when they wish to squash dissent. You'll notice that nothing in the piece deals with WHAT Le Pen had to say about his critics. The entire piece is about his alleged Anti-Semetism. This is the fear narrative I discussed in the previous piece and all it goes to show is that the opposition to FN has no real argument against FN. There entire discussion is, Le Pen is against immigration. Being against immigration is bad. Therefore Le Pen and FN is bad. Do not associate.

Here's the thing though. This whole anti-semite dog and pony show is not going to work for too much longer. There are in fact substantial racism and anti-Semitism charges to be made against certain members (and they exist on the left and the right) but as a tactic to obscure the facts and misdirect the public? Soon burnt like cookies left in an oven too long.

Yeah, I made an oven reference. On purpose 'cause I'm done with left wing speech police.

PS: Isn't it kind of counter to the facts to call the political party that wins the majority of the vote "far" anything? It would seem that the political party that wins the most votes would be the mainstream party.