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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The VEEP Debates

Ok how many people thought that Cheney would up and slap Edwards? How many were waiting for the VEEP to "black out" and cuss out Edwards for bringin up Haliburton? I know I was. I guess he gotta watch his temper, with that weak heart of his. ;-)

Anyways apparently after the Bush debate, Cheney was instructed that he was not to touch the water. or maybe he's just cool like that. Apparently Edwards did not get the message to avoid the water.
Edwards needs to learn how to debate. Though he landed a nice punch with the Haliburton comments, I thought that the night belonged to the VEEP. Not because I believed the junk runing out his mouth, but because he "appeared" to be more informed and prepared than Edwards. Edwards had many opportunities to show Cheney to be a liar and let those opportunities pass like runny..anyways..

Did anyone else notice that Edwards did not even attempt to answer the question on Israel? In fact by the time he got to it, after a long detour, he basically was a demo-hawk, There was the story about the terrorist bombing that killed some kids in Israel and not one, NOT ONE, comment on the lives of palestinians. Racist BAstard!! Palestinians are people too!! Needless to sa, a Kerry Edwards administration will be no better than a Bush admin, as far as Israel in concerned. Where's a Cynthia McKinney when you need her?

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