Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Boy who would Be King

I have never been one to buy into the "we were once Kings and Queens" mantra that I'd heard come from many black folks. It just defied logic to me that we could all be kings and queens. Besides why can't I be proud of simply being a subject of a king or queen? Some people pointed out that it didn't mean all of us were kings or queens, but if I got it wrong I'm sure a whole lot of other people did too. Anyway, I notice that black children are assaulted on a near daily basis with images of white royalty, in stark contrast to black poverty and dependence. One youngster asked me, upon seeing images of Darfur, If 'those Africans were sick again. It cannot be good for the development of black youths to continualy be exposed to white "royalty" in the absence of black royalty. In this regard I believe that images of Oyo Nyimba Kabambaiguru Rukidi IV should be given to each and every black boy and girl in the Americas.

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