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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

They Keys To The Colors

As noted when this blog started I am a huge fan of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing's Isis Papers Specifically the introduction, chapters 1-4 and 12. Once of the central points of Dr. Welsing's book is white fear of genetic anhilliation, which some mistakenly believe to be some overt and conscious issue. It is not. It plays out in activities in which whites (in general) take a very defensive position vis-a-vis the world at large which is overwhelmingly populated by people of varying hues. Last week The Bush administration/campaign gave us a very potent example of this attitude operating within' the halls of government. The ad is called "Wolves" and can be seen here: [No longer there. follow the YouTube link below]

In this ad, "terrorists" are portrayed as wolves seeking "whom they can devour." This of course plays on the racism in the heart of America along the lines of the "yellow Peril" and the "black muslims." "they" are out there and "they" want to kill us. "they" must be exterminated before they can do so. There hasn't been such a blatantly "racist" ad run since possibly "Willie Horton." Many pundits have correctly stated it is a "fear' ad, yet they cannot see how this is an ad that plays to he very racist heart of American policy. It is sad that black 'conservatives" like Armstrong Williams co-sign such ideas.

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