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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Politics of Double Standards

As we all should know by now, President Bush "never stepped foot into Vietnam." nor did he leave "The comforts of the States." Yet the Sinclair Group plans to air a portion of a documentary that paints Kerry and veterans that protested with him in the 1970's as frauds because "the never stepped foot in the battlefield" nor "left the comfort of the States."

Now this just shows how evil some of these "conservatives" are and that there is no outrage by the oft referred to Sen. McCain or any other "conservative" that loves to harp about Liberal Media Bias (tm) is further indicative of the lows that American Politics has gotten. While Kerry gets slammed for discussing an out of closet homosexual, This outfit get's to use public airwaves to simply Libel and slander a whole group of people.


PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- A Vietnam veteran shown in a documentary criticizing Sen. John Kerry's anti-war activities filed a libel lawsuit against the movie's producer Monday, saying the film falsely calls him a fraud and a liar.

Kenneth J. Campbell, now a professor at the University of Delaware, said in the suit that ``Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal'' combines footage of him appearing at a 1971 war protest with narration that claims that many of the supposed veterans who took part in the event were later ``discovered as frauds'' who ``never set foot on the battlefield, or left the comfort of the States, or even served in uniform.''

The suit said viewers would be left with the perception that Campbell had lied about his military service.

``It paints me as having been a fabricator, a fraud and a liar,'' Campbell said.

Campbell attached copies of his military records to the lawsuit, showing he received a Purple Heart and eight other medals, ribbons and decorations for his service in Vietnam.

NOw I have long said when those "swift boat" veterans ran those ads that were clearly aimed at slandering Kerry that he should have put lawyers all over them. He would have won serious points for taking on the media and being seen as a "Serious on the law." person who 'takes no shyt" just what he needs to take on Bush.

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