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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

More wood for the Fire

While on I stumbled across This article Which states:" Black Students Not Culturally Biases Against Academic Achievement"
After reading the piece, which includes a jab and Bill Cosby, I decided to download the paper which was 55 or so pages. I was preparing my analysis of the presentation and contacted the lead professor Karolyn Tyson, who informed me that the paper, in it's current form was not for public consumption and asked me not to publicly publlish information from that paper until the final draft was produced. Out of respect for their hard work I'm going to honor that request, Of course if too much time passes I will use the fact that I recieved the report legally ( no break-ins, etc), i will post my commentary on the piece, though I predict that those in opposition to Bill Cosby's statements will point to the working paper as evidence of Cosby's "irrarionality." What is interesting is that if this paper was not meant for public consumption than why did Willaim Darity Jr. decide that it was ok to give an interview on the subject and draw attention to it? Perhaps Mr. Darity needs some discipline.

Anyway I had very specific questions regarding the methodoogies used to collect data and the specific targets of the research. Again I'll have to wait until I get a response from the researchers.

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