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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Debates 2

Well unfortunatly I could not catch all of the debates and therefore I won't have my "special" answers as I had in the previous debate. I did however catch when Kerry was asked about spending tax dollars on Abortions.
I found the question odd. perhaps I'm not informed but I thought that abortions were paid for by the patient, or an insurance company and therefore tax dollars have nothing to do with it. If i'm wrong I'm sure someone will point it out. I don't feel that strongly about the issue to look it up either. Kerry gave an answer, which a columnist for the Washtington Post, a black man, said "he couldn't figure out.' he felt that Bush gave an easy to understand answer.

Kerry said that he was a Catholic (which implies a pro-life stance as it is the policy of the Catholoc church) and his faith was what get him through a war, "but" he said, and said correctlym" I cannot legislate what is an article of faith for me and inpose it on someone else who may not share that faith... I have to represent all the American people." This is right in line with my discussion of religion in an earlier post. You would think that "conservative" who are so hell bent on conserving the constitution as Bush put it, would agree with Kerry that legislating religios ideas on life, is a bad thing and is a step down a slippery slope and basically unconstitutional.

Bush said: No, no tac dollars for Abortions. Ok it was a simple answer. which the low in intelligence can grasp, but it is not the constiutionally correct answer, and lest we forget the job of the president is to uphold the constitution. I think that these so called conservatives need a lesson in government and constitution becase it appears to me that they have no clue.

The next problem that I caught was the issue on taxes and small businesses. Bush tried to confuse the low of intelligence by saying that the repeal of taxes on people with incomes over $200,000 would damage the economy by taking money away from small businesses who employ most of the workers in the nation. Bush is right. Small busineses employ a great many people in the US, though the largest employer is Walmart..but anyways.....

Most americans have no clue how corporations work. So let me use this opportunity to clue them in (I should they read this):
Individuals, who make money by getting a paycheck pay taxes before they even get thier money. Corporations do not. Corporations make thier money and do Capital purchases: They pay rent, buy equipment, advertise, etc. and then pay taxes on what is left. Get that? You the individual pay taxes first and then attempt to purchase the things they need. So smart corporations know how to get accountants to move or spend thier money in such a way that they have a relatively low tax burden. Bush was right that in S-Corps, LLC's etc. have fallthrough, which means business profits or losses are accounted in the busines owners personal taxes, but any smart business owner has already discussed this with thier accountant and put enough of their income aside to pay those taxes, or have spent enough capital to register a loss and lower thier tax burden.

Now take it from someone who owns a corporation; If a company is depending on Taxes to make or break their company, then that company will not be in business very long regardless of who is in office.

And what if you are in the $200,000/year and up income braket? Well to be honest, I don't see what the problem is. Personally i'de just like to have that kind of gross income and if I do get that I'm not the type to live at that level anyway since I don't believe in spending all that I earn. Let's be real, the problem really isn'taxes, the problem is High rents and outraeous overvaluation of real estate. The problem is personal debt with record numbers of citizens in Debt that is in many cases equal to thier gross yearly income.

So don't let the Bush confuse you with the simple answer. If running a country was easy, If running a business was easy then any and everyone would do it and do it well.

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