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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Saddam is Caught: Will the Truth Come Out?

Only those living under a rock, do not know that Saddam Hussein has been captured by "coalition" forces. People. Some people were surprised that he came without a shot. Why? How soon we forget that there had been secretly trying to negotiate a surrender in the days before the official invasion of Iraq. That should have made clear the intent of Saddam to survive. Why would he want to survive? To talk. I have long said that it would be in the best political interest of the US that Saddam be found deceased. This is because if Saddam went to trial and could mount a defence, a lot of underhanded facts would be made public. What are these facts?

First we should learn how in fact Saddam Hussien got into power. After his failed coup, Hussein went to Egypt where it is known that he recieved help from people we will call "non-Egyptians." Later he returns and suceeds in his coup. Question is: What kind of material and intelligence help did he get to make this coup (think Venezuela)? Once in power Saddam went after Iran. It is known that President Reagan helped Saddam to fight Iran. Would this court be willing to try Reagan for accessory to any crimes against Iran? The next big issue would be the use of chemical agents against the Kurds. It is already known that Saddam gained such weapons via the US. So again, will there be prosecution of individuals who serve as accessory to whatever crimes Hussein is charges with. Then we have the invasion of Kuwait. There is footage of President Bush I, sitting with Saddam prior to this invasion, We won't even get into the involvement of Mr. Rumsfeld. What kind of bombshell could be dropped on that issue. Was Saddam lead to believe that he could take Kuwait without opposition? Was he set up to be taken out after the Kurd incident?

Of course, the last issue and indeed the reason that was originally given to remove Saddam, Weapons of Mass distruction. Many many claims have been made. Of late, some unseen and "high ranking" Iraqi, attempted to validate the claim that appeared in the infamous "dosier" in which it was claimed that Iraqis could fire a biological or chemical weapon within' 45 min. His claim is that the soldiers wouldn't comply. That is a plausible explanation. History has shown that rebels often do not use every means at thier disposal to get at an occupier. The question I have and which will need to be answered is where are these weapons now. They caught Saddam by means of snitch, I cannot imagine that there isn't some kind of incentive for informing on the whereabouts of the WMD's. If these "insurgents" are in fact holding onto these items, then it may be that they will give up where they are since it really is a waste of time moving them around to not be caught if they are not to be used.

Regeardless though, given the short shelf life of such biological and chemical weapons, especially without proper storage, i doubt any such things will ever be found. There definitely isn't any Nuclear weapons program to speak of. We know this because we watched what happened with Iran. If a satelite could pinpoint the tell tale signs of nuclear products in that country, It should have picked up material a long time ago in Iraq. And let's not forget that as modernity goes, Iraq is by no means as capable as the US or even India at hiding the neccessary emissions and land formations.

Expect, the trial to be about human rights violations. It is the only real issue that can be leveraged against Hussein without much embarrasment coming to the US. Then again, it's not like any of the world countries would hold the US for it's actions.


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