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Monday, December 15, 2003

Iran Asks the Right Questions

Yesterday in my commentary on the literal "uncovering" of Saddam Hussein, I noted that the real fireworks are yet to come. Today the BBC has reported that Iran is preparing a dossier of charges to be brought against Saddam relating to the war between the two countries that occured back in the 1980's. Of more interest, to me anyway, is this:

Mr Ramazanzadeh said the Iranian foreign ministry "is doing the necessary work and has already gathered documents, and we hope that in the right place we could exercise our right".

He said an international court "should determine who equipped this dictator to disrupt our region" - a reference to the support Saddam Hussein once enjoyed from Western countries, mainly the United States.

Right-wing Iranian newspapers have emphasised the US role in backing Saddam Hussein during the war.

One carries the headline "Saddam returns to the arms of America", while another argues that if Saddam Hussein is put on trial, the Americans should also be in the dock with him as accomplices in his war crimes."

Anyone want to take wagers on how much material related to this will be clasified for purposes of "National Security?" And since the US is not beholden to the International Court, fat chance that anyone involved (Iran-Contra peoples) will be seeing their day in court.

To the winners goes the immunity.

On an aside, Why are the Iranians who point out Saddams connections with "The West" considered "Right Wing" After all over here in the US, Such talk is halmark of the supposed "Left Wing." So much for political labels. Conservative and Liberal are merely relativistic terms that have no real use outside of polarising ideological thought. I like being a Pan-Africanist. no need to fall into the "left-right" trap. Just call a spade a spade a move along.


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