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Saturday, December 20, 2003

Ghaddafi gives up the nuke plans

I have been in computer upgrade hell the past 36 hours so I've not been able to sit down and digest much news much less finish my second "voting" piece. I looked at BBC online to see that Libya has announced that it will be abandoning it's unconventional arms development programs. I would say that Mr. Ghaddafi has been making many large political moves in the past few years. He has been at the forefront of political and economic Pan-Africanism as it regeards the OAU. His country recently revealed a modern automobile. Libya has also done what it can to put the Pan-Am debacle to rest. Many people are saying that the recent war in Iraq has shown Ghaddafi the light. That opinion is for the short sighted. Ghaddafi, more than most leaders understands the futility of miltiary confrontation with the US. He learned that long before the Gulf Wars. Ghaddafi knows, as China and India knows that the key to independence is economic power and modernization, hopefullly with respect for the enviroment. Let us not forget that Libya was also one of the countries under consideration for Saddam to be exiled to.

Of course this will be made to look like a big win for President Bush, and it will no doubt make him that much harder to beat in the next election. The Dems better get their message together cause there is going to be an uphill batttle to unseat Bush. If he manages to find Osama Bin Ladin before the Nov. elections, fugedaboudit.


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