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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Christmas Tree's Origins in Old Europe

As I said before I would deal with the triple issues surrounding Christmas. I do this specifically with Christians who like to talk about how certain people are "pagan," "going to hell" and basically "frontin' on Christ."

I point you here:

which also debunks myth 2, the date of Christ's birth being Dec. 25

Now get clearly into your head one very important fact. Although at the time when Augustine visited England the date of Christmas had. been fixed upon as December 25 there is no biblical reason why this should be so. The gospels say nothing about the season of the year when Christ was born. On the other hand they do tell us that shepherds were then guarding their flocks in the open air. Hence many of the early fathers of the Church considered it most likely that the Nativity took place either in the late summer or the early fall. The point was of no great moment to them, as the early Church made more fuss over the death day of a great or holy person than over his birthday. The birthday is only the day when man is born into mortality, the deathday chronicles his birth into immortality.

And lastly, as per the origins of the Christ myth you should go here:

So the next time some person tries to get holier than thou regearding Kwanzaa you have much information to throw the ball back in their court and end the discussion.

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