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Saturday, December 27, 2003

Of Patriots and Pink Slips

I don't have much time to discuss this but as a follow up to the "chickens coming home..." piece i wrote, you should read this regearding IBM's decision to move certain "high paying" jobs to other countries. If you are in College and a Computer Science major, I would seriously, serously consider a mjor change or a program change. The middle class is about to be rudely disturbed if this type of action continues. This will be even worse for Black people. Black people, due to thier dependence on non-white corporations for employment and having less assets to "burn" during unemployment are in a position to be particularly hard hit by these events. I cannot imagine, paying $xx,000 for an education to have my job shipped overseas before I could even see the benfit after paying off student loans. remember that Capitalism is a pyramid. the further up you go, the less people there are.

I understand that this is a lightning rod issue in the industry," an I.B.M. spokesman told me this week. "It's a lightning rod issue to people in our company, I suppose. But I don't think anybody expects us to issue blanket statements to the work force about projections."

"In a recorded conference call reported by The Times last summer, a pair of I.B.M. officials told colleagues around the world that the company needed to accelerate its efforts to move white-collar jobs overseas. They acknowledged the danger of a political backlash, but said it was essential to step up the practice.

"Our competitors are doing it and we have to do it," said Tom Lynch, I.B.M.'s director for global employee relations."
[my emphasis]

I suppose?

After digesting that go over here and see what George Bush did one fine Satuurday morning whilst America was getting it's cartoon on.


The Bush Administration and its Congressional allies tucked away these new executive powers in the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2004, a legislative behemoth that funds all the intelligence activities of the federal government. The Act included a simple, yet insidious, redefinition of "financial institution," which previously referred to banks, but now includes stockbrokers, car dealerships, casinos, credit card companies, insurance agencies, jewelers, airlines, the U.S. Post Office, and any other business "whose cash transactions have a high degree of usefulness in criminal, tax, or regulatory matters."


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