Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Tuesday, December 30, 2003


Today we concentrate on Nia translated to: Purpose. Agent Smith, in The Matrix Reloaded tells Neo that once he was unplugged from the Matrix he discovered that he no longer had the singular purpose of the omnipresent Agent. And he realized that life, existence meant nothing without having some purpose, some reason for being. Of course if you understood what Agent Smith was really talking about you would have only neeeded to see Matrix Revolutions to see the special effects. Agent Smith, devoid of any overriding authority made his purpose multiplying and getting Neo. This is highly symbolic. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, in her book "The Isis Papers" has a chart which she calls "The Etiology" a Dynamic Causation of Black "Teen Pregnancy- Teen Impregnation" and Other Dependency Deprevation Syndromes. In this diagram she outlines the multiple effects of White Supremacy (WS) on blacks in particular. This diagram shows that as a result being "unplugged" from a sustaining culture Blacks; males in particular, generally resort to "studding", "reproducing" and violence" in order to give their lives meaning.

A couple of months ago I saw a documentary on elephants in South Africa, where due to a policy of culling males from herds, a generation of male elephants had grown up with no paternal intervention. As a result these "adolescent" males would try to mate with any and every female they ran across and would commit murder against one another and other animals for basically no good reason. In order to get these males under control the park rangers had to introduce older males to put the young elephants in their place.Iin other words they needed purpose and that purpose came from elders and a social order that promoted specifical life affirming values.

Today we have many black men and women who are devoid of any real purpose in life. They do not see the point of living slow They do not see the value in studying, reading,or in gaining skills. Sadly we have people who do value these things but see no purpose in using these tools and abilities to help other black people. Let us think on how we can provide ourselves and especially our youths with purpose.


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