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Monday, April 21, 2014

Corey Stingley: The Wages Of Sin Is Death

Watch this video:

I know a lot of people, particularly African-Americans disagree with my previous commentary on this case but I stand by it. Now let's look at this video. What is missing from the entire piece? Not once. Not a one time did the father of Corey Stingley even mention that his son was a thief. Not once. How do you walk around talking about who should be charged with what and not once mention that your son is a thief. It's not even like the video was unclear. You see Corey move the 6 pack. Open the 6 pack. Take to bottles out the 6 pack. Put the two bottles into his bag. Close the bag. Go to the fridge and pick up something else. You see him put that one can on the counter. You see him lunge for his card.

The store owner's statement that he TOLD Corey to either pay up or return the merchandise went unheeded. Corey was given an out and decided to make the dash. Corey is dead because Corey made a series of bad decisions.

At no point do you see Corey's father even acknowledge that his son was a thief. While he states that the men could have done something different Corey's father NEVER EVER even hints that the ENTIRE situation could have been avoided had his son not been a thief. How hypocritical is it for people in protest the DA's office on the claim of "justice" when the "victim" is a thief?

Why weren't the men charged? Easy. Corey was attempting to commit a crime. It is not a crime to intervene in an ongoing crime. Any deaths that occur as a result of the crime is the fault of the person committing it. No reasonable jury is going to convict with that ready made reasonable doubt. Corey Stingley stands as an example to young boys and girls that making bad decisions can and will have long term consequences.

You want to live that life? Be prepared to die that death.