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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Interesting Questions in Political Survey

So there is a report at It's lengthy so put aside some time if you plan on reading it all. One point jumped out at me as an interesting question:

How do so many liberals think that hard work and determination doesn't lead to success for most people?

I could understand if the statement lacked the "most people" part. Indeed if the "most people" part were missing, then 100% percent of people surveyed should have said that hard work and determination doesn't guarantee a damn thing. But for most people, you get the results of your work.

And being "busy" doesn't mean one is working hard. There are a lot of people who are busy doing bullshit. Secondly there are a lot of people doing "hard work" at things that aren't profitable. But neither of these things are implied in the statement. It's pretty scary that the people who hold a lot of power in the educational system (that would be Democrats) hold the idea that hard work and determination will not likely lead to some level of success.

It is therefore unsurprising that the next question shakes out how it does:

Clearly if Liberals think that people have no real agency in determining their success in life they would think that an outside agent, the government must do something, anything, regardless of cost. This should be of great concern to any and every middle class citizen who has gotten where they are because they worked hard. Not only do Democrats in general think that such middle class success was a fluke but that you should be taxed more to prop up those who Democrats teach should see themselves as lacking agency to get ahead.

Also in line with this thinking is Liberal/Democrat ideas on taxes:

Clearly if your "hard work and determination" was a fluke then you don't deserve to keep your earnings. Similarly, if your business is a success because of your "hard work and determination" which also was a fluke, your business should be taxed more to support those who don't believe hard work and determination will get them anywhere.