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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

"Solid Liberal" Contradictions

So the appendix of the people survey describes the different groups in the survey. For "Solid Liberal" we have in part:
Who they are: The most highly educated of the typology groups, 57% are college graduates and nearly three-in-ten (29%) have a graduate degree. Non-Hispanic whites make up the vast majority of this group (73%), and the group is more female than male (59% to 41%). Solid Liberals are financially satisfied and among the most likely to live in urban areas.
What does this group of 73% white males believe?

Oh. This same group that said that hard work and determination doesn't lead to success for most people thinks that immigrants are a plus for America because....wait for it...their hard work and determination.

These people are the "highest educated" of the surveyed groups.