Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Crime in UK

There is a report on crime in the UK which can be found here:

One thing that stood out to me was that this group "mixed" has a large percentage of victims:

The definition of "mixed" used in this report was:

In the US the "mixed" population would be lumped in with whatever the non-white parent was. So if we were to compare it to US figures the Black and Asian sections would balloon. It would seem that for the UK the "mixed" category serves to mask the true gross disparities in white vs. non-white victimization statistics.

Here we have the arrest rates:

You'll note the black arrest rate is far higher than the reported victimization rate which implies two things:

1) The crimes involve multiple perps.


2) Blacks are victimizing non-black groups.

Again the mixed population prevents a direct comparison to US statistics, but also again if we used the US "one drop rule" thing, the Black and Asian arrest rates would increase.

One of the pet arguments in left circles is that court systems regularly convict black (or non-white) suspects where white suspects are not convicted. The UK data show this to not be the case:

We can see that white suspects are convicted at a higher rate than black suspects by almost 10%. Though I say that a 10% variance is not significant.

Lastly we have in prison violence:

Once again black and mixed populations continue their violent behavior in prison way in excess of the white population. As noted before, if we used the US racial categorization scheme, the black (and possibly Asian) bar would be off the chart.

So to close I'd like to point out that in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, the usual suspects have come out for "gun control". Many black "activists" believe that gun control measures would prevent the issue of black on black violence. By looking at the UK data, a country where gun ownership is banned country wide and even possession of knives is prohibited, black crime victimization, perpetration and convictions STILL outpace that of the white population. Clearly then the issue is not the law.