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Monday, March 10, 2014

U.S. envoy: Crimea crisis solution needs to address Russian concerns

* Warning! This post does not contain numbered lists of points. It presumes you have a sufficient level of reading comprehension to know when a new point is being introduced. * When I read this title on the LA Times website I thought that perhaps there was at least one person in the Obama administration with some actual sense in his head.
KIEV, Ukraine -- The United States continues to rule out military action to eject Russian troops from Crimea and acknowledges that a diplomatic settlement needs to address Moscow’s interests in the strategically important peninsula, the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine said Monday.
You'd think that this guy actually read the Ukraine Russia Friendship Treaty and saw that such a statement was a part of it. Literate people in the White House? Shocking thought after the things that have popped out of the mouths of the "leadership" in the past few weeks. Of interest though is the blatant example of empire delivered to the public:
In a sign of how seriously the U.S. takes the crisis, President Obama has invited acting Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk to Washington this week for a meeting at the White House.
Any serious student of history knows that when an empire wants to exert control and "legitimacy" it brings in the vassal "king" to the court to show his fealty to his emperor. For a more vulgar example of how this works, one could watch the recent "300" film series. Here Obama is Xerxes and Yatsenyuk plays a very feeble Leonidas who in this drama actually accepts the offer of being warlord of Ukraine. It's nice to know that the game of thrones still works the same way.

Then there is this:

Pyatt accused pro-Russian forces of trying to stir up public dissension and tension in Ukraine, and of trying to provoke Ukrainian troops in Crimea into retaliating violently.
You would think that since the Nuland video went public that nobody from The West(tm) would even attempt to make such a silly statement. But then again the White House thinks we're all idiots. 60 minutes thinks we're all idiots too. Their report on Ukraine last night had to be one of the worst interviews they've done. They did do us a great favor in showing that the boxer guy ought not be allowed anywhere near the presidency of Ukraine. But for a "news" organization that claims to do investigative reporting how did they completely miss the Nuland video? How did they mention the snipers and none of the recordings of the Estonian foreign affairs minister. It is not as if this material is unknown. Certainly even if the CBS organization did not believe the allegations it had a duty to report the FACT that both police and protestors were apparently shot by the same third party. Whether that third party was a part of the protesting factions or undercover Russian agents is yet to be definitively determined but to act like that important fact doesn't exist is poor reporting on the part of 60 Minutes.