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Monday, March 17, 2014

The Gall and The Hypocrisy

The Gall:
The US and the European Union have retaliated over the Crimea referendum by targeting sanctions against Russians and Ukrainians.
Just like in Palestine. People exercise their democratic right to vote on their own self-determination and "Europe" decides that it's not valid.

The Hypocrisy:

European foreign ministers imposed EU-wide sanctions on Monday against 21 Russian and Ukrainian officials linked to unrest in Crimea. Washington followed up an hour later with a list of its own, targeting seven top Russian government officials and politicians and four Crimea-based separatist leaders accused of undermining the "democratic processes and institutions in Ukraine".
With the leaked video and audio tape of the clear complicity of both the US and EU in the internal affairs of Ukraine including breeches in the Ukraine constitution, how can anyone keep a straight face at claims of "undermining the democratic processes and institutions in the Ukraine".

If the UN was anything more than a showpiece for people with no useful skills in life and who therefore pontificate on law, order, sovereignty and humanitarian intervention, it would declare these "sanctions" what they are: acts of war against a people and illegal under the UN Charter and exact the proper penalties to those signatories.

Let's just say this now: Ban-Ki-Moon is a stooge for Europe and the United States and the faster he is gone from his position the better.