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Monday, March 31, 2014

Liberal Cannibalism

Being eaten by his own

So apparently Steven Colbert got himself into trouble by using humor to point out how racist (or at least highly offensive) he found it that the Washington Red Skins had decided to curry favor with Native Americans by offering a Washington Red Skins Original American scholarship. Being a comic, he decided to make fun by saying that he would create a Ching Chong Ding Dong Scholarship in order to make up for any offended Asians. Note: Native Americans have a high proportion of Asian genes...

On cue an Asian woman (and I notice it's usually women) got upset about the clearly critical “joke” and decided to start a Twitter hashtag to dump Colbert (or something to that effect).


I am not kidding.

One will hope that Colbert has the spine of one Jeremy Clarkson who made a “slope” joke during the filming of the Burma Special for Top Gear. And Jeremy Clarkson, is known to actually make bigoted remarks from time to time, about a lot of people. But this isn't about Clarkson. This about what I warned people about back when I was on Twitter: The Speech Police on the left.

I warned people many many times of the dangers of the concept of “hate speech”. When we attempt to stiffle people's free speech based on whether it makes us uncomfortable, then any and every speech is in danger of censorship. Furthermore, people are getting fired and other things basically for saying things that other people do not like, regardless to whether what was said is even true or not. You'd think that factual speech, no matter how uncomfortable it makes someone, would be protected. Think again folks.

So there are people wondering why I'm defending a white man. I'm not, I'm defending the right to free speech. I'm defending my right to not be subject to the temper tantrums of people who have little emotional control and of the mobs that enable them. See, I knew that certain groups would never stop at just “leave me alone”. I knew that they would eventually turn on their very own colleagues when the power they got went to their heads. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

My taste of this came at the hands of women who asserted that because I was male nothing I said in regards to gender was valid (unless approved of by a female). I ran into this a number of times. It didn't make sense at all. Certainly there were things I could never speak authoritatively on in regards to women since by not being a woman there were things I would never, ever actually experience. But that doesn't mean that I cannot speak on any of it.

Similarly I saw that with race matters, I told someone on Twitter that black people think that they are the only authorities on racism and that any and every time a black person claims racism it is assumed to be so. I said that such a position was untenable. Why? Because it assumes that black people are infallible. Good luck with that proposition. Atlantic slave trade anyone?

So just as black folks can get racism (among other things) wrong, so to can feminist get things wrong (often) and so can Asians. Colbert wasn't making fun of Asians, he was actually making fun of his fellow white folks, particularly those he considers conservative. If anyone ought to be offended it should be them.

But the Dump Colbert campaign essentially shows how liberal thought and mouth police get some power, nobody is safe from them, not even their own compatriots. Not to emotionally disturbed chick: The “Ching Chong Ding Dong” commentary was supposed to be offensive and it wasn't directed at “ching chongs” either. Colbert actually had your back. Too bad that as far as I know he won't tell you and your supporters to “sod off”. But I will.