Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

If You Can't Pass A Written Test....

If you can't pass a written test and you're white. Well next time you study more.

If you can't pass a written test when you are black you complain that the test is discriminatory (because who in their right mind would expect black test takers to be able to pass a written test. I mean DAMN to expect black people to WRITE? What kind of racist thought is that?!!!).

Then you sue because the law says that if your dumb black ass can't pass a written test then it must be unintentional discrimination against your barely literate self and NOT because you should take your ass to a library, classroom or somewhere, anywhere where you can get your writing skills up.

When a white official refuses to treat you like an illiterate child and demands that you put in the work like everyone else is expected to in order to make the grade, you call that person racist and sue for some more money.

Eventually a sympathetic white man will come to your defense and pay you for your troubles because it simply isn't right that black folks who can't pass a written test like everybody else has to actually be held responsible for their own failures.

And seriously there are people who think this ruling is a good thing.